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2007/5/8-9 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Electric] UID:46552 Activity:high
5/7     A typical house is responsible for the emission of more than three tons
        of carbon annually, compared with about 1.5 tons for the typical car,
        according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
        \_ So, if you and your family spend 2/3 of the time at home
           and 1/3 of the time in your car, both are about the same,
           eh?  What a stupid comparison.  Still, I do believe homes
           in CA are horribly inefficient.
           \_ New homes in CA tend to be very energy efficient.  Where'd you
              get the idea otherwise?
           \_ Not only that, but since the climate is so mild in CA, homes here
              probably use far less energy for air conditioning and heating
              than avg.
              \_ While new homes tend to be more energy efficient they also
                 tend to be bigger.  It's also pretty easy to take an older
                 home and make it efficient (double pane windows, better
                 insulation, these things aren't that expensive).  Plus
                 newer homes are more likely to have AC even in climates
                 like the Bay Area where really you don't need AC.
                 \_ I've lived in some old houses and no, slapping on double
                    panes and some fiber glass isn't going to help compared
                    to how modern houses are built.  You're just putting lip
                    stick on a pig.  It's still a pig.  I don't know which
                    part of the Bay Area you're in, but the parts I've lived
                    in have hit 100+ more than a few times over summers and
                    temps 85-100 are common enough.  It hits 85 and I'm
                    turning on the AC.
                    \_ You turn on the AC at 85?  Generally I find that just
                       getting cool air into the house at night will keep
                       the house cool enough during the day up to 95.
                       \_ Not if it is 80+ at night.
                    \_ I live in California and don't even have air
                       conditioning.  The ocean a few blocks away is my
                       air conditioning.
                       \_ Not everyone lives 'a few blocks away' from the
        \_ But what's the typical car-to-house ratio?
        \_ Thank god I don't live in the typical house.
           \_ I line-dry my laundary and I use my gas drier maybe 5 times a
              year.  -- !OP
        \_ Carbon Dioxide is plant food.  Stop obsessing about it.
           \_ They call it pollution... we call it life.
        \_ cut your carbon release.  stop breathing.
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2007/5/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:46554 Activity:nil
5/8     Clinton v. Obama voters: (
2007/5/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:46555 Activity:nil
5/8     "I am angry ... No, I am not angry" ...
        If you understand French, parts of the ROYAL-SARKOZY debate are pretty
        entertaining ... not to mention SEGO is Not Unattractive(tm) ...
          "J'ai beaucoup de sang-froid! Je ne suis jamais enervee!"
        It is available on THE TUBE OF YOU. We should have stuff like this
        and PM's Q HOUR in the US. More at:
2007/5/8 [Uncategorized] UID:46556 Activity:nil
5/8     emarkp when you baptize me when i die, do i get my own god planet?
        I could do this all day.
2007/5/8 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:46557 Activity:nil
5/8     Free Paris!
2007/5/8 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:46558 Activity:nil 85%like:46567
5/8     Why I hate Google:
2007/5/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46559 Activity:nil
5/9     Poll, motd is more similar to the followings:
        digg: ..
        slash dot:
        the motd: .
        \_ You have it backwards. The motd was first.
2007/5/8-12 [Uncategorized] UID:46560 Activity:nil
5/8     Enka for brain
2007/5/8-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46561 Activity:nil
5/8     new War Nerd:
        "So the likely winner of a war like this is an up-n-coming world
        economic power that has been investing in its own economy while we
        blow a trillion - yep, a trillion - dollars on nothing. Not hard
        to figure out who the likely suspects are here.
        China understands that an army is most effective when kept penned
        in and on parade, rather than riding around a hostile, far-away country.
        The answer to "Who won Iraq?" is Iran in the short run, and in the
        long run, China and India."
        \_ Actually China's army/military doesn't sit around doing nothing.
           They spend a lot of time stomping on rioters across the country,
           mostly peasants in rural areas upset at being treated like peasants.
           Old joke: The Soviets and Chinese go to war.  On the first day the
           Russians capture 100 million Chinese.  On the second day they
           capture another 100 million Chinese.  On the third day the Chinese
           rally and the Russians only capture 50 million Chinese.  On the
           fourth day the Russians counter attack with great success and
           capture 250 million Chinese.  On the fifth day the Russians
           \_ Yeah and India does a lot of foot stomping on the Kashmir border.
              I do think we've thrown over a trillion into a giant rathole.
              I don't understand how the Bush administration avoids being
              hounded from power by armed pitchfork bearing mobs.
              \_ rent Idiocracy
           \_ I am not sure which part of it is supposed to be funny..
              \_ It's a joke, son.
           \_ "During the Damansky Island incident the Chinese military
               developed three main strategies: The Great Offensive, The Small
               Retreat, and Infiltration by Small Groups of One to Two Million
               Across the Border."
               \_ What was the futuristic war book (could be by Dean Ng?)
                  that had the Wall of Lenin?  Also, brings to mind the line
                  about "1 billion Chinamen" in Red Dawn... -John
           \_ Note also that the PLA spends a lot of time putting down
              insurgents in the Uighur-populated Northwest.
2007/5/8-12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:46562 Activity:high
5/8     Fairly incompetent terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix foiled.
        \_ Thank goodness torturing suspects in gitmo, warrantless spying on
           terrorists, and the Patriot act yielded valuable intel which
           allowed the government to catch these guys!
           \_ There's a point to be made but "warrantless spying on terrorists"
              is probably not the message you were looking for.
        \_ Isn't this an ideal time to raise the terror alert to orange?
           What? You mean the sheeple see through it now? What about
           the scary Canadian spy coins???
           \_ Terror alerts only happen right before elections.
        \_ To op: Nice editorial.  People would have thought Cho was
           incompetent before he killed 32 students.  Oh, and 3 of the guys
           were in the country illegally.
           \_ Oh, I wasn't trying to say it wasn't a good thing to stop them.
              I'm very happy they caught these bozos, as they probably would
              have succeeded in killing a few people.  Nevertheless, the plan
              was pretty incompetent.  For one thing, Cho didn't attack an
              army base. -op
              \_ Bringing their videos to a store wasn't the smartest move but
                 beyond that, they were training, they had weapons, they had
                 jihadi propaganda videos, they had scouted out the base and
                 if some video clerk hadn't reported them this would have been
                 headlines about an attack that killed X many American soldiers
                 on an American military base on American soil.  You don't
                 think that would have had the impact they were looking for?
                 \_ I can't speak for the impact, but they can't have had
                    many weapons. "The six were arrested Monday night trying to
                    buy AK-47 assault weapons, M-16s and other weapons from an
                    FBI informant."  And they had unrealistic expectations
                    '"You hit four, five or six Humvees and light the whole
                      place (up) and retreat completely without any losses."'
                    Incompentents can still kill people, it's not hard.
                    \_ Missing the point.  They don't have to kill hundreds or
                       even a dozen.  Or any.  Just launching the attack would
                       get them what they're looking for.  They are terrorists,
                       not a formal army looking to seize territory.
                       \_ What do you think they are "looking for"? Another
                          irrational over-response by the American people?
                          \_ Yes.  And a propaganda victory.  What else do
                             terrorists want?  They can't win any sort of
                             conventional fight so what else can they do?
                             \_ Well, they are "winning" in Iraq and
                                Afghanistan, aren't they? If they can convince
                                the US to start enough silly pointless wars,
                                they can win for real.
                                \_ No one is winning in Iraq or Afghanistan,
                                   so no they aren't.  And no, they can never
                                   win for real.  It is just an endless
                                   stream of nicks and cuts that wear down
                                   society.  Unless you're one of the people
                                   who thinks that an internal movement of
                                   Muslims are going to rise up in this country
                                   and take over or something like that.  If so
                                   then we're done because I don't have time
                                   right now to talk with crazy people.  If not
                                   then I'm still here.
                                   \_ Even Bin Laden does not have "overthrow
                                      the American government and replace it
                                      with a Muslim theocracy" as one of his
                                        \_ You're kidding?  Go read some of
                                           the English versions of the various
                                           terrorist web sites.  The long term
                                           goal is stated quite clearly as
                                           nothing more than world domination.
                                      stated goals. The general goals of Al
                                      Qaeda have been to drive the infidel
                                      from the Holy Land (check), drive the
                                      infidel from Iraq (checking), and drive
                                      the infidel from Isreal. They also want
                                        \_ You forgot that whole bit about once
                                           a land is Muslim land it is always
                                           Muslim land.  You might want to talk
                                           to Spain about how they're looking
                                           forward to being 'rescued' from the
                                           evil West after they rejoin The
                                           Grand Caliphate.
                                      to replace the secular governments of
                                      various Muslim states with theocracies.
                                      The idea that they even want to occupy
                                      America is just a fantasy cooked up by
                                      Coulterites to scare the sheeple.
                                        \_ I don't read Coulter.  I read and
                                           listen to what the various bin laden
                                           types are actually saying and they
                                           say what their goals are quite
                                           loudly and clearly.  It's about
                                           taking over the world and nothing
                                           less.  Now then, given that, I still
                                           don't believe there is some sort of
                                           large scale conspiracy among
                                           American Muslims you'll find in
                                           Coulterite style op/eds, but the
                                           foreign extremist types absolutely
                                           have world domination as their long
                                           term goal.
                                           \_ Sure, a few very isolated and
                                              very weak extremists have as
                                              their goal "world domination."
                                              So do a lot of extremist, kooky,
                                              powerless groups. The only way
                                              you give them power is by paying
                                              too much attention to them. Show
                                              me the Bin Laden statement where
                                              he claims "world domination" as
                                              a goal. You cannot because he
                                              does not.
                                 \_ I bet to differ. Plenty of people are
                                    'winning' in Iraq.  In fact it looks like
                                    the political aims of just about fucking
                                    everyone in the world EXCEPT THE UNITED
                                    STATES is winning in Iraq.  Remember when
                                    people were interviewed that Bin Laden
                                    told them it would be really funny
                                    if he could taunt the United States into
                                    getting into an unwinnable war that would
                                    overextend its resources?  REALLY FUCKING
                                    \_ Mission Accomplished!
                                    \_ Please elaborate on who is winning and
                                       in what way.  The Suni who once ruled
                                       the country are reduced to pathetic
                                       road side bombings.  The Shia now sort
                                       of rule the country but in a very weak
                                       way and various Shia leaders get blown
                                       up every day.  The Iranians are looking
                                       desperately for an 'in' but the best
                                       they could pull off was capturing and
                                       humiliating some British navy people.
                                       The Saudis had the Americans move a
                                       bunch of military bases to other nearby
                                       countries or further out in the sand
                                       which is sum-zero.  The Syrians get a
                                       minor perverse pleasure in driving thugs
                                       to the Iraqi border but aren't getting
                                       any real benefit.  The Turks now have a
                                       semi-autonomous Kurdish state on their
                                       border which is the last thing they
                                       wanted.  Ah yes, we have found a winner.
                                       The Kurds now have a semi-autonomous
                                       state.  Ok, you're right, someone is
                                       winning in Iraq.  It's the Kurds who
                                       finally have peace and freedom after
                                       decades of abusive near-genocidal policy
                                       from both Hussein and the Turks.
                                       \_ The Iranians are clearly the regional
                                          winners, because one of their enemies,
                                          one that had fought two wars with them
                                          and had blocked their expansiion, is
                                          now eliminated. The Iraq War has
                                          clearly shifted regional power to
                                          the Iranian/Shi'ite block, which
                                          is agreed upon by most foreign
                                          analysts. Many of predicted that
                                          analysts. Many of us predicted that
                                          this would be the outcome of the US
                                          lead invasion of Iraq, so it's not
                                          led invasion of Iraq, so it's not
                                          like we didn't try to warn you...
        \_ Unsealed complaint against Mohammed Ibrahim Shnewer containing
           details of the arrest:
2007/5/8-9 [Recreation/Computer] UID:46563 Activity:low
5/8     What month is the most popular birthday? February?
        \_ Yes, that's what I heard.  Maybe May is a good month to have sex, or
           it's a bad month which people tend to forget contraceptives.  I
           don't know.  I wonder if Social Security has some stats.
           \_ Here's one data point. My gf and I were pretty wild in May.
              Maybe it's the weather or something, I don't know. It is
              in fact the month where you experiment a lot, like not
              using any protection (fun fun fun) and suffering from
              the consequences (kids). Enuff said.
              \_ Ah, must be because of the start of summer break for schools
                 under the semester system.  -- PP
2007/5/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:46564 Activity:nil
5/7     Super chocolate for Australian soldiers to fight evil & terrorism:,22884,21670784-3462,00.html
2007/5/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:46565 Activity:nil
5/4     hello has anybody here used the REI SUBKILO 20deg sleeping bag?
        i am looking for a smaller/lighter bag than my -10/-5 bag i have
        been using for more than 15yrs now and it is hard for me to justify
        paying +$300 for a MARMOT HELIUM for a second bag (and this is
           \_ True, they're all atheists.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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