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2007/5/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46729 Activity:nil
5/23 (
        A day in the life of U.S. soldiers patrolling west Baghdad
2007/5/23-28 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46730 Activity:low
5/23    I was talking to my IT guys as to why our company partitions Netapp
        disks into small (approx 750GB) partitions and they said that Netapps
        limit single continuous volumes to that size and that the 16TB limit
        shown on their webpage is just a filer size limit. Is this true?
        I thought Netapps let you stripe data across multiple racks.
        \_ our storage admins tend to make 750g partitions on the netapps,
           however they do ahve some that are multiples of that.  I think the
           750g magic number is a raid set built out of a full shelf's worth
           of disks.    However we're in the process of ditching Netapp to go
           for EMC.   Large storage volumes are in general best avoided if
           possible.  They make for big backup & restore headaches.
           \_ 750 is small? I thought you could get disks at Fry's in the
           \_ 750 is big? I thought you could get disks at Fry's in the
              400 range. RAID a bunch of those together and you've exceeded
              750GB easily.
              \_ This is enterprise storage, not a warez site at some kid's
                 mom's house.  And that's for one volume, anyway, not the
                 entire unit which is going to be anywhere from a few TB to
                 hundreds of TB or even PB.
                 \_ It's hard to convince the average user of this. They
                    say: "For $500 I can get 1 TB at Fry's. Why do we
                    (as an enterprise) only have a N TB limit?"
                    \_ the average user is a moron, but I didn't have to tell
                       you that.
                    \_ I tried to explain enterprise vs. Fry's to my wife's
                       co-worker and failed miserably.  Of course his 4 disk
                       1 TB stripe crapped out a year later and he lost
                       everything but boy it was so cool for that first year.
                       \_ I never said we shouldn't use enterprise class
                          disks. We use Netapps and I think we should still
                          keep using them. But from what my friends at Netapp
                          tell me, they sell systems with individual disks
                          that are 400+GB so it would make sense that a single
                          stripe could easily exceed 720GB.
                          \_ Of course it can.  That doesn't mean you should
                             make unmirrored stripes.  You can stick a knife
                             in your foot but I wouldn't suggest you do that
                             either.  What your Netapp friends aren't telling
                             you is they consider single disk sales a sucker
                             buy and easy cash from the low end crowd.
           \_ Has anyone looked at 3par?  Curious.
           \_ A full shelf of disks is more than 750 GB, unless you're
              still using 72 GB disks. Netapp recommends no more than
              about 42 disks in an aggregate, which is a lot more than 750 GB.
              I am guessing that these are not technical limits but
              political ones or that there may be other reasons (e.g.
              backup and restore).
              \_ oh we are. The Netapps are a couple years old now; new storage
                 investment is all going to EMC.
                 \_ Don't do it.  You'll be sorry if you're not a huge bank or
                    something similar.
           \_ EMC?  OMG, I'm sorry for you.
2007/5/23-26 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:46731 Activity:moderate
5/23    "SAN FRANCISCO - Calling a cab with an environmental conscience" (
        41.4mpg for Prius cab vs. 12mpg for Crown Victoria cab.
        \_ How much trunk space?
           \_ I looked at a Prius in a parking lot, and it looks like it
              can't even fit one big suitcase.  But then most cab passengers
              in big cities don't carry luggage.  So I guess a driver is still
              better off if he can save on gas most of the time, and
              occasionally has to pass on some passengers because of their
        \_ There are also a bunch of Ford Escape hybrid taxis around the city.
           The biggest trouble with hybrid vehicles in a dense urban
           environment is their silence when running without the IC engine
           engaged.  Several times I've been nearly hit because I didn't
           hear a hybrid moving in my direction.
           \_ Weren't you taught to look both ways before crossing the
              \_ Sure, but that doesn't work as well as you'd like in a
                 crowded urban environment with crazy drivers, hostile bikers,
                 oddly angled 5 way intersections, and poorly timed traffic
                 \_ Which is even more of a reason not to depend on your ears.
                 \_ Bicycles are silent also.
                 \_ Aside: Some studies have shown that the most dangerous
                    place for a crosswalk is at a vehicular intersection--
                    exactly where we always put them.  If crosswalks were
                    mid-block, they'd be much safer.  -tom
                    \_ That will make traffic more congested (becasue vehicles
                       will stop and intersections and mid-block), hence
                       producing more mad drivers.
                       \_ uh, yeah, and let's get rid of all those stop signs
                          and traffic lights while we're at it.  -tom
                          \_ That's how freeway intersections work.  It's just
                             too expensive to do it for local intersections.
                             \_ and of course no one ever gets angry at
                                freeway intersections.  -tom
                       \_ Public Policy should always have as its top
                          priority "must not produce any more mad drivers."
           \_ That's called "Stealth Mode" in the Hybrid Humvee.
2007/5/23-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46732 Activity:moderate
5/23    Since the surge, is there anyway we can find oout rather sectarian
        killings in Bagdad has decreased or not?  IMHO, it is the decrease
        of sectarian killings among Iraqis, not decrease in US troop casualties
        that indicates the success of operation.
        \_ The surge is still happening.
           \_ Is there a scheduled end date for the surge, or does even
              asking that question give aid and comfort to the enemy?
              \_ Why do you hate... oh fuck it...
                 \_ I'm not sure what the point is to answering questions from
                    ignorant people who have already made up their minds but
                    whatever.  It isn't an act of treason or America-hating but
                    simple stupidity.
                    \_ Anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant? Interesting
                       \_ No.  But anyone like the op who clearly knows
                          nothing about the details of an event but has already
                          formed an opinion is ignorant as well as not very
              \_ It's supposed to be complete this summer, with the generals
                 evaluating its success or failure in September.
        \_ The whole 'surge' thing is silly.  The evil fucks bombing
           the shit out of each other can just hold back for a bit
           while this 'surge' thing is happening and everyone will
           be happy.  We should either pull out now or commit
           massive resources to Iraq, 20k more troops is not going to
           accomplish anything.
           \_ The point is to clear them out of the city, establish real
              security, and earn the trust of the people.  That way it is
              much harder for them to return.  Given a choice of daily bombings
              vs. going safely about their lives most people will choose a
              normal life and turn in the thugs.  What did you think the point
              \_ It's a great idea, but the execution misses the point: we
                 needed more troops at the beginning and a better strategy than
                 just more bodies now.
                 \_ I agree that they screwed the pooch on day 1 but we're now
                    where we are.  Instead of General Petrous(sp?) surge plan
                    what would you suggest that would improve safety, suppress
                    or eliminate thugs and eventually allow us to leave
                    without leaving the country in a real civil war?  If we
                    walk away now the current level of violence will look like
                    a game of candyland.  Complete elimination of all violence
                    won't happen.  The most pacifistic EU countries still have
                    violent crime, but it can be reduced to more civilized
                    \_ I think the whole entrenched thug thing is a thousand
                       years of the 70 percent Shiite/20 percent Sunni/10
                       percent Kurd hatred mix.  They all hate each other.  The
                       US presence there doesn't make them hate each other any
                       less, or more.  We just can't win this huge entrenched
                       guerilla war.  We don't have a magic time machine.  We
                       also have no way of deciding when we have 'won'.  So
                       either we should pull out NOW, or flood the fucking
                       country with armed force, aid, and us state dept
                       personnel for the next 20 years.  we've really fucked
                       \_ Despite what the media tells you most guerilla wars
                          are won by the government side, historically.  What
                          we lack isn't men or aid or state department
                          flunkies.  It is the will to win.  Our politicians
                          are no longer leaders, they are more concerned with
                          the next election cycle and the polls than doing
                          what needs to be done.  And I mean our entire
                          government, not anyone from either of the silly
                        \_ What is this 'Will to win'?  Do you mean 'kill
                           huge swaths of the population, civilian and guerilla,
                           and by default killing all the insurgents'?  That's the only way
                           I can think of historically of the gov winning
                           a guerilla war.  I agree with you then, we do
                           not have 'the will to win'.   I mean really, this is
                           pissing me off.  What is 'the will to win'?
                    \_ It is not at all clear that the U.S. presence in Iraq
                       is reducing the violence there.  The reason we're not
                       leaving is that we're afraid that our sham government
                       will be overthrown and replaced with something
                       opposed to the U.S.  -tom
                       \_ Why do you think it's a sham government?
                          \_ Which part of Iraq outside of the Green Zone cares
                             about that the government has to say?
                             \_ All of it.  Which part doesn't?
                                \_ I don't agree.  I think the areas of the country
                                   where all of the car bombings go off feel
                                   the Iraqi gov is not protecting them.
                    \_ The guys who are saying this are the same ones who
                       told us that Iraq would be a "cakewalk" and that
                       Saddam Hussein had WMD. I am not sure why you are
                       still listening to them, given their track record
                       so far on Iraq.
                       \_ It was a cake walk.  He probably did or at least had
                          the capacity to have them again in a few months of
                          free trade.  Because General P. wrote the book on
                          modern guerilla warfare based on real world
                          experience and doesn't have a track record so far on
                          Iraq.  What are you talking about?  Do you even know?
2007/5/23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:46733 Activity:nil 50%like:46725
2007/5/23-6/4 [Uncategorized] UID:46734 Activity:high
5/23    Which manga is this from?
        \_ The Breast Tumor Awareness Week manga.
        \_ Would it hurt you to post NSFW?  Although, actually it's so hard
           to figure out what going on at first that no one glancing at your
           screen is going to be able to figure it out.
           \_ Haven't you figured it out?  The whole point is to post
              something NSFW and make you look at it.
           \_ I thought it was the heads of two Martians at first.  -- !OP
2007/5/23-28 [Transportation/Car] UID:46735 Activity:high
5/23    is leasing better than buying, thinking of leasing
        a new 2007 tundra for $236 a month for 3 years
        plus $2k up front... thanks soda gods.
        \_ Which one is better depends on your situation and the terms.
           I bought my first two cars and leased my last two. I eventually
           bought one of the cars I leased and now own it outright. For
           my own situation, I would never "buy" again. I would always
           lease and then only buy the car if I like it. It turns out
           that in one lease I came out ahead by leasing (versus buying)
           and in the other one I would've come out ahead by buying.
           The interest rate, money factor, and residual will make one
           better than the other financially (there are other
           non-financial factors) but the difference in my experience is
           relatively small compared to the price of the car. By the way,
           I wouldn't put any money down on a car if you can help it
           (lease or buy) but especially if you lease, unless doing so
           somehow helps the interest rate.
           \_ if i buy used, do you use the Kelly blue book value
              to haggle with? i see people selling like $2k mroe than
              \_ Just don't pay more than it is worth to you. You can
                 offer less if you want. They will sell if they want
                 and they won't if they don't.
           \_ Just out of curiousity, what is your situation?  I find buying
              a used car my far the cheapest option.  I'm still driving
              a car I bought for $600 3 years ago.  However, I know some people
              used the cheapest option by far.  I'm still driving a car I
              bought for $600 3 years ago.  However, I know some people
              require a new car, like Real Estate agents.
              \_ I think they don't have to be new cars, but they have to be
                 luxury cars.
              \_ I think it doesn't have to be a new car, but it has to be a
                 luxury car.  My ex-gf's father was a real estate agent in LA,
                 and he has two Mercedes.  When he met the weathier clients, he
                 drove the higher-end and newer one.  When he met the clients
                 that were less wealthy, he drove the older and lower-end one.
                 that were less wealthy, he drove the lower-end and older one.
                 -- !OP
              \_ I should have mentioned that of the four cars I leased
                 one new, bought two used, and leased one used. Buy vs.
                 lease is the relevant question here, not new vs. used.
                 I personally would prefer a new car, because it should
                 last longer. My first cars were 2-3 years old and I saved
                 money up front, but in the end I wish I had paid $6-7K
                 more for a new model and gotten 3 more years out of the
                 car. That is why I bought the latest car brand new. It
                 is worth the extra $150/month to have the car an extra
                 3 years. As for reason, I hate having an old, unreliable
                 car that I am embarrassed to take anywhere. I keep my
                 cars about 10 years, which I think is reasonable.
                 \_ You are not your car.  If it gets you from point A to
                    B there is no reason to be embarrassed by it.
                    \_ When you are standing by the side of the road
                       waiting for a tow truck, yes that is embarrassing.
                       I also like to have a nice car. I do not own a
                       car to get me from A to B at the lowest possible
                       price, but also in style and comfort. You might
                       have your own preference. Owning a 1981 Yugo
                       does not appeal to me. On the other hand you
                       probably spend money on crap that doesn't interest
                       me at all (e.g. most electronic gadgets).
                       \_ If it gets you halfway between A and B and then
                          breaks down it doesn't get you from A to B now
                          does it?  And how did you decide that I spend
                          money on gadgets?
                          \_ It was just an example. Every car will get
                             you from A to B, but some do so more reliably
                             and safely (or even faster). My first car
                             got me from A to B, say, 99% of the time. Is
                             that good enough? For me, it was not. For
                             you, maybe it is. For a woman it is
                             definitely a big issue. I am a guy, but my
                             car overheated once at 11:30pm near an exit
                             that had nothing open but a grocery store 1/2 mile
                             away. (There weren't even any houses.) This
                             was before cell phones were common. If
                             that happens 3x over the life of the car
                             (say) that's too much for a lot of people. I
                             haven't had that happen to me in 6 years now,
                             because I actually bought a nice car. Imagine.
                             \_ "reliable" != "nice".  There are luxury cars
                                that are pieces of junk, and inexpensive cars
                                which are reliable.
                                \_ Do you have a point? I am guessing a
                                   $600 car is neither luxurious nor
                                   \_ Uh, I didn't write the above, although
                                      he is correct.  I have a reliable car
                                      for my wife.  -$600 car guy.
                          \_ Besides, for the price of a nice car you'd
                             have to buy insane amounts of gadgets to make
                             the difference. Unless expensive TVs are
                             considered gadgets.
                             \_ Sure, why not? People spend a lot of money
                                on whatever their passion is. Photography,
                                video games, eating out, whatever. The
                                point is that I can spend my money how I
                                wish and maybe I think what you spend your
                                money on is silly. I think some people
                                easily spend $500-1000/month eating out,
                                for example. My old coworker took his
                                girlfriend to Cheesecake Factory (ugh!)
                                almost every day at $40 a pop, because he
                                couldn't cook or didn't want to. The
                                payment on a nice car really is not that
                                much. OP says he can get a new truck for
                                $236/month. I think that's totally worth
                                it and would ditch the $600 car above in 3
                                seconds if I could afford that $236/month,
                                even if it cut into other aspects of my
                                \_ You aren't thinking about total cost of
                                   ownership. The $236/mo car probably has
                                   an additional $1000/yr insurance cost and
                                   an additional $2000/yr depreciation cost
                                   over the old junker. I prefer to own no
                                   car at all and put my money into savings.
                                   Now I could buy the nicest car in the world,
                                   but I prefer to save and take a cab when
                                   I really want to live it up.
                                   \_ "Depreciation cost?" I'm not writing
                                      anything off. I buy the car and keep
                                      it until the resale is $2-3K. So the
                                      price difference is mostly the
                                      purchase price. As for insurance,
                                      most of the cost is liability, which
                                      is the same either way.
                                      \_ There is a huge difference between
                                         liability and full coverage insurance
                                         cost, especially for a new car. What
                                         is the yearly depreciation cost? Do
                                         you even know how to calculate this?
                                         Take the amount you paid for the car,
                                         subtract what you get for it when you
                                         sell it and divide by the number of
                                         years you own the car. For most cars
                                         it is $2-3k/yr, if you buy them new.
                                         \_ I've taken accounting and I know
                                            what straight-line and double
                                            declining deprecation are, but
                                            they are not germane here. Just
                                            look at the sale price and the
                                            residual price to get an idea
                                            of costs. There is no need to
                                            amortize to compare expenses.
                                            As for insurance, as I said
                                            before, the main cost is
                                            liability. For my new $45K car
                                            I pay $300/year more for
                                            collision than I did on my
                                            1993 car. Almost all of the
                                            cost of my insurance is my
                                            liability coverage. In fact,
                                            for a BMW and a Lexus my total
                                            insurance bill is $600 more than
                                            it was for my old Nissan and
                                            Honda - and that was with no
                                            collision coverage on the Nissan.
                                            \_ So what is your total cost
                                               of ownership for your $236/mo
                                               car. I am looking at a quote
                                               right now for $228/yr for
                                               liability only vs. $851 for
                                               full coverage. That is more
                                               than a 3X difference.
                                               \_ $228/year for liability?!
                                                  That's crazy low. In
                                                  fact, I don't believe you.
                                                  \_ Sorry. I have a good
                                                     driving record and am
                                                     married. That is what
                                                     we pay. I also noticed
                                                     that you don't understand
                                                     what the word depreciation
                                                     means and that you don't
                                                  \_ Sorry that is a quote
                                                     for $228/six months, so
                                                     $456/yr. And $1700/yr
                                                     for full coverage. If you
                                                     are older, married and with
                                                     a good record, that is
                                                     what you pay. Do you
                                                     know how to calculate your
                                                     total cost of ownership, so\
                                                     I think it is a waste of
                                                     time to try and continue.
                                               car. Have you even bothered to
                                               figure this out? I pay 3X for
                                               full covereage vs. liability
                                                     total cost of ownership, so
                                                     I think you are kind of
                                                     boring and stupid and a
                                                     waste of time to talk to.
                                                     Sorry about that.
                                                     total cost of ownership?
        \_ Buy vs. lease is mostly about: how long do you expect to keep the
           car, and how many miles do you drive?  If you're going to drive
           the car into the ground over 10 years then buy it.  If you're going
           to want to trade up every 2-3 years then lease.  YMMV (heh).
2007/5/23-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:46736 Activity:nil
5/23    Anyone know anything about prelinking/prebinding on freebsd? I have
        few binaries that change its checksum every now and then and am
        trying to figure out if it's hacked, bad disk, or prelinking. How do
        I find out if it's due to prelinking? Thanks!
2007/5/23-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:46737 Activity:nil
5/23    Recruit of the Jedi: (
        \_ too lame to waste time on. move along. or rewatch the
           obi won buys a car. was the directory one of those
           high school theater geeks who wasn't as funny as he
           thought he was?
           \_ My favorites fan films have been "Troops" and "Jedi Preachers":
              \- i couldnt make it more than half way thorugh the
                 jedi preachers one. troops is a classic. the insult dog
                 vs darth vader is great.
                 \_ Another good one is the Star Wars Gansta Rap Special
                    Edition. Not quite Star Wars, but still well done is
                    George Lucas in Love.
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