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2007/6/13-15 [Uncategorized] UID:46931 Activity:nil
6/12    The Hippie Shakedown - Hippie captialists
2007/6/13-16 [Computer/SW/Editors/IDE, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46932 Activity:nil
6/13    I'm new to Eclipse as an IDE.  Is there any way to tell it to
        automatically reload a file that's been externally edited--without
        brining up a confirmation dialog?
2007/6/13-16 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:46933 Activity:nil
6/13    poor ed jew
        \_ So, this guy ran for office in the wrong district, and is going to
           jail for it?
           \_ he probably would have stayed beneath everyone's radar if he
              hadnt been suckered by the 40k FBI bribe
              \_ so you think he's a victim in all this?
                 \_ no.  his stupidity is astounding.  can't be that stupid,
                    he's got 15 or so houses, but still, stupids.
                    \_ inherited wealth, but not brains
        \_ This dudes name is begging to be made fun of in so many ways,
           yet no jokes. What gives motd, you're really a let down today.
           \_ Too obvious/not funny even for motd? I considered it of
              course. But not very hard; I was busy at work today. -motd
              \_ I was about to scream Nazi, but someone posted some serious
                 response before I did.
2007/6/13-16 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46934 Activity:nil 66%like:46951
6/13    motd boob guy RIP
        \_ He died???
           \_ Yeah, dead.  His fantasy of doing some chick with huge
              boobs came true, but she fell asleep on top of him with
              her boobs on either side of his face and he smothered.
2007/6/13-16 [Uncategorized] UID:46935 Activity:nil
6/13    McSweeneys in financial trouble and auctioning off
        a lot of weird stuff
        \_ How real is this?
           \_ real as in true
2007/6/13-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:46936 Activity:nil
6/13    Free black culture from hip-hop
        \_ Free?  People have choice.
        \_ with purchase of black culture of equal or lesser value
        \_ with purchase of culture of equal or greater value
2007/6/13-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46937 Activity:nil
6/13    Interesting downside to the virginity pledge:
        \_ For most csua'ers it is not a pledge
        \_ I thought all the anal and oral sex was an upside.
           \_ Depends on whose anus it is.
           \_ Depending on whose anus it is.
            \_ Scaredy cat.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2007:June:13 Wednesday <Tuesday, Thursday>