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2007/5/19-22 [Uncategorized] UID:46693 Activity:nil
5/18    First pill meant to end periods. Menstruation is obsolete, hooray!
        \_ First?  Old news.
2007/5/19-24 [Uncategorized] UID:46694 Activity:nil
5/19    Allison Stokke made today's Yahoo! Buzz
2007/5/19-24 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46695 Activity:nil 71%like:46706
5/19    Realistic Vaginas - Fake vaginas that feel real
        \_ Are they better than Fleshlight?
2007/5/19-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46696 Activity:nil
5/19    How to please a girl sexually. Written by a girl:
        \_ Give her your credit card. Don't even think of touching her.
           You'll make her incredibly happy.
           \_ Hello bitter married guy! Do you miss sex?
              \_ Sounds like he really wants to be happy divorced guy.
              \_ I don't miss sex. Your gf keeps me happy.
              \_ You know, I have a wealthy friend who was married for
                 two years before his wife left him. He calculated that
                 he had to pay $40K for every time they had sex. At that
                 rate, better to get a high class whore.
                 \_ The he killed here while taking an anti-RSI break from
                    working on his filesystem.
2007/5/19-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46697 Activity:moderate
5/19    Bush "The Worst in History" according to Carter:
        \_ Not surprisingly, he's a liberal.            !emarkp
        \_ "I mean heck, he may even be worse than me now!" Carter added.
        \_ Just about everyone I know, assholes, pious people, liberals,
           conservatives, libertarians, apolitical people, political
           people, think Bush is The Worst In History.  Iraq is really
           a gigantic fuckup of difficult to fully comprehend
           \_ You obviously don't know emarkp and his fellows.
              \_ I'd be hesitant to call *any* president the worst in history.
                 Given Carter's ineptitude (not because he's liberal, just
                 because he's incompetent) he should be a little careful
                 throwing stones. -emarkp
                 \_ i don't think anyone can deal with oil embargo
                    like that gracefully.  Further, may I ask, do you think
                    GW Bush incompetent?
                    \_ Oil embargo?  The one in 73 when Carter wasn't in
                 \_ *shrug* He followed Ford, whose defining moments were
                    pardoning Nixon and falling down stairs, and was followed
                    by Reagan, who proved that popularity has nothing to do
                    with being a good, let alone honest and effective, leader.
                    I'd say his glass house has fine foundations.
                    \_ Ford was actually quite athletic.  Don't watch too
                       much SNL for your history lessons.
                       \_ As noted here:
                          I didn't say he was Chevy Chase, I said it was one
                          of his defining moments. Read or perish.
           \_ Not really.  Carter's mis-handling of Iran changed the world in
              ways Bush's mis-handling of Iraq can't compare to.  Had Carter
              shown strength instead of weakness it is possible and even quite
              likely the concept of terrorism as we know it today wouldn't
              even exist.  If you're going to make historical claims you must
              look at things from a historical perspective.
                        \_ Wow!  Carter did NOT:
                           - Use torture
                           - Allow torture of POW's
                           - Imprison people without trial
                           - Render people to other countries for torture
                           - Lie to get the US into a war
                           - Erode our rights in the name of patriotism
                           - Allow rampant incompetence and corruption in his
                             Administration (except possibly HIMSELF if you
                             argue that his handling of IRAN was incompetent)
                           - Mishandle a war so badly that the US is failing
                             its objectives despite massive waste of national
                           - Alienate virtually the entire planet
                           - Allow a massive terrorist attack to occur on US
                             territory during his administration
                           - Allow the illegal outing of a CIA agent for
                             petty political retaliation
                           UM, WHY AREN'T WE IMPEACHING BUSH AGAIN?  HE IS THE
                           WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!
              \_ Who are you, Charles Krauthammer?  I don't think Iran was
                 involved in the whole Russia invades Afghanistan->We dump
                 billions of dollars and weapons on Afghanistan to ensnare
                 Russia in a War Of Pain->Russia leaves->Russia collapses->
                 \_ You really think Afghanistan was the root cause of the
                    collapse of the Soviet Union?  After saying this it makes
                    the rest of what you say hard to take seriously.
                    \_ I think it helped.  Wasnt main cause.  Sure didnt hurt!
                 We forget about Afghanistan-> IT ALL COMES BACK
                 TD BITES US IN THE ASS-> chain of events. of maybe
                 Iran helped us channel a few guns to Afghanistan. How
                 ANY of this would have been changed if we had 'shown strength
              \_ Who are you, Charles Krauthammer?  I don't think Iran was involved
                 in the whole Russia invades Afghanistan->We dump billions of
                 dollars and weapons on Afghanistan to ensnare Russia in a War Of
                 Pain->Russia leaves->Russia collapses->We forget about Afghanistan->
                 IT ALL COMES BACK AND BITES US IN THE ASS-> chain of events.
                 ok maybe Iran helped us channel a few guns to Afghanistan.
                 How ANY of this would have been changed if we had 'shown strength
                 in Iran', I do not know.  Russia would not have cared.  A bunch
                 of dudes living in caves in Afghanistan would not have cared.
                 Please explain your Carter fantasy?
                 of dudes living in caves in Afghanistan would not have cared.  Please
                 explain your Carter fantasy?
              \_ Your historical perspective is the one that needs fixing.
                 \_ Thanks for adding nothing.  Maybe next time you'll do
                    better than "you're wrong, nyah!" but I doubt it.
              \_ Look further back: if the CIA hadn't instigated the overthrow
                 of the democratically elected President of Iran and the
                 reinstatement of the Shah, extremists like Khomeni would never
                 have gained widespread support in '79. No Khomeni, no
                 hostage situation, and no Islamic Revolution running a nuclear
                 Iran today. Sure, Carter can be blamed for funding Mujahadeen
                 in Afghanistan, but then you'd have to paint your Saint Ronnie
                 with the same brush; worse, people might remember that whole
                 Iran-Contra scandal, and then the hagiography really falls
                 \_ The CIA didn't take action in a vacuum.  Leaving a pro-
                    Soviet/anit-US government in Iran may have been worse
                    than what we got.  It is hard to say but I'll grant that
                    yes Khomeni didn't come out of no where.  OTOH, his group
                    was just as likely to overthrow any non-Islamic government
                    so it may not have mattered.  Reagan is not my saint
                    anymore than Carter is my satan.  They are men.  They were
                    Presidents.  They did what they did.  I examine their
                    actions in a historical context.  I don't care beyond that.
                    I don't even see why you'd try to bring anyone else into
                    it.  To defend Carter?  Who cares?  Boost Reagan?  Who
                    cares?  That is completely unimportant trivial political
                    agenda crap.
                    \_ The charges of Bolshevism in Iran were frankly baseless.
                       The UK was upset about Mossadegh nationalizing the AIOC
                       and convinced Eisenhower to sic the CIA on him. We fell
                       victim to the whole enemy-of-my-enemy mindset and worked
                       to reinstate the Shah. (Cf. eerie parallels with Iraq
                       and Chalabi). While Khomeni's group was anti-non-
                       Islamic govt., it's unlikely they'd have had the support
                       they had from ordinary Iranians if it hadn't been for
                       the brutal repression inflicted by the Shah, and thus
                       it's unlikely they could have actually overthrown a
                       democratically elected Iranian govt. descended from
                       Mossadegh and co.
              \_ Terrorism existed long before Carter and will exist long
                 after we are all dead. It is naive and foolish to believe
                  after we are all dead. It is niave and foolish to believe
                 otherwise. Unless you are trying to say something else with
                 your statement "the concept of terrorism as we know it
                 today." Do you mean that Carter changed our conception
                 of terrorism?
                 \_ "As we know it today".  Meaning that I really don't care
                    if some folks in whatever country get pissed off enough
                    to take some violent but overall minor action which has
                    always been going on, as opposed to becoming the new way
                    of lesser powers to wage war by heavily funding, arming,
                    training, and supporting people who have nothing better
                    to do full time than try to do as much damage as possible.
                    The key difference being that the minor separatist group
                    is unlikely to ever do much or go anywhere while a group
                    supported by a state has options and capabilites sufficient
                    to kill thousands and make real changes.
                    \_ Um, Al Qaida, 9/11, hijackers, airplanes. WTC.
                    \_ This is not really a new phenomenea. Just off the
                       \_ Yeah, exactly.  Did you read the thread at all before
                    \_ This is not really a new phenomena. Just off the
                       top of my head I can think of the French supporting
                       the American Colonial seperatists and the English
                        \_ and Americans blew up a lot of british in the UK?
                       then supporting the Southern Confederates. Also,
                        \_ The SC blew up the French at home?
                       remember that WWI was started by a terrorist, when
                        \_ assassin, lone gunman, not part of a multinational
                           movement with national level support.
                       he shot Duke Ferdinand. Nations have always waged
                       proxy war by supporting seperatist groups inside
                       their rivals. You could argue that the widespread
                       availability of WMD has changed the equation of
                       assymetrical warfare, but it is pretty hard to lay
                       that at the feet of Carter.
                       \_ One of my favorite historical proxy conflicts was
                          Rome and Constantinople duking it out in ancient
                          Romania and Bulgaria. Romanians and Bulgarians are
                          *still* mad at each other, nearly 1200 years later.
                       \_ It is not hard to lay the concept of modern terrorism
                          at Carter's feet.  Prior to Carter there were many
                          nationalist movements but no organised multinational
                          terrorists funded and supported by various nations
                          who had vague but large scale goals of "kill all the
                          people in the west" or some such like we see today.
                          \_ To "lay it at Carter's feet", you need to show
                             some underlying cause.  "Because it happened
                             around the same time" is not enough.  If
                             coincidence was evidence, you could say the
                             Beatles' breakup could be lain at Nixon's feet.
                             \_ "Those Liverpool cocksuckers...." -RMN
                          \_ The Jews and the Catholics are still mad at each
                             other after nearly 2000 years.
2007/5/19-24 [Uncategorized] UID:46698 Activity:nil
5/19    How to rape your couch:
        \_ Yuck.  Those guys are going to screw one another's behind.
2007/5/19-24 [Computer/Blog] UID:46699 Activity:low
5/19    I'm getting a Dell, dude.
        \_ NSFW
        \_ That's no Dell Dude! Oh, wait....
        \_ Big tits and small waist.  Hot!
        \_ I found more of her
           \_ Found her on youtube:
           \_ 5'0", real 32E.  SUPER HOT!!!  I'd trade 10yrs of my lifespan
              for her.
           \_ Better than most of those in
              \_ Isn't she a stripper or something? She would probably take
                 you up on it if you offered 10 years of salary.
                 \_ Actually I meant "for her as a wife."  Didn't know she's a
                    stripper.  I wasn't reading the text in the blog carefully.
                    \_ "I only read it for the blog posts"
           \_ Better than most of those in, even
              Amanda Wenk.
2007/5/19-24 [Reference/Law] UID:46700 Activity:nil 60%like:46725
5/19    Landis is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY
        \_ Who?  We care, why?
2007/5/19-24 [Uncategorized] UID:46701 Activity:nil 75%like:46705
5/19    When vitamins came out in the old days, were there people who
        were against it because it was unnatural?
        \_ "It is against God's wishes to play God using science."
        \_ The old days?  When was that?  And yes, no matter what someone
           comes up with there will always "be people who are against it"
           no matter what it is.
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