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2007/5/12-16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:46603 Activity:kinda low
5/11    Wow, this guy Romney has more money than Jesus. Was he born rich?
        \- he's involved in a "psothumous conversion kit" pyramid scheme.
        \- he's involved in a "posthumous conversion kit" pyramid scheme.
        \_ let's swift boat him!
           \_ I don't think Romney served in Vietnam, but John "I served in
              Vietnam" Kerry did his country proud.  3 band aids and then run
              home to make shit up on his way to office.
              \_ Yay! Three years later, and the false accusations still run
                 strong. Why don't you tell us about McCain's black baby while
                 you're at it?
                 \_ Did Kerry get a real wound?  No.  Those medical records are
                    still top secret.  Did he run home and make shit up in a
                    Congressional hearing?  Yes.   So what false accusations?
                    What does McCain have to do with anything?  Red herring.
                    \- for the 100th time: "at least kerry was in shooting
                       range" which is more than you can say for bush, who
                       claims to have served, but clearly "limited" the terms
                       of his service. cheney doesnt claim to have "served"
                       but his flip "i had other plans" shows an amazing amount
                       of contempt. wolfowitz, pearle, the war-drum-beating-
                       jouranlists-of-acertain-age ... they also dont claim
                       journalists-of-acertain-age ... they also dont claim
                       to have "served" for the most part, but they also have
                       shown "contempt" for service in various ways, and it
                       is perfectly reasonable to ask them why they didnt
                       serve ... it's not a "private decision" for a public
                       figure, imho. that's just asking for a free pass.
                       everybody gives somebody like dole his due. the
                       attacks on mccain were from the lunatic right. it's
                       unfortuantely not everybody has given people like
                       unfortuante not everybody has given people like
                       mcgovern their due.
                    \_ No, Kerry actually signed his SF 180, something like
                       six months after he lost. When will Bush sign his?
2007/5/12-15 [Uncategorized] UID:46604 Activity:nil
5/11    Stephen King fans:  what are your favorite short stories?
        Preferably ones without aliens and lots of atmosphere.
        \_ It's been a long time, but my favorites were The Long Walk
           and The Last Rung on the Ladder.  -niloc
2007/5/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:46605 Activity:nil
        Dumb blonde didn't read the cast and got creampied. Ha ha ha.
        \_ Wow, you ARE a sucker
        \_ I like this one better:
2007/5/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46606 Activity:low
5/13    The most popular vehicle in the world today is: BICYCLE
        \_ The most popular method of transport in the world today is: FEET
           The most environmentally sound transport is: FEET
                \_ Are you sure? Bicycling is much more efficient, isn't it?
                   Less food/mile or food/useful work ...
           The least expensive is: FEET
           The people least likely to attack innocent minivan drivers use: FEET
           The people least obnoxious about their tranport choice use: FEET
           The safest transport method is: FEET
           The method everyone can afford is: FEET
           The method that doesn't require a multi million dollar expansion to
           every public transport model is: FEET
           So what are you doing using the inferior and less popular: BICYCLE?
           Recycle the BICYCLE and get out there on your own two FEET.
           FEET are natural, FEET are good, FEET don't require oil imports for
           tires, metal for frames, or produce any life destroying CO2 in their
           production.  USE FEET!
           \_ FEET are slow. Just about the slowest after hands&knees, rolling,
              and wriggling on the ground.
2007/5/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:46607 Activity:nil
5/12    This ought to teach parents to be more responsible. The guy
        deserves it:
        \_ Why exactly do you think that the father of one of the suspects in
           the Fort Dix case deserves to have his business ruined? Did he
           encourage his son to do this? Did he raise his sun in a militant
           Islamic family? And would it have been so hard to be clear about
           these things while posting this link?
        \_ I wish same thing can be said to those who involved in Haditha
           Abu Ghraib.
2007/5/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46608 Activity:nil
5/12    Convince your girl that she doesn't have to go to the bathroom
        after sex:
        \_ I've been telling my girl this, but she keeps on saying "But your
           cum feels sticky in me, Daddy."
2007/5/12-16 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46609 Activity:moderate
5/11    Massholes attack another minivan driver, this time a guy whose
        wife is disabled:
        \_ What is it with minivan drivers trying to murder innocent bike
           riders just doing their thing, having some fun, obeying the law
           and teaching us all about how to treat one another better?
        \_ which shows exactly why Jason Meggs videotapes everything;
           this time there's video evidence of the van driver's assault
           with a deadly weapon.  -tom
           \_ Ah yes, the edited video.  And of course more injuries that the
              wounded didn't stick around to report.  They learn well from
              \_ Did someone pose a brand new teddy bear on the wreckage of
                 a bike?  *That* would be cool.
           \_ Yeah, nice editing there.  Even with the editing it looks like
              the critical mass guys started it.
              \_ Started what?  The video shows a van with an intact windshield
                 intentionally running over a bicyclist.  -tom
                 \_ One Less Bike
                 \_ Umm, it looks more like a bunch of bicyclists standing
                    around a minivan that is slowly inching forward.  The guys
                    "getting run over" don't look like they've been moving for
                    a while.
                    \_ And you think it's appropriate to run someone over just
                       because he's standing in front of your car?  -tom
                       \_ If someone is blocking your way while others pound on
                          your windshield, I don't think any jury would convict
                          them for moving forward. -emarkp
                          \_ You didn't answer the question; do you think it's
                             appropriate to run someone over because they're
                             blocking you way?  (For probably 30 seconds;
                             Berkeley Critical Mass is small, 50-100 riders).
                             Critical Mass doesn't pound on every car's
                             windshield; it pounds on the windshields of
                             drivers who try to run them over.  -tom
                             \_ Frankly, I don't believe this claim.  In both
                                incidents people claimed to be injured but left
                                the scene.  And if people are attacking your
                                vehicle, then yes I belive it's appropriate to
                                run over people to get out of the crowd.
                                \_ Once again: the crowd didn't attack some
                                   random vehicle on the street, it attacked
                                   someone WHO TRIED TO RUN THEM OVER.  So
                                   by your logic it must be appropriate to
                                   retaliate.  And I don't see how you can
                                   watch that video and doubt the plausibility
                                   of injuries.  -tom
                                   \_ And once again I doni't believe that
                                   \_ And once again I don't believe that
                                      claim. -emarkp
                                      \_ Ah, the all-powerful Argument From
                                         Personal Incredulity.  -tom
                                         \_ Hello Mr. Pot, glad to meet you.
                                         \_ Oh, the cops disagree with you
                                            after talking with witnesses.
                                            \_ You definitely should
                                               ignore the video evidence
                                               presented above.  It might
                                               shatter your world view.
                                               \_ Hi troll!  I watched the
                                                  video.  It clearly shows the
                                                  cyclists trying to hem the
                                                  van in, and the van is trying
                                                  to get away.  The driver
                                                  should have floored it,
                                                  flattening anyone in the way.
                                                  \_ Wow, I can't believe
                                                     this is coming out from
                                                     a Mormon. I thought
                                                     they're usually well
                                                     mannered and non-violent
                                                     \_ I tend to be pro-self-
                                                        defense. -emarkp
                                                        defense.  I have killed
                                                        a man with a screw-
                                                        driver. -emarkp
                                  \_ Tom, that video doesn't show anyone
                                     getting injured.  It shows three seconds
                                     of two bicyclists leaning off their
                                     bicycles while the van moves 1". Since
                                     what happens before and after as been
                                     helpfully edited out, there's no evidence
                                     of anything.  From that video you could
                                     make the claim that the bicyclists mocked
                                     up the whole thing. -jrleek
                                     \_ uh, it ran straight over a bike that
                                        had someone on it.
                                     \_ How did the van end up with its wheels
                                        on top of two bicycles, if it only
                                        moved 1" like you claim? You can
                                        actually see the van pushing over the
                                        bike if you look carefully. That is
                                        a hell of a lot more than 1 inch.
                                        \_ The police disagreed with the claims
                                           of the CM folks after interviewing
                                           "police said, adding that two
                                           witnesses told them that three
                                           riders threw their bicycles in front
                                           of the minivan to block its path"
                                           So the CM folks are simply lying.
                                        \_ Which part is not in the video.
                                           Throwing the bikes under the van
                                           would account for it.
                                           \_ They threw their bike under
                                              the tires? What did they do,
                                              lift up the van? Wow, those
                                              bicyclist riders sure are strong.
                                              \_ No you idiot.  They put their
                                                 bikes in front of the van to
                                                 keep it from leaving.  The van
                                                 started running over the bikes
                                                 to leave.  And should have
                                                 kept going. -emarkp
                                                 \_ Wow, idiot huh? Well look
                                                    at 1:52, 2:18, 2:56 and
                                                    3:05 at this point in the
                                                    video and tell me that
                                                    the car wheels are not
                                                    clearly on top of a bike:
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