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2007/6/21-24 [Recreation/Music] UID:47030 Activity:moderate
6/21    My parents who grew up in the 60s thought the pop music I listened
        sound horrible. Now that I'm older and interacting with kids
        today, I'm starting to think their music totally blows as well.
        I mean who the hell actually likes Ataris, Blacklicious,
        Deftones, Disturbed, Jurrasik 5, Papa Roach, and such?
        I guess when you grow up, whatever music you grew up with
        sounds good no matter what.
        \_ I think you might be able to find people who can successfully
           defend Blackalicious as being 'good', dunno about the other stuff.
        \- probably a lot of the "bad" music from your younger days has
           since fallen by the wayside. there's a reason 200yrs old books
           we read today are on averge better than 2 yrs old ones.
        \- well there is a lot of bad music that was probably "around"
           when your were younger which has fallen by the way side.
           there's a reason 200yrs old books we read today are on averge
           better than 2 yrs old books.
        \_ my parents listen to classical musics.  *I* listen to classical
           musics.  and I certainlly appreciate some of the younger performers.
        \_ The Top 40 for any given year contains an awful lot of dross.
           \_ Are you insulting me? -- W. Hung
              \_ Is that Will or Well?
                 \_ His full name is William "Well" Hung.
                 \_ Wellington Hung.
2007/6/21-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:47031 Activity:low
6/21    Is there a place to buy high quality dry aged (up to 21 days) beef?
        \_ I thought real aged beef was months old, like 6+, 21 is nothing
        \- you can try cafe rouge, but probably will be $$$.
        \_ Are you watching The History Channel or something?
           \_ What?
              \_ Exactly.  Right On, Brother!
        \_ Prather Ranch at the Ferry Building has it, as does Bryant's
           Fine Foods in Laurel Village. You can get it at Drewe's in
           Noe Valley, but you might have to special order it.
        \_ No. No place to buy it. You have to age it yourself. Of course
           there is! Bristol Farms, which SF finally got.
2007/6/21-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47032 Activity:high
6/21    Bush at 26% in Newsweek poll
        \_ That's not too bad. Compare that to Nixon's:
           Keep in mind this is from CBS, liberal Jewish media.
           \_ Thanks for invalidating anything else you have to say.
        \_ I don't think he cares.  Why should he?
           \_ maybe because he is supposed to be a representative of the
              \_ He is. The people are idiots and so is he. I don't see why
                 people's opinions changed. What is different now? A lot of us
                 disapproved of him from the beginning. And, you know, didn't
                 vote for him. Now all these Johnny come latelys want to be
                 cool like us. But it's too late. We moved on to disapproving
                 of the mainstream primary frontrunners.
                 \_ Pft!  I've already dismissed them all and moved on to
                    disapproving of the second and third tier candidates as
                    well as several who aren't even rumored to be interested in
                    running.  -Johnnt C. L.
             \_ He still has things he is trying to get accomplished and it
                is hard to get Congress to listen to him when he is so
                unpopular. Most politicians care about something called
                their "legacy" as well, and every indication is that Bush
                cares, too.  So sorry, he probably cares. Maybe his
                supporters (like you?) do not.
                \_ His current goal appears to be to veto everything and keep
                   the investigations off his back until he can get out of
             \_ IANARepublican, but think about it: ~43% of Americans voted in
                the last Presidential election, and W got about 50% of the
                vote, so, hey, 26% is pretty good for him.
                \_ You might want to check the assumptions in your math
                   there sonny.
                   \_ 50% of 43% =~21.5% < 26%. I'd say my math assumptions,
                      faulty as they are, are probably more accurate than
                      those of the POTUS.
                      \_ You're making the assumption that the set of W
                         supporters is a subset of the 2004 presidential
                         voters.  You'll have to justify that assumption
                         \_ he's also making the assumption that 100% of
                            the country responded to this poll.  -tom
                            \_ You're both right, but you're missing my
                               (feeble) point, which is that the POTUS thinks
                               like this.
              \_ Maybe he was when he was elected, but now that he *IS* elected
                 and that due to term limites, he can't be re-elected,  why
                 should he care any more? Lame duck presidency FTL.
                 \_ I loved the comedy central clip where GWB 2000 'debated'
                    GWB 'current', especially the total reverse on intervening
                    in other  nations and 'nation building'.
        \_ Mission Accomlished!
        \_ Congress at 14% (below HMOs at 15%)
           \_ For "confidence", not "approval".
           \_ For "confidence", not "approval". And from a different poll.
              \_ OP didn't say "approval".
                 \_ The article did.  Sure, blame your reading comprehension
                    issues on the OP
                    \_ I was making a point.  I read the article.
                       \_ How is saying "apples are not oranges" a point?
              \_ Isn't low confidence worse than low approval? I might not
                 approve of the job someone is doing, but I might still have
                 confidence that they will improve. Low confidence seems to
                 imply to me that not only does one disapprove of the job
                 someone is doing but also that they've lost any hope that
                 they will improve.
                 \_ Read a few polls and see how the two numbers tend to
                    relate.  Motd will not do your homework for you.
                    \_ I'll take that as a yes then. So, the American people
                       feel more negativity towards Congress than the President
                       \_ Take that as a yes.  Continue in obstinate ignorance.
                          \_ This only validates my assumption further. If it
                             really is a false assumption, you wouldn't have
                             been this much of an ass about it.
                       \_ Congress is always lower.  You can hate the
                          bastards but not hate YOUR bastard.  The president,
                          however, is all or nothing.
        \_ How does that compare to Carter?
           \_ The cbsnews link in the first reply will tell you.  Other than
              that, learn to use google.
              \_ No, it does not. Other than that, have you heard of the
                 Socratic technique?
                 \_ Oop.  It wasn't in that article.  It was in another blog
                    post.  Carter's lowest was 28% in '79.
2007/6/21-24 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Computer/SW/Security] UID:47033 Activity:nil
6/21    Powell was threatened by the KKK to not run for presidency.  Did Obama
        receive such thread also?
        \_ He was the first candidate to be assigned a secret service detail.
           Glean from that what you will.
           \_ Well, a canidate must request secret service protection.  So, he
        \_ We don't threaten nobody but we support all Republicans   -kkk
           \_ Well, a candidate must request secret service protection.  So, he
              asked for it.  There may or may not be a good reason for that.
              \_ I think the above statement is incorrect.
           \_ Hillary, as First Lady, has had it since 1992.
2007/6/21-24 [Uncategorized] UID:47034 Activity:low
6/21    What are some good corn/ethanol related companies to buy?
        \_ Why?
        \_ I read it as "What are some good pron/anal related companies to
        \_ I read it as "What are some good porn/anal related companies to
           \_ This is why no one likes you.
        \_ Good as in a good stock or good as in "we don't use land that was
           used for food or drive up food prices"?
        \_ VBNM VBNM VBNM ...
2007/6/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:47035 Activity:high
6/22    THIS.  IS YOUR ASS.
        \_ DO NOT WANT
        \_ my ANUS is BLEEDING
           \_ yaaaay...
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