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2007/5/9 [Recreation/Humor] UID:46566 Activity:nil
5/9     I thought this was kind of funny:
        Trying to get the lowest SAT score (a bit old)  -John
2007/5/9-12 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:46567 Activity:moderate 85%like:46558
5/8     Why I hate Google: (
        \_ I like that she is naming her son Kohler and when
           people do searches they are going to get faucets.
           \_ Weird, in the future she might count her not being
              findable in google as a blessing.
        \_ I am kind of annoyed that all my usenet posts from 20 years
           ago are still searchable. I knew the medium could be preserved,
           but I had no idea that it would become such a permanent and
           easily available record. -ausman (with a unique name)
           \_ You can get google to remove them from their databases.  It
              takes a bit of work and involves some paperwork asserting
              that you are you, but they will remove posts that you want
              gone gone gone.
           \_ You could do what Tawei Liao does-- create a completely fake
              character on his website to distract people from the real
              \_ snuggy?
                 \_ No just look at his current CSUA homepage. It is fake.
                    Compare that to the first search result you you on
                    Google. It is real and pretty embarrasing to look at.
                    \_ You think this is more embarassing than his csua page?
              \_ Yeah, you can generate a bunch of new content that kind of
                 buries the old stuff. That is what I ended up doing, though
                 not really on purpose. -ausman
2007/5/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46568 Activity:moderate
5/8     What are some signs that you're addicted to sex?
        \_ You're indiscriminate about how you get your "fix"?
        \_ You find yourself starring in Hogan's Heroes?
           \_ Ouch!  heh.
        \_ Define addiction.
           \_ addict: to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually
                      or obsessively
              All healthy people basically have a hardwired sex addiction.
              If it's "abnormal" and messes up the rest of your life then
              I guess would be a problem. You could always neuter yourself.
              food addiction : obesity :: sex addiction : ?
              \_ I think most women don't have a sex addiction at all.
                 \_ Hmm... you may be onto something there.
        \_ CAGE questions: do you feel the need to Cut down your use?
           do you feel Annoyed when people ask you to quit?  do you feel
           Guilty about your use?  do you need an Eye-opener to get going
           in the morning?  (Wow...these alcoholism questions don't transfer
           well to other addictions).
           \_ The last one still applies if you stay up all night having sex.
           \_ The first three might for sex addiction if you were Catholic
              or something like that.
2007/5/9-14 [Uncategorized] UID:46569 Activity:nil
5/9     Rachel Ray-- cute face but too fat.
        \_ No, just fat. And kind of annoying. Don't know about you but
           traveling with someone who yaps about how you can get by
           with $40 a day would get on my nerves fast.
           \_ $40 a day?  I can get by on way less than that...
           \_ Can't remember if it was MadTV or SNL, but they did a skit on
              the $40 a day show.  While I have not watched her real show,
              I thought the skit was amusing enough to bring it up in this
2007/5/9-14 [Uncategorized] UID:46570 Activity:nil
5/9     What's a better movie, Waitress or Knocked Up? They look the same.
        \_ Neither.  It's like which is better?  Zardoz or Battlefield Earth?
           \_ Zardoz. That's a no-brainer.
              \_ :-)  I've re-seen both in the last few months.  The doctors
                 say I'm making a good recovery and they expect me to walk
                 again soon.
2007/5/9-14 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:46571 Activity:nil
5/9     BART set ridership record last week: up 10% while meeting or beating
        on-time performance standard.
        \_ Well they also ran more trains...
        \_ And something about a detour for a large number of people in cars.
2007/5/9-14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:46572 Activity:kinda low
5/9     Pheonomenal interview with NBC Terrorist Analyst (Steve Emerson) about
        the recent terror arrest.  Includes commentary about how serious it
        was, and how it was covered by the press. -emarkp
        (Warning: 18MB mp3)
        \_ Steven Emerson: crank:
           \_ Quite likely a Mossad agent spreading disinformation.
              \_ That's it!  It's the Joooooos!
                 \_ Surely you understand the difference between the
                    "Joooooos!" and the Nation of Isreal. On second thought,
                    perhaps you do not.
                    \_ Always the way Jew haters claim to be PC yet justify
                       hating Israel.  I'll bet you even have a Jewish friend!
                       \_ A Jewish wife, even. But if it makes you feel better
                          to believe that I am anti-Semetic and out to get you,
                          be my guest.
                          \_ You think that makes it ok sort of like how so
                             many African-American comedians and rappers use
                             the N-word?  It's never ok.
                             \_ It's never okay to critisize Isreal's foreign
                                policy, because some crank might call you
                                anti-semtic for doing so? Gotcha.
           \_ FAIR: a bunch of cranks.
              \_ He's a crank, they're cranks, you're a crank. You know what
                 the odds of The Press actually covering something up are?
                 \_ Oh, you mean like how everyone was slow to mention that the
                    guys were Muslims and three were illegals?
                    \_ I heard both almost immediately from NPR and Australian
                       Broadcast Corporation. Who do you listen to?
                       \_ Typical American isn't listening to either or even
                          aware it is possible or there's even a reason to.
                          American news certainly didn't report it.
                 \_ It certainly never happens in France.
                 \_ The Press don't cover stuff up?  Wow, naive.  The Press is
                    just a bunch of people like anyone else.  Sometimes they
                    get busted big time like Dan "False but Accurate" Rather,
                    or the faked pictures coming out of the Israel/Gaza area.
                    But since they're the only source of information for most
                    people, they can and do cover all sorts of things and get
                    away with most of it.  How would you know otherwise?  Some
                    blog?  pft.
                    \_ If you have one source of information, sure, faking
                       things is easy, and covering it up is done all the time.
                       In a case like this where all of the details are
                       available to the public, where's the cover up? I missed
                       \_ Most news today comes from AP or Reuters so no they
                          really don't have more than one source and in a case
                          like this if you were reading the newspapers or
                          watching cable or nightly news you didn't know.  Glad
                          you were tuned in to Australia's news.  Americans
                          didn't know for a while and even then were only told
                          because of information leak from places like AU.
                          Fortunately the days of Dan Rather and his followers
                          are numbered but many many many of the dinosaurs
                          from his era are still in power running the news.
                          \_ So what you're really decrying is that most
                             American news outlets get their news from two
                             sources, not that these news outlets are actively
                             covering up the news. I can get behind that;
                             the Americans and Brit intel services got bit in
                             the ass by the one-source problem when it came to
                             the Niger memo. Also, none of this rescues
                             Steven Emerson from being a self-appointed
                             terrorism expert with a penchant for overstating
                             the danger and attempting to rile up anti-Islamic
                             \_ Reuters = AP for the most part so one source.
                                And when all the news comes from one source
                                like in any industry you get the monopoly
                                effect: crap product due to lack of
                                competition.  So the question becomes, is it
                                crap product because of monopolistic
                                incompetence or is it crap because some people
                                are pushing an agenda?  I'd say a fair amount
                                of each.  Why else would anyone have to read
                                news from another country to find out what is
                                going on in their own?  As far as Steven
                                Emerson goes, I have no idea who he is, have
                                not seen him on TV or read his article(s) and
                                don't really care so I'll happily accept your
                                description of him as a self appointed expert.
                                Given that he's a self appointed expert, how
                                or why is he on TV or any other media getting
                                any attention?  Because the news is crap in
                                this country.  Self appointed experts being
                                just one sign of that.
                                \_ Agreed on the crap product; I tend to lay
                                   blame for such on laziness rather than mal-
                                   intent. The thing is, it takes an effort to
                                   put out good news, and simply reaching for
                                   the loudest name on a list is not enough.
                                   There was a scene in Control Room that
                                   illustrated this, where an editor just
                                   grabbed a talking head with an opposing
                                   view rather than taking the time to find
                                   a person with an actual thought-out and
                                   informative viewpoint.
                                   \_ I've read enough insider info and seen
                                      enough on-air or in the papers to have
                                      an honest belief that agenda driven ill
                                      will is responsible for a fair amount of
                                      the broken media system today.  My
                                      favorite in recent years was the 2004
                                      election with Dan Rather on air (I love
                                      Dan, he's so blatant) trying desperately
                                      to claim that Bush could still lose even
                                      though it was mathematically done and his
                                      co-anchor (forget his name) trying to
                                      correct him, leading to Dan to tell the
                                      other guy he can't do math, the other guy
                                      responding he was a math teacher for 20
                                      years before broadcasting.  Dan looked
                                      positively ill.  Most of it is more
                                      subtle than Rather because they are acts
                                      of omission such as the identity of these
                                      guys.  You can't know what you can't
                                      know, eh?
                                      \_ Dan Rather is one guy. One guy on one
                                         network does not a cover-up make.
                                         Hell, even Murdoch's Faux News Channel
                                         isn't a cover-up. It's a farce, but
                                         it's not a cover-up.
                                         \_ "Dan Rather" is used as an example
                                            because it's so easy and obvious.
                                            I could have used other names and
                                            events but I wasn't looking for an
                                            "Oh yeah, URL?!" response.  As far
                                            as Fox is concerned, they lean
                                            right.  CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC all lean
                                            left about the same distance.  Big
                                            deal.  It is still wrong and stupid
                                            that an American has to read Aussie
                                            news to learn about an event in the
                                            \_ Fox doesn't _lean_ right. The
                                               Tower of Pisa _leans_ right,
                                               from a certain perspective. Fox
                                               actively promotes attacks on
                                               people and views not
                                               sufficiently conservative.
                                               That's not _leaning_, that's
                                               actively promoting. Also, lack
                                               of coverage is bad reporting,
                                               not cover-up. Agreed that it's
                                               not acceptable.
2007/5/9-14 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car] UID:46573 Activity:low
5/9     motd, help. I have a cursed front wheel. I changed my front
        MTB tire to skinny road tires and it went flat in 2 weeks.
        Right after I patched up the hole (pin size) and pumped it back
        up, there was yet another leak and I patched up again. Three days
        later, it's flat again. This time I'm tempted to get a new tire.
        However, I'm afraid the same thing would happen again. What
        the heck is going on?
        \_ Maybe you should ask one of the Mormon boys. One thing I like
           about them is that they bike (in nice shirts & slacks). It's
           really making a strong eco-conscious statement about the
           earth, life, God, etc.
        \_ I had this problem a while back.  I replaced the tire, trued the
           wheel, then tried a solid tire (which sucked).  Replaced the wheel,
           and finally replaced the bike.  Much better now.
        \_ Have you checked for possible causes of the holes within the tire
           and rim.  It sounds to me like you either still have a piece of
           sharp material embedded in your tire, or your rim is causing the
           problem.  Run your finger around and see if anything feels sharp
             or cuts you (careful).  I'd say that you may be installing the
           tube incorrectly, but you mentioned "pin" size holes which doesn't
           sound like it's due to pinching.  A good way to ensure that a tube is\
            seated correctly is to inflate the tube partially (10-20 lbs) and
           problem.  Run your finger around and see if anything feels sharp or
           cuts you (careful).  I'd say that you may be installing the tube
           incorrectly, but you mentioned "pin" size holes which doesn't sound
           like it's due to pinching.  A good way to ensure that a tube is
           seated correctly is to inflate the tube partially (10-20 lbs) and
           message it a bit around the bead making sure that the tube sits
           inside of the tire.  Then let out all the air and re inflate it a
           second time, let it out again and reinflate.  This doesn't take more
           than a few extra seconds and insure that the tube isn't going to get
           pinched.  -scottyg
           second time, let it out again and reinflate.  This doesn't take
           more than a few extra seconds and insure that the tube isn't going
           to get pinched.  -scottyg  [formatd]
           \_ THANK YOU. I found the culprit. I ran my finger through the
              tire and there was a little thing protruding out that you
              can barely see. Anyways it's the size of a pin (though it's
              not a nail) and I flattened it with my tools and everything's
              cool now. THANKS.
              \_ You should remove it, not just flatten it.  A dull bit of wire
                 embedded on the inside of your tire will still give you flats,
                 just not quite as often.  If it's difficult to pull it out,
                 bend the tire to open up the crack in the rubber it's embedded
                 in, and grip it with the tip of a pair of needlenose pliers.
        Actually I just added the plastic green slime liner thing in -/
            between the tire and tube. I was actually tempted to get
          MTB tires because they seem more reliable. Oh well. Thanks.
        \_ I had a similar problem once. The cause was that the tape on inside
           of the rim had slid a bit to the side exposing a portion of the
           opening that the spoke is inserted through. I re-did the tape and
           that solved the problem. I of course didn't recognize the source
           until I'd had two flats within several weeks of each other...
2007/5/9-14 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:46574 Activity:nil
5/9     "France will be by the side of the oppressed of the world. This is the
        message of France; this is the identity of France; this is the history
        of France." --Sarkozy
        Apparently he doesn't know much French history.
        \_ There was that whole Bastille thing...
           \_ But that whole colonialism thing.... ya know, the Algerians
              might have something to say about the history of France and
              the oppressed.
              \_ Why do you hate France? :-)
              \_ Not to mention Vietnam
        \_ American politicians say the same kinds of things about the US.
2007/5/9-14 [Uncategorized] UID:46575 Activity:nil
5/9     Burning man Protest protest protested by burning man protesters
2007/5/9-14 [Finance/Investment] UID:46576 Activity:nil
        Daily trading volume of China's two major stock exchanges at $5
        billion six months ago, $16 billion two months ago, and $49 billion
        today -- exceeding Japan, the UK, and second only to the U.S.
        \_ China doesn't have the equivilent of the SEC.
           \_ not disagreeing, but China doesn't have day trading or hedge
              funds (the latter contributing at least 25% of U.S. volume any
              given day).
           \_ Yes they do. It's called The Invisible Hand.
              \_ ka-boom!
        \_ Plotting the curve shows China should meltdown in about 5-6 weeks.
           \_ What curve?
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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