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2007/6/10-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:46899 Activity:nil
6/10    Honda Fit-- Excellent vehicle, fun to drive, decent ride, and
        priced just right. If you're a bit more budget conscious than
        typical Accord or Civic buyers, consider the Fit. It is COOL.
        \_ I want "Mitsubishi i"
        \_ How is it compared to the Toyota Yaris?
           \_ Neither the Fit nor the Yaris is "COOL". Just FYI.
              (But, the Fit is pretty cool... for an economy car. It
              handles well and stuff. I'd get it over the Yaris.)
         \_ My understanding is Fit >> Yaris.  If I had to buy a new car
            today I'd put some serious thought into the Fit.
2007/6/10-13 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:46900 Activity:kinda low
6/9     I completely agree with Paris.
        "Hilton added she was "shocked" by the attention her case has received
         and suggested the public and media focus on "more important things like
         the men and women serving our country in Iraq."
        \_ does that mean she's going to refuse to get paid for insipid
           shows about how dumb Paris Hilton is, and dedicate herself to
           solving the crisis in the Middle East?
           Oh, no, it doesn't mean that.  It just means she's in an
           embarrasing position and wants to deflect attention away.  -tom
        \_ Wow, I never realized that she was such a patriot.
           \_ She has *got* to be a Republican.
              \_ No.  She has never spent one moment of her life thinking
                 about politics or much of anything else.  She is not a
                 Republican or a Democrat.  She is an empty headed party girl
                 bimbo with 'parents' who seem to encourage it and certainly
                 don't discourage it.  But her publicist is right.  We have
                 heard way too much about her.  We've also heard plenty about
                 Iraq.  What is news about this is how many people who are
                 given prison sentences are released having served a trivial
                 amount or in some cases no time at all.
        \_ A well placed political troll to detract people from the jail time
           issue -- Paris' publicist is brilliant, simply brilliant.
        \_ Why does anyone care about Paris Hilton anyway? Does it all go back
           to that sex tape incident?
           \- there is a different between "caring about paris hilton" as in
              who did she get into a fight with at which LA club" vs caring
              about the plutocratization of society, one aspect of which is
              see in how the gears of justice turn differently for different
2007/6/10-13 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:46901 Activity:nil
6/10    Disel Hybrid
        I don't understand this entire bio-disel thing.  Why American car
        maker has to "choose" between "hybrid" versu "bi-disel." when these two
        things can easily combined together.
        \_ Anyone know what happened to the eCycle?  It was a diesel-hybrid
           motorcycle that claimed to get 180 mpg.  -scottyg
        \_ Because the market here is not as mature as that in Europe.
           Similarly, Toyota has been selling hybrid minivans in Japan for
           years, yet the Sienna here won't get a hybrid outfit until 2009 or
2007/6/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46902 Activity:nil
6/10    More on the Libby case from a decidedly liberal econ prof:
        \- i dont understand why more people dont see the "procedural aspect"
           to this libby case. i mean the burden on second guessing spectators
           has to be pretty high given: 1. republican prosecutor 2. libby had
           best defense money could buy 3. bush appointee judge. given that
           he was still found guilty, unless you somehow think he was hurt
           by the "friend of the sack of shit" letters from wolfowitz,
           kissinger, bolton, etc it you have to say more than "i dont like
           the outcome".
           by the "friend of the sack of shit" briefs from wolfowitz,
           kissinger, bolton, et al you have to say more than "i dont like
           the outcome". anybody who argues "do we want our tax dollars
           going to incarcaerate LIBBY" should just be beaten on the spot.
           i am quite happy to have my tax dollars going to this end.
           i am quite happy to have my tax dollars going to this end. much
           more so than small scale potheads or notorious asslords, neither
           of whom i have much natural affinity for.
           of which i have much natural affinity for.
2007/6/10-13 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46903 Activity:nil
6/10    Colin Powell joins the chorus asking to shut down Gitmo:
        \_ Please clarify - he is not talking about the base, just the
           prison. We need the base to invade Cuba when Fidel keels over
           \_ Please drop the intentional obtuseness.
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