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2007/5/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:46654 Activity:nil
5/16    So when are the GOD HATES FAGS people going to picket
        Falwell's funeral?
        \_ They only picket dead soldiers.
2007/5/16-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:46655 Activity:nil
5/15    i'm trying to create a webservice where people can upload multiple
        doc or pdf files, and then be able to download one big pdf of them
        all ... are there open-source / unix utiities i coudl use to
        achieve this? thx
        \_ I've done this in Java using an OSS library called PDFBox
2007/5/16-17 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:46656 Activity:kinda low
5/16    Liquid condom:
        \_ Sounds hoaxish
        \_ I hope this doesn't burn as badly as spermicides that are
           usually 10% Nonoxydyl
2007/5/16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:46657 Activity:nil 57%like:46667
5/16    Is it necessary to pull out when she's on the pill? Find out:
2007/5/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/President, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:46658 Activity:moderate
5/16    Interesting that Larry Flynt shows more class than most on motd
        regarding Falwell's death.
        \- why exactly are we supposed to be shamed or impressed by
           larry flynt. i think his reasoning is specious: "My mother
           always told me that no matter how much you dislike a
           person, when you meet them face to face you will find
           characteristics about them that you like." ... so if you
           meet somebody who is say a racist but tells good jokes and
           cooks a mean steak you shoild try to focus on that? i wonder
           if david duke is a good BBQer.
           \_ He had a very long and bitter fight with Falwell.  And was more
              charitable to him in death than you are even though you've never
              met him.
              \- look, to me "charity" and "tolerance" toward a bigot is
                 no virtue. yes i am well aware of the the Hustler v. Falwell
                 case and i think it is quite an interest case because of
                 case and i think it is quite an interesting case because of
                 the inclusion of his mother, who was not a public figure.
                 since somebody mentions the hst nixon obit, my first thought
                 on hearing oh his passing was "he should be burned in a
                 trash can".
                 on hearing oh his passing was "he should be burned in
                 on hearing of his passing was "he should be burned in
                 /bin/trash". "he was an american monster".
                 \_ psb the Bengali, do you have a bigger penis than
                    Pujabis or other southern Indians?
              \_ Fuck this.  Falwell made his career on the backs of the less
                 fortunate or powerful, whom he routinely demonized.   He was
                 slime, and the public fellating he is currently recieving
                 is in need of a counter.  It's too bad HST isn't around - c.f.
                 his Nixon obit:
                 \- this is more like it:
                    [and rememeber among non-xtians, the jews are the best of
                    the lot in thwir view. people like pat robertson say even
                    the lot in their view. people like pat robertson say even
                    worse things about people of other religions]
                    \_ Gotta love the Hitchens. "It's a shame that there is no
                       hell for Falwell to go to..."
                       \_ Speaking of whom, did you catch his latest appearance
                          on the Daily Show? He looked even more drunk than he
                          usually does.
2007/5/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:46659 Activity:nil
5/16    Gee, I wonder why the motd isn't popular with new CSUAers...
        \_ There are too many reasons but for starter, the level of entry
           is too high. Unless you breath UNIX and you use vi/emacs
           like you use MS Word, then it's just too troublesome. Secondly,
           there is simply very little useful information on motd these days.
           There used to be quality tech Q&As and foodP/socialP posts but with
           the amount of trashy political posts that only a few participate in
           these days, motd has become more of a toxic dump for people who
           want to vent than a useful place for people to get information.
           \_ Who uses MS Word?
        \_ Not enough talk about sex???
        \_ The MOTD isn't popular with new CSUAers because it's a very silly
           way to implement a message board.  They've been using blogs and
           online forums for years, why would they want to edit a text file
           and worry about 80 columns and indenting and all that?  Same with
           wall.  Even if everyone were blowing sunshine up each other's
           butts all day, the undergrads wouldn't use motd and wall.  -tom
        \_ i didn't start reading the motd until after I graduated, when
           i started doing sysadmin stuff as part of my job -'97 alum
           \_ Let me guess, you breath UNIX and you're bored at the time?
2007/5/16-19 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:46660 Activity:nil
5/16    I'm trying to understand the India culture better. A lab-mate of
        mine used to tell me that I should *never* date Bengali women.
        They are city sluts who are over-westernized and are extremely
        materialistic, and only talk to men who wear Rolex and drive
        Mercedes. He used to say that Punjabi women, unlike Bengali women,
        are better lovers and better in the kitchen. What other types of
        Indian women are out there and what stereotypes do the Indian
        men usually have on them? ok thx.       -Mr Culture Sensitive
        \_ I wouldnt know difference between Bengali and Punjabi if
           they bit me
2007/5/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:46661 Activity:nil
5/16    Abortion wasn't a big issue for the Christian right until long after
2007/5/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46662 Activity:low
5/16    Looks like Wolfowitz will resign.  Who do you think Bush will
        nominate as a "fuck you" replacement?  Betting pool!
        Douglas Feith:
        Rick Santorum:
        Alberto Gonzales:
        Gordon Gekko:
        Bernie Kerik:
        \_ That would be a slap in the face to the reality-based community.
        Bernie Kerik:
        \-Shaha Riza ... "the circle is now complete,
                          am i am am the master, paul"
        \_ Jenna Bush
           \- make her the War Czar
        \_ Don Imus
        \_ John Bolton
        \_ Tony Blair - he's freeish these days
        \- on a serious note, the true sabotage candidate is RZOELLICK.
        \_ Charles Krauthammer
        \_ oh! me! me!  I'll do it!
2007/5/16-19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46663 Activity:kinda low
5/16    Why do we have a war czar?  The U.S. hasn't had one for as long as I
        can remember.  Isn't it POTUS -> SecDef -> CENTCOM -> Iraq/Afghanistan?
        Is it that Dubya cannot handle Bob Gates' gayness?
        \_ It's "Execution Manager" now. John Stewart has a good explaination:
        \_ Commandering is hard.  Bush is tired.
        \_ Maybe because the POTUS needs to deal with the whole world?  Having
           a close aide on it 24/7 makes sense.
           \_ But that's the SecDef.
           \- it's the same thing as the intelligence czar ... that is what
              the DCI is supposed to have been.
              the DCI is supposed to have been. "this is a 3star operating
              in a 4star environment" --LPANETTA
        \_ Not only is this guy a 3-star, but he's active duty - i.e., they
           couldn't find any person fool enough to volunteer for the job, so
           they ordered someone to do it.
        \_ Because Bush can't tie his own fucking shoelaces, let along
           be the commander of the executive branch.
           \_ You misunderstand: the War Czar will simply be another layer to
              insulate the CinC from having to take responsibility for a
              failed military policy.
              \_ Manager Training 101: Find a patsy to throw under the bus.
              \_ I'd put it slightly differently: This looks more like an
                 attempt to blame the military for a failed *political*
                 \_ Which is how Iraq is being fought, as politics not as a
                    war which is why it is a mess.
                 \_ Well put. -pp
2007/5/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:46664 Activity:nil
5/16    Bike to Work Day tommorrow!
2007/5/16 [Recreation/Stripclub, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:46665 Activity:nil 92%like:46668
5/16    Ugly naked woman to be the spokeperson for linux:
2007/5/16-19 [Health/Women] UID:46666 Activity:nil
5/16    Dear sodans, lock up your girlfriends before she kills herself!!!
        \_ Man, this article is full of stupid Asian-American activist
           buzzwords.  "The model minority pressure," as if this pressure was
           being exerted by white people.  Ever been to asia?  More pressure
           to achive there than here. "Noh's sister had plastic surgery to make
           her eyes and nose appear more European-looking." Umm, that surgery
           is more popular in asia than among asia-americans.
2007/5/16-17 [Health] UID:46667 Activity:nil 57%like:46657
5/16    Is it necessary to pull out when she's on the pill? Find out: ( (
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