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2007/6/26-28 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:47070 Activity:nil
6/26    "that poor girl [Jessie Davis] should have stuck with her own kind"
        \_ yeah, humans rather than freepers.
        \_ She shouldn't have commented that his dick is not as big as it's
           supposed to be.
           \_ He sure showed her how big a dick he was.
        \_ stuck with women? Hawt Lesbo action!  Such an odd thing to see
           homosexuality promoetd on a freeper site.
2007/6/26-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47071 Activity:low
6/26    Secret: The Freemasons influenced Bush to start the Iraq War.
        \_ Three can keep a secret if two are dead.
        \_ You are so totally wrong. Majestic 12, the Knights Templar, the
           HK Triad, FEMA and the Illuminati worked together to influence
           Bush to invade Iraq as part of their scheme to use Terrorism as
           smoke screen to hide their conspiracy for world domination. Its
           all documented in UNATCO's files. -jcd
2007/6/26-28 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:47072 Activity:high
6/26    I've just found the ideal peice of motd trollbait, combining peak oil
        with "the suburbs suck."  Truly gaze upon it, for it is a thing of
        \_ What the hell is this guy proposing? That we all cram into the
           city? This is highly unfeasible because our cities have evolved
           to be a working city rather than a living city, and it simply
           cannot scale to a level that'll hold dense population like
           Tokyo or NYC. Look, 30% of the energy in the US is spent on
           transportation, and by cramming into the city we'll maybe save
           1/2 of that, reducing the consumption by maybe 15% overall.
           That is not enough to save the mankind from Kuntler's doomsday.
           Regardless of his proposals, there will still be huge energy
           hogs in sectors like manufacturing and electric generation.
           What is this nutso going to propose next, that the government
           mandate strict manufacturing laws and that we have a ration
           for iPods and computer usage? This is all silly.
           \_ It's more than just transportation usage.  Cities are much
              more energy efficient in other ways as well.  For instance look
              at that retail space/person chart.  All these suburban sprawls
              include a ton of infrastructure that isn't as wasteful in
              dense areas.  (The waste is possible in suburbia for the same
              reason the overbuilt homes are possible, land is dirt cheap.)
              \_ Is is also "possible" because the people doing the wasting
                 shift the cost onto others. Does electricity cost more in
                 in the suburbs? No? Who do you think pays the increased cost
                 of delivery that all that extra infrastructure requires?
                 Same goes for water, roads and a host of other things.
                 \_ I'm just saying it isn't transportation energy alone.
                    Building shit costs energy.  Making raw materials takes
                    energy.  Outter suburbia is a system that works because
                    energy is so damn cheap that the wasted energy use is
                    insignificant compared to how damn cheap the land is.
                    \_ Sure, but it also works because it is subsidised.
           \_ He's proposing urban redesign, restting zoning to make sense, and
              making cities places where people actually want to live. His
              Home from Nowhere covers this.
              \_ Good luck convincing the Americans that Kuntler's
                 Utopia is good for Americans.
                 \_ Kunstler's ideas have been embraced by some communities.
                    Often, it's the developers, not the residents or potential
                    residents who oppose the Urban Renewal movement.
                    \_ Kuntler's Utopia-> dense shared living-> government
                       control of land usage -> anti-free market ->
                       communism. Therefore Kuntler is a communist.
                       Communist = bad. Kuntler = bad.          -capitalist
                       \_ Your reasoning -> absolute deregulation -> free
                          market without conscience -> reinstitution of
                          indentured servitude, debtors prisons -> robber
                          barons and industrial age imperialist rape ->
                          sale of Universities to highest bidder -> closing of
                          csua -> no more motd. Therefore, you hate America.
                          Why do you hate America?
                       \_ "dense shared living -> gov't control" doesn't really
                          follow at all. See SF, NY, condos, etc. Gov't always
                          "controls land usage" in some way, zoning etc.
                 \_ Some of the scariest totalitarian minds I have seen work
                    as urban designers in Europe somewhere.  There was this
                    one clown who advocated diversity and change in political
                    order as the ultimate good to redesign societies towards.
                    As in, having democracies everywhere is bad because it
                    creates a political monoculture.  Instead, we must have
                    a lot of exciting mad social experiments.  --- ilyas
                    a lot of exciting mad political experiments.  --- ilyas
        \_ Wasn't that done in the CSUA motd?
        \_ truely awesome.
        \_ No one is going to pay attention to this article because it doesn't
           have a happy Hollywood ending. Sorry.
        \_ Wow. Can we give this guy a CSUA account?
        \_ I always like his buzzwords like Cheez Doodle based economy, which
           was inspired when he was sitting behind some grossly obese family
           who were trying to buy Cheez Doodles and had maxed out all of their
           credit cards.
2007/6/26-28 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47073 Activity:nil
        "The body of the mummy now in KV 60 with its huge breasts ......"
        \_ Dammit i killed motd boob guy
           \_ that or motd boob guy is moving into necro fetish too.
2007/6/26-28 [Politics, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:47074 Activity:nil
6/26    'Power Couples' Meet in Cities, Study Finds - Yahoo! News:
2007/6/26-29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47075 Activity:high
6/26    Another Bush Administration official convicted by a diabolical
        prosecutor and a vengeful Congress, similar to the Libby case:
        \_ Uhm, no.  This guy was directly involved in a bribery scandal.
           Libby was busted for his memory of events not matching eight
           reporters memory of events which didn't match each other's
           memory of events nor their own notes nor their own prior
           testimony.  Thanks for the opportunity to correct your grave
           misunderstanding of Libby's situation, troll.
           \_ If this was really true he wouldn't have been convicted.  He
              got caught red handed, refused to turn on his boss and expose
              Cheney's treasonous crimes and so went to jail.
              \- As Mr. Uhm, no suggests, Libby was a victim of the RAHM-
                 I think it is is pretty clear George McGovern created
                 Patrick Fitzgerald in his mountain side laboratory and
                 had him spend 30 years infiltrating the REPUBLICAN
                 ESTABLISHMENT for a moment like this. The code word
                 to activate him was "Barbarella".
                 \_ Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the prosecutor and judge
                    were both Republicans or Republican appointees.
              \_ You've heard of 'the appeals process', right?  We have that
                 because the justice system is understandably flawed.  By
                 your 'logic' we don't need an appeals process and all those
                 folks on death row should be executed immediately.  Care to
                 try again?
                 \_ You erased the much more amusing preceding material just
                    post this? Minus ten points for Slytherin.
                    \_ It wasn't amusing at all.  It was off-topic and not
                       even dailykos quality and frankly the same drivel that
                       gets posted anytime anyone here tries to have a serious
                       political discussion.  I'm trying to discuss the facts
                       of the case with the other poster, this has nothing to
                       do with anything.  It is pure noise and as such
                       provides no opportunity for intelligent discussion and
                       no, it wasn't funny the second time either.
                       \_ You presume to be arbiter of teh funny?  Being too
                          thin-skinned to take your well-deserved mockery
                          should make you rethink using motd.
                          \_ Yadda yadda blah blah blah, yadda yadda.  I see
                             there's still no reply to the real comment about
                             the appeals process, Libby's case details, etc.
                             Just whining about "my drivel got deleted, wah!"
                             I'll take that as either agreement or general
                             ignorance of what actually happened in Libby's
                             case, thanks.
                             \_ Saying "the sky is blue" doesn't really warrant
                                a reply.  Yes, it's up for appeal.  How 'bout
                                you try again after his appeals are rejected?
                                \_ So as I said, you don't know a thing about
                                   his trial and exactly how his bogus
                                   conviction came about.  I'll say it again
                                   even though I know you don't want to know
                                   the truth: he was convicted because his
                                   story didn't entirely match the stories of
                                   8 reporters.  The 8 reporters stories didn't
                                   match each other.  The 8 reporters stories
                                   didn't even match their own earlier
                                   testimony, nor their own written notes.  It
                                   was not possible for Libby's story to match
                                   the differing and ever-changing stories of
                                   8 people.  Thank you for supporting real
                                   justice and not punishing people for having
                                   political views that differ from your own.
                                   \_ You are utterly convinced that your
                                      reading of the case is correct.  Will
                                      you acknowledge you have been wrong
                                      if his appeals are denied?  Somehow, I
                                      suspect not.
                                      if his appeals are denied?
                                      And you really have an obnoxious delete
                                      finger.  Fuck off.
                       \_ Erasing other people's comments on a globally
                          editable MOTD just shows that you are too short for
                          this ride.
                          \_ Comments are erased on a daily basis.  Get over
                             \_ What is it with people missing the point today?
                                Sure, comments are erased on a daily basis,
                                but erasing part of a thread just so you can
                                post your own POV is something else entirely.
                                Grow up.
                                \_ Bzzt, sorry.  Erasing someone else's post
                                   had no effect on posting my POV.  Try
                                   again? (y/N)__?
2007/6/26-28 [Transportation] UID:47076 Activity:nil
6/26    Is there a predictive traffic service availible?  I know can
        tell me what the traffic is right now.  I'd like something that
        predicts traffic, sort of like the weather.
        \_ Predict-a-Trip(SM):
2007/6/26-28 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:47077 Activity:nil 90%like:47066
6/26    SF Condo conversion laws gone amuck (
        \_ Dude, she bought the place and it a part of the title report.
           The laws aren't amok in any way shape or form.  She should have
           read the damn title report.  SHE IS A LAWYER, HELLO!  Also her
           agent was unethical in not alerting her to the problem and probably
           can and will be sued, but it wasn't like this wasn't documented
           at the time of the sale.
           \_ Way I read it, she should never have been able to buy the place
              at all, and if she should have, it would have been at the
              'below market rate' low income buyer price.   She got swindled
              by the sellers. Boo hoo.  caveat emptor.
              \_ Well, the sellers and the Real Estate Agents.  And now she's
                 sueing everybody, which is actually the right thing to do in
                 this case.
2007/6/26-28 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47078 Activity:nil
6/26    Another RINO joins the Defeatocrats:
        \_ How long will the conversion process take for every Republican
           to become a "RINO"?
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