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2007/6/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:46853 Activity:nil
6/5     Pizza Rage:
2007/6/5 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Music, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46854 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/6/5-7 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:46855 Activity:nil
6/5     VMWare Server vs. MS Virtual PC 2007, which is better?  Thx.
        \_ VMW is "better" for long term pseudo production use but VPC is
           easier to setup and get started.  VPC also has nearly zero options
           to tweak if your OS/apps aren't happy.
        \_ Don't have time to setup and learn about virtual machines? Don't
           care about performance? Just want to play around? Use VPC.
           Have lots of time to fine tune and optimize every little parameter
           out there for best performance? Love to tinker around with hundreds
           of options for production services? Use VMWare.
2007/6/5-6 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46856 Activity:moderate
        \_ what is interesting about this?
           \_ Yeah, I don't see any boobs.
2007/6/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:46857 Activity:low
6/5     Is there an ClamAV add on to flag possible phising emails?
        Say by inspecting URLs for deception.
        \_ it already does have some anti-phishing checks
2007/6/5-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:46858 Activity:low
6/5     I used to date a Republican girl. I was pretty much whipped. I
        went along with whatever she had to say. She'd say things like
        "GWB encourages oil refineries in the Middle East so that when
        they run out of oil, we'll still have plenty left! Pretty darn
        smart eh?" Whatever she said, I just listened and accepted without
        any objection. Reason: the pre-marital sex was absolutely amazing,
        and for sex, I turned into a Republican. Now that the relationship
        is over, I feel so liberated. It's amazing how my addiction to
        sex turned me into a complete moron.
        \_ This is actually a pretty good reason to be a Republican. Who
           are you dating now?
           \_ Just bobbing your head in return for her own head bobbing
              doesn't "turn your into a Republican", but it may say
              something about your priorities [I mean that non-judgementally].
              Usually, it's the other way around where guys go along with
              fruitcake liberal girls.  In fact one reason some right-wing
              nutjob groups are so powerful is they spend their fridays nights
              promoting their politics while liberals spend their friday nights
              in hedonistic pursuits ... but of course when something like
              abortion rights is seriously challenged, that may roust them.
              BTW, are you sure she was really a Republican or was she just
              an materialist/egoist.  Did she believe in "conservative
              values" like pemartitial sex is wrong etc or she just believed
              in lower taxes and welfare queens should get a job.  Just out
              of curisority what profeession was she in?  Sales?
              \_ Yes she was a hardcore Republican because she was raised
                 that way. Let me clarify and say that she's socially
                 liberal but values most non-religious Republican values
                 like small government, self-reliant, hatred for the poor
                 who use welfare (she thinks they're lazy so they deserve
                 nothing from her), racial superiority, pre-emptive strike
                 on people who are "evil", self righteous, and lastly,
                 STUBBORN. There is no possibility that anyone could
                 change her opinion because they've been hardcoded since
                 childhood. Profession? How is this relevant to
                 the topic? Anyways, the more I think about this the more
                 pissed off I am. I will be voting non-Republican for the
                 first time in 8 years. I AM LIBERATED.
                 \_ Was she good in bed? Can I have her number?
        \_ yeah, thats pretty much the definition of being 'whipped'.
        \_ Since you didn't believe anything she said you weren't a Republican
           or a conservative.  No more so than any conservative man was
           magically transformed into a liberal while dating a woman's studies
           vegetarian (cough).
2007/6/5-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:46859 Activity:kinda low
6/5     Pathetic liberal attempt to sway borderline Republican voters:
        \_ Because everyone knows all libruls are godless atheists, duh..
           \_ Informal poll: who thinks Hillary Clinton is genuinely religious
              in a sense her quote meant -- someone who uses her faith in God
              to overcome difficult situations. -- ilyas
              to overcome difficult situations. (Yeah that's what I thought)
                -- ilyas
              \_ What, other than antipathy, leads you to think she doesn't?
                 What about the others?  If you believe in a strong separation
                 of church and state, does that invalidate your personal faith?
                 Too many people, IMO, would say yes.  This is a real asshole
                 \_ This is an amazing comment.  It's true I don't much like
                    Hillary Clinton, but I certainly don't dislike religious
                    people.  I find it amazing, though, that some folks can
                    seriously consider her earnestly religious.  That's just
                    not in her background or 'life trajectory' if you will.
                    Before this turns long and boring, yes I realize that
                    Hillary's religiousness is not a logical impossibility, but
                    statistically it's pretty unlikely.  -- ilyas
                    \_ Antipathy toward HRC and/or liberals, not toward
                       religious people.  "Statistically"?  You're gonna need
                       to explain yourself.  What percentage of Democratic
                       congress members would you guess self-identify as
                       Christian?  Or of Democrats in general?
                       \_ That percentage would certainly be very high since
                          being an admitted atheist is political suicide in
                          the United States.  I would guess the percentage of
                          genuinely religious people (in the sense of Hillary's
                          quote) is very low (it's not even all that high
                          in the general population).  Politicians lie to get
                          elected, fyi. -- ilyas
                          quote) is very low.  Politicians lie to get
                          elected, fyi.  Someone can lie about religiousness
                          and get away with it because it is extremely difficult
                          to falsify if you are careful.  The way I would
                          go about falsifying this claim is to look at the
                          people with similar life stories as Hillary, but who
                          chose to pursue careers other than politics.  If the
                          percentage of 'genuinely religious' people among
                          that population is low, then the professed religious
                          feeling is based on constraints of the job (politics)
                          not actual feeling on the matter (unless you feel
                          that pursuing secular power makes people turn to God).
                          Finally, I have never disliked someone based on
                          their politics.  -- ilyas
           \_ Because everyone knows that Hillary is a shameless
              self-serving carpetbagger who will do/say anything to get
              \_ then you stopped at the headline.  edwards "lives with sin
              \_ She won her last election in New York by 2 to 1.  Claims
                 of carpetbagging get a bit dull after the people have ignored
                 it twice..
                 \_ She's not from New York.  She moved there so she could
                    run for Senate in a race she could win.  Whether her
                    constituents are happy with her or not, the term
                    "carpetbagger" seems appropriate to me.  Why do you think
                    it isn't?                           --alawrenc
                    \_ It may have been in 2000.  She represented the state
                       for 6 years after winning 55%.  She pulled down 67%
                       in 2006.  I think you're missing the point to call her
                       a carpetbagger the second time around.  The whole idea
                       of the carpetbagger is that it's someone who doesn't
                       represent the people.  The electorate spoke vociferously
                       in favor of her representing them.  How many terms has
                       Louise Slaughter served in New York?  Is she a
                       carpetbagger? --scotsman
                       \_ I see what you mean, but disagree.  I think the term
                          captures (appropriately) that it describes someone
                          to whom geography is merely a matter of political
                          expediency.  Frankly, I'm surprised we don't see more
                          of this from both parties (prominent politicians
                          moving to other states to get elected), given that
                          politicians tend to be very wealthy (mobile) and in
                          professions that aren't tied to particular areas
                          (not the way wealthy landowners were tied to their
                          home states 200 years ago, at least).  --alawrenc
                          \_ Because it takes time to build up a local name.
                             In her case she New York was an easy target with
                             an open seat and no competition from either
                             party.  She hasn't had to run in a real race
                             until now.
                          \_ So how many terms would she have to serve with
                             landslide victories before "carpetbagger" wouldn't
                             apply?  And back to the original point, how is
                             saying you relied on your faith to help you
                             through a difficult point in marriage shameless
                             and self-serving?  Maybe it would be if you had
                             spent the last few decades bouncing from spouse
                             to spouse..  --scotsman
                             \_ I don't think any number of elections would
                                change that she moved to New York as a matter
                                of political expediency.  I find it odd that
                                you think the appellation should go away after
                                two (and not one).  As for the rest, I think
                                you're confusing me with the original poster
                                (I just thought the claim that she's not a
                                carpetbagger because she got reelected was
                                interesting).                   --alawrenc
                                \- i hate hillary clinton and i agree she
                                   is a carpetbagger, however in the great
                                   chain of scum, carpetbagging is a lot
                                   less bad than corrupt, hypociritical,
                                   torturing evil cyborg. in fact just
                                        \_ You don't like Arnold?
                                   focusing on hillary, being sanctimonious
                                   and a soulless panderer are worse faces
                                   of her than her cappetbagger self. if you
                                   want to criticize hillary, focusing on
                                   "she went venue shopping for a senate
                                   seat" is lazy and proably just mindless
              \_ then you stopped at the headline.  edwards "sins
                 every day".  does that mean he's gay?
                 \_ "Edwards is uncomfortable with gayness"
                 \_ no, it means he's human. "He that is without sin among
                    you, let him first cast a stone"
                    \_ "It's a joke, son... Laugh..."
2007/6/5-7 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:46860 Activity:kinda low
6/5     Was reading the nutritional info for some japanese udon noodles
        I've been buying a lot of lately, and its sodium content isover
        1000mg per serving! Is this right? Why do these simple noodles
        have so much sodium?
        \_ preservatives.. best cheap dry noodles Mi Goreng Pedas Indomei
        \_ Mmmmm, salt.  Does a body good!  Stop eating that crap, it will
           kill you.  Eating a normal 'healthy' American diet would already
           give you way too much salt without going for salt bombs like that.
                \_ That's how I'm feeling now. are there any asian (or
                   asian-style) noodles out there that are low/no-salt? -op
                   \_ I don't know about asian noodles but simply trying to
                      eat right is very very hard if you're eating anything
                      pre-packaged.  Pretty much *everything* has way too
                      much salt in it.
        \_ Just don't use the seasoning pack.
2007/6/5-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:46861 Activity:kinda low
        Mr. Libby takes one for the team ... too smart, and too loyal.
        \- this is disgusting. but on a mildly humorouss note ... "hi this is
           henry kissinger. i was secretary os state. scooter is ok. but let's
           get back to me. i am great. let me tell you some more about me."
        \_ There is a time when I thought blow the cover of an undercover
           agent is considered a threat to national security...  Then again
           I am not a Republican.
           \_ Let me guess. You think Clinton got impeached for getting a BJ.
              \_ That didn't came into my mind when I posted it.  IMHO, Libby
                 should get executed for what he is willing to do to advance
                 his party's political gain.
              And, now you mentioned, since we are willing to impeach someone
              for a BJ, then, may be we should impeach our current commander
                 And, now you mentioned, since we are willing to impeach
                 someone for a BJ,
                 \_ I was correct. You're an idiot.
                 then, may be we should impeach our current commander
                 in chief for treason.  AND/OR turn him over to International
                 War Crime Tribunal for all sort of war crime he has commited.

        \_ He'll write a book.  I think he was too dumb and too naive.  He
           didn't have to talk to the prosecutors.  He did so voluntarily
           and now is going to prison + $250k fine for trying to be a good
           samaritan, the fool.  And when he does *not* get a GWB pardon I
           have a $1 million bet with someone on the motd I'm going to put
           away for my early retirement.
           \_ I will bet you, anonymous h0zer. Not $1M but I am happy
              to put real money on this. Contact me. -ausman
              \_ I've already got my $1M bet.  If you can't play with the
                 big boys, you can't play.
                 \- fine, we can form a syndicate to bet again you.
                    who are you. --psb
                 \_ Uh huh.
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