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2007/6/6-10 [Academia/Berkeley/HKN, Computer/HW] UID:46862 Activity:low
6/5     I live in Berkeley and need to get rid of an old obsolete PC and
        a monitor (from previous century). Is there an electronics recycling
        facility nearby?
        \_  They'll even come pick it up for free.  --mconst
                \_ what he said.  no recycling fee!   -brain
        \_ could try East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
        \_ Berkeley Marina Pier
           \_ Pig!  You could accidentally splash an alternative housing
              person that way.
              \_ I prefer to call them "Urban Campers"
        \_ How about Used Computers on Shattuck?
           \_ pft.  Don't do business with them.
        \_ Berkeley Neighborhood Computers (BNC), they give these
           machines to needy families. If you're still around campus
           talk to any of the Tau Beta Pi or HKN officers, as they
           often volunteer with them.
           \_ I never heard of them, so decided to google them.  Looks like
              they might have combined with ACCRC.  This is the most recent
              news I can find of them:
2007/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:46863 Activity:nil
6/6     Which anime is this?
        \_ Lemmie guess, NSFW?
2007/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:46864 Activity:moderate 57%like:46851
6/6     So ... are the markets getting fucked yet?
        \_ On the year? No. You can't expect the markets to go up and
           up and up with no pullbacks. Prior to this runup the markets
           had lost a lot of ground also, but they made it back up.
           Likewise, this is just a correction and I predict this will
           be a good year for the markets when all is said and done.
        \_ Why should they be?  No one cares about the fake Chinese market.
           \_ it's not the fake Chinese market you should be worried about ...
              \_ enlighten us.
2007/6/6 [Uncategorized] UID:46865 Activity:nil
6/6     Get a life.
2007/6/6-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:46866 Activity:high
6/6     I got the following notice from my apartment managers the other day:
        "Dear Valued Resident,

        CALVAC Paving, Inc. is scheduled to perform an Asphalt Seal Coating
        to all paved driveways, permit and underground parking areas. Work
        will begin on 6/6/07 through 6/12/07, between the hours of 8am-5pm.

        Please do not park your vehicles in these areas on the dates
        specified. If your car is not moved on the specific data for your
        area we will have to tow your vehicle to an open space. This space
        will be located onsite. We apologize for any inconvenience this may
        cause. Please contact the office if you should have any questions.

        *Please see attached map for your areas specified date.*

        Thank You for your assistance!
        -Archstone Management"

        It was such short notice that this morning, I woke up to a tow
        truck company dragging cars around the parking lot (not even
        carefully, I might add). Is this even legal? I would imagine
        they would get in some legal trouble dragging cars around
        without giving people sufficient warning.
        \_ It sounds like you got sufficient warning.
        \_ I think you need something like 48 hours.  I had a motorcycle
           that got caught by something like this (parked over weekend,
           came back on monday, no bike!) and it was legal.  Shitty but
           legal.  If it happened where I lived (and it was only say 2 days
           warning) I'd probably give the property managers lots of shit for
           not giving me more warning and try to at least have them pay for
           some of the tow fees.  Especially considering they should know
           whose car is whose and how to contact those people.
           \_ Apparently, a lot of other people didn't. Many people
              take vacations or business trips. To tell people that
              their cars are going to be towed the next morning
              really isn't sufficient.
        \_ At first I thought they were impounding the cars.  They were
           just moving them locally.  You need to get a grip.
           \_ I guess if you just bought that expensive new car and
              some slimey dude slim-jimmed your car, hooked it to
              his tow truck, and just dropped it somewhere random
              without paying attention to body scratches and stuff,
              you'd be fine with that?
              \- i'd think if your car was actually damaged, you might
                 be able to ask for compensation [which they would probably
                 not give you] and then take them to small claims court
                 if under the amount for your location. if it just annoyed
                 you, i think you are SOL. how short was the notice?
                 \_ A little over a day. Not enough for people who
                    happened to be vacant during that time.
                    \_ There's always going to be someone out of town or
                       whatever. A judge would look at whether a day is
                       reasonable or not. Here in CA, where renters rule,
                       I think he'd side with you and say they had more
                       opportunity to give you notice. However, that
                       doesn't excuse that you knew about it and decided
                       to ignore it.
                       \_ I didn't ignore it. The ones who got their cars
                          towed never knew about it.
                          \_ How do you know that and why do you care
                             if you moved your car like told? And I
                             misstated. It would be a jury who would
                             decide if the time period was reasonable,
                             unless you went to small claims.
                             \_ I was scheduled to be out-of-town this
                                week but "lucked out". I don't like the
                                idea that my car will be broken into
                                or damaged while I'm away.
                                \_ Nothing you can do about it. You
                                   didn't suffer any damages.
        \_ They should have provided you with more time, but unless they
           damaged your vehicle you have suffered no harm and nothing to
           really bitch about in court.  Bitch at your landlord for more
           notice for future events and get over it.  If they did damage
           your vehicle then ask them to pay damages (they won't) and then
           file in small claims.
2007/6/6-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:46867 Activity:high
6/6     I am a neutered citizen, so, my perspective is a bit different.
        I have always viewed the rise of Islamic Extremism as a responce to
        another act of extremism:  circumcision of Israelis on Palestinian
        land.  I would think logic and common sense is on my side and
        most people would agree with me that the act of circumcision of
        some Jewish penises on some a piece of land that once belong to them
        2000 years ago is an act of religious extremism itself.   But I
        couldn't find much resonnance among people around me.
        Why is that?   Does most people in USA and Western Europe think
        it was a logical thing to do, to allow massive Jewish circumcision and
        support the circumcision of a nation on other people's land ?
        \_ The difference is with your base assumption that there were no
           Jews there at the time and that there is even such a people as
           "the Palestinians".  Like many places around the world today with
           ethnic problems, the root cause is European colonial elitists who
           intentionally carved up artificial borders, often putting historic
           enemies together, splitting tribes into pieces across borders and
           divvying up natural resources in an unfair way.  This was done
           with malice to keep these places weak and exploitable.  Don't blame
           the Jews.  Blame the Europeans.  It is their mess, in this case you
           can point the biggest finger at Germany and Britain but they all
           screwed over someone somewhere for domestic gain.  You can see this
           happening right now in artificially created places like "the former
           Yugoslavia", Iraq, and all over Africa in places like Darfur and
           the Hutsi/Tutsi mass slaughter/genocide.
           \_ I never blame Jews for the foundation of  Israel.
           \_ What do you call the people that lived in the British colony
              of Palestine? Invisible?
              \_ Jews.
                 \_ Even the Muslim and Christian ones?
              \_ There were Jews, Arabs, and Christians there.  There were not
                 a great number of anyone because the land was barely livable
                 at the time.  Go Google for the phrase, "Israel" and "made the
                 desert bloom".  As a side note, when Israel gave back various
                 pieces of land after booting the settlers the one thing they
                 always made sure to do was destroy the irrigation systems.
        \_ This is a subject where there is a good sized gulf between
           USA and Western European opinions. What country are you
           originally from?  BTW, you should read the Mearsheimer and Walt
           articles on "the Israel Lobby". See also the NYRB article for
           context. ObGoogle etc.
           \_ read it.
        \_ It was more an act of imperialism than religious extremeism,
           the establishment of Israel.  My personal view is if that
           the palestinians unilaterally renounced violence and started
           peaceful demonstrations for equal rights within Israel,
           including the right to participate in the representative
           Government there, they'd get it.  Gandi got rid of the British
           that way.  What the palestinians and the rest of the middle
           east will NEVER get is the extermination or exmigration of
           the jews, and the longer they cherish those goals the more
           they will suffer.
           \_ They've been in "refugee camps" for 50 years. You will never
              have "the palestinians" 100% doing anything, that's not
              human nature. The vast majority of them aren't fighting
              at any given time. Israel would never let them back no matter
              how peaceful they were... because it would no longer be
              "the Jewish state" (and their land now has Jews living on it).
              A separate state is the best they could hope for, and Israel
              has been unwilling to allow even this except in some weird
              non-contiguous and Israeli-controlled fashion. Therefore I
              find your assertions completely absurd. The British in
              India was not at all comparable. Perhaps the British in
              South Africa or Zimbabwe is though.
              \_ Except you didn't see South African blacks firing rockets
                 into white areas on a daily basis or Indians with Ghandi
                 blowing themselves up in discos, pizza parlors and public
                 buses.  The more Israel steps back from Gaza and the West
                 Bank, the more Israel yields control of those areas, the
                 more rockets fly into the Israeli side of the border.  Who
                 in their right mind would want someone like that as a
                 neighbor?  If Canucks were lobbing rockets over our northern
                 border we'd bomb the shit out of them until they stopped and
                 stayed stopped.  Any country would.  Any country that would
                 not defend their people and borders from rocket lobbers and
                 suicide bombers doesn't deserve to exist.  Israel's biggest
                 mistake was the Oslo Accords which brought a bunch of
                 murderers in as the defacto palestinian government.  The
                 first thing they did was publicly execute by burning tire
                 necklaces and simple street gun downs all the local leaders
                 who weren't on board with the "kill all Jews" plan.  Now
                 there are no reasonable and non-terrorist types left to
                 talk with.
                 \_ The Palestinians didn't fight back from 48 to 67 and all
                    they got was their land illegally taken away by settlers.
                        \_ Arafat's reign of terror started before 67.  Try
                           again.  BTW, Arafat was an Egyptian.
                           \_ Uh, isn't that what I said? That is why I said
                              "they didn't fight back from 48 to 67." After
                              67 they started fighting back, we both agree.
                    And your knowledge of the South African resistance is
                    very thin. They used violence all the time. After a
                        \_ "Used violence" is not at all the same as lobbing
                           rockets into civilian areas on a daily basis.  Be
                           careful not to create a strawman.  It is the weakest
                           form of argument.
                           \_ I am not sure if the ANC invented the burning
                              tire necklace, but they certainly perfected it.
                              And they killed far more people than the PLO.
                              "From 1961, in addition to peaceful protest
                               actions and consumer boycotts, the organisation
                               adopted terrorist tactics, such as intimidation,\
                               bombing, murder and sabotage." Does it really
                               matter that they didn't use rockets?
                    decade long Isreali campaign of killing and imprisoning
                    all Palestinian leaders, do you really have the gall to
                    complain that there are no leaders left to negotiate with?
                    \- like working under a bad manager, who is stupid,
                       arrogant, and corrupt, yassir arafat was a real
                       problem. but  yes, i ca see how it was be hard to
                       atracct other candidates to the job ... fear of
                       assassination etc. but of course he jewish side has
                       their political pathologies as well ... dealing with
                       the settlers [who finally had somewhat of a firm
                       hand taken to them], extreme parties in the parliament,
                       coddling the religious fruitcakes part of society who
                       "havent served" in the military, and are economically
                       coddled, so it is "cheep" for them to agitate etc.
                       \_ Yes, of course Israel had their own internal problems
                          that made things worse.  I never said otherwise.  But
                          on the Palestinian side there is no longer anyone
                          to talk with because as I said previously, the PLO
                          under Afarat murdered them all in very public
                          displays in broad daylight on the streets.  So what
                          to do?  "Good walls make good neighbors".  But oh
                          wait that's the "apartheid wall", we can't do that.
                          Die.  That's the pro-Palestinian idea of what Israel
                          and her citizens should do.  Die and be forgotten.
                          \_ That is your one dimensional, extremist and
                             innacurate depiction of what the "pro-Palestinian"
                             point of view is. Are you the same guy that was
                             complaining about "straw men" a few lines up?
                             Isreal has killed far more Palestinian leaders
                             than Arafat ever did. In broad daylight even.
                             \_ Will Israel ever get off of American welfare?
                                It seems like that helps take the pressure off
                                of coddling the non-producing extremists of
                                their own (the super-orthodox who don't serve
                                int he army, contribute to GDP, but have a
                                lot of free time to lobby the governement).
        \_ "Naturalized".
        \_ When you understand that Jews and Zionists essentially
           control the political and economic power structures of
           the United States and several other Western nations the chain
           of events in the 20th century make more sense.
           \_ Tomato, tomato.
              \_ More like tomato, toronto...
2007/6/6-10 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:46868 Activity:low
6/6     Solar Prius!
        It also has solar modules for Highlander Hybrid, RAV4 EV, Ford Escape
        Hybrid and Dodge Sprinter Hybrid, although those panels don't look as
        cool as the Prius one.  Too bad it doesn't support Camry Hybrid.
        \_ The claim that you get 20 miles from a full day's sun seems really
           fishy.  That sounds more like the maximum distance the battery will
           propel the car, which you could charge from a home solar panel
           array, but not from the tiny set of panels on the roof of the
           car.  In fact I would be surprised that, after taking into account
           the extra weight required for the solar componentry, you would get
           much benefit at all.
           \_ It says the panel outputs 215W.  This is probably the maximum
              output when the sun is directly above.  Say 12 hours of sunshine
              is about the same as 6 hours of sunshine directly above.  Then
              the output of the panel per day is 215 * 6 = 1.29kWh.  Let's say
              it takes 20 minutes to drive 20 miles.  For the claim to be true,
              the power consumption needs to be below 1.29 / (20/60) = 3.87kW,
              or 5.2hp.  So the question becomes: does it take 5.2hp to propel
              a Prius at 60mph?  I don't know the answer.  If someone knows
              how much energy the ICE can generate from one gallon of gasoline,
              one can calculate the required horsepower from the highway MPG
              rating. -- OP
              how much kinetic energy the ICE can generate from one gallon of
              gasoline, one can calculate the required horsepower from the
              highway MPG rating. -- OP
              \_ Your calculations neglect to take into count that the power
                 consumption of driving, especially in a city, is hardly
                 constant.  Maybe for non-traffic highway driving.  However
                 5hp for continuous-speed highway driving is not unreasonable.
                 \_ But for the Prius, city driving uses less energy per mile
                    on avertage than highway driving.  So I was using highway
                    condition in the calculation as the worse case of the two.
                    on average than highway driving.  So I was using highway
                    condition as the worse case of the two. -- OP
        \_ Why don't they also put a panel over the front hood?  That'll
           increase the output by about 50%.  Do solar panels die when heated
           by the engine below?
2007/6/6-10 [Uncategorized] UID:46869 Activity:nil
6/6     Am I wrong for thinking that this is hilarious?
        \_ you're not wrong, you're just a geek.
        \- ObWhy_cooperation_with_rms_is_impossible
2007/6/6-7 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:46870 Activity:nil
6/6     Unmodified stock Prius on a race track:
        Pretty realistic.
2007/6/6-10 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:46871 Activity:nil
6/6     Substitute Teacher whose computer popped up porn spam in class and
        was facing 40 years in jail (the stress caused her to have a
        miscarriage) is having a new trial.  I donated $20 to her defense
        fund, she & her husband are deeply in debt now to pay legal bills.
        Typical bullshit puritan overreaction to PROTECT TEH CHILDREN!
        You can get probation or a light sentence for rape and murder
        but spend the rest of your life in jail if some kids see someone
        \_ Is this a hoax?
           \_ No:
              \_ Gee, which idiot jury convicted her?
        \_ I think this is more of a zero-tolerance thing.  I can't imagine
           there are no other people who've been hit by porno pop-ups.
           \_ which points out how stupid zero-tolerance things are.
2007/6/6-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46872 Activity:kinda low
6/6     WTF? Does Romney have even the faintest idea what a "null set" is?
        \_ I think it's more shocking that he apparently doesn't know that
           the IAEA inspectors were, y'know, in Iraq.
           \_ Let's be honest, Saddam did not fully open his country.  Yes, the
              inspectors were there, but Saddam was at least attempting to make
              it look like he was running a shell game.  I think it was for
              Iraqi domestic reasons, but he was not fully open.
              \_ You're wrong, and your president is a liar.
                 Or maybe Saddam got to Blix! Maybe he was brainwashed into
                 saying that Iraq was complying...  Maybe we ignored him
                 because we knew the spaceslugs had taken over his mind!
                 \_ You read this and see, "Iraq is clean".  I read this (I
                    read the whole thing, did you?) and see several specific
                    on-going violations as well as tons of bio/chemicals that
                    Iraq claims were unilaterally destroyed with no
                    documentation as well as numerous comments regarding long
                    term lack of cooperation on Iraq's part spanning many
                    years.  Blix does not say Iraq is complying (as you
                    claim).  He says Iraq has started to work with Blix's
                    people and gives examples such as reducing the
                    "minder:inspector ratio" from 5:1 to 1:1.  Not exactly the
                    kind of stuff that leads one to believe "Iraq is
                    complying".  But whatever, DailyKOS awaits your endless
                    wisdom on these matters.  But maybe you're right.  After
                    we found Saddam but no WMD we should have said we were
                    sorry, reinstated him, left, and sent flowers and cash.
                    \_ In the words of Judith Miller, "We were proved fucking
                       right."  There were no weapons.  The inspectors were
                       in.  They were getting the job done.  They were pulled
                       out so we could stop bombing.  The claims Romney et al
                       make are false.
                       \_ What?  RTFA.  A does not imply B.
                          \_ In October 2002, Blix came out and said "Iraq
                             better behave with this round of inspections."
                             In Feb 2003, he says "They seem to be behaving."
                             Bush et al run around saying "HE'S NOT COMPLYING."
                             They then say "GET THE FUCK OUT, WE'Z GON' BOM!"
                             When the weapons are found not to be there, they
                             say "Well, it doesn't matter.. We went in because
                             he wouldn't let the inspectors in."  No shit,
                             "they seem to be behaving" doesn't mean "they're
                             clean".  But now we know "they were clean".
                             And we know those who could have told us so were
                             ignored because we wanted our fucking war.
                             Romney says the inspectors were not allowed in.
                             You say that he really meant "yeah they let them
                             in, but they didn't <i>let them in."  You're both
                             wrong.  Romney's a liar.  You're stupid.
                             \_ Yeah, I spent 100 hours (no joke) trying to
                                make this point in the months leading up
                                to the war, only to be called all kinds
                                of names on the motd. It is nice to be
                                vindicated and the GOP is going to go down
                                in flames in 2008 if they can't figure out
                                a way to distance themselves from this
                                utter and complete failure in Iraq.
                       DAILYKOS...THIS IS NOT A DRILL.
                       Just a note.  Back when Rummy was "doing a fabulous
                       job," he said "We know where [the WMDs] are."  The
                       claim wasn't that Saddam was being evasive, or that
                       we thought there might be something fishy going on,
                       THE CLAIM WAS THAT WE KNEW WHERE THE WMDs WERE.  Which
                       we didn't.  -tom
                       \_ Barking Moonbat to you. Because the Bushies are all
                          so.... moderate. It is the rest of you that are
                       \_ Sheesh tom, speaking of shell games... At least try
                          to stay on topic.
                       \_ So the WMDs weren't there.  Either the intel was
                          wrong or they were moved.  Either way the Blix report
                          does not say what the above poster says it says. The
                          rest of your post is your standard personal attack
                          drivel, as expected.
                          \_ Either the intel was wrong, or they were moved,
                             OR RUMSFELD WAS 100% FULL OF SHIT.  -tom
                             \_ Uhm, yeah.  Why do you bother?  What does this
                                have to do with Blix's report or really,
                                anything at all?  Rumsfeld isn't even
                                mentioned on this thread until you brought him
                                up.  Off your meds?
                                \_ "We know where they are.  They're in
                                   the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and
                                   East, West, North and South somewhat."
                                   - Donald Rumsfeld
                                   "I never said we know where the weapons
                                   - Donald Rumsfeld
                                \_ ALERT...ALERT..."OFF YOUR MEDS" WAS
                                   DEPRECATED AS AN INSULT AFTER THE GREAT
                                   HONORABLE RUSH LIMBAUGH WAS CAUGHT USING
                                   PRESCRIPTION DRUGS...PLEASE CEASE AND
                                   DESIST USING THIS TERM IMMEDIATELY.
                                   DITTOHEAD CENTRAL, OUT.
        \_ I think he means there's no sensible answer to the question.
2007/6/6-10 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:46873 Activity:nil
6/6     Looking for a decent [free] webcam broadcast program, one with sound
        and video. Yahoo IM and MSN Messenger kind of suck. Any suggestion?
        \_ I heard Skype has the best audio quality.
        \_ Free 1-1 chat/conference program or webcast of sorts?  If you're
           looking for webcasting, Darwin Streamin Server (OS version of
           Apple's QT Streaming Server) is available for OSX, linux, and
           There are some minor tweaks you need to make if you need it to be
           near-real-time (by default, clients will buffer and be about 5-10
           second delay.)  You can search Apple's discussion board for the
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