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2007/5/4-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:46526 Activity:high
5/4     28 A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K
        30 A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K
        32 A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K
        34 A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K
        36 A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K
        \_ ?
        \_ 32 DD.  (But I can only dream.)
        \_ 32 DD.  (But I can only dream.)  My wife is 34B.  My ex-gf is 38D.
           \_ DD on a 32?  Only in plastic.
              \_ Well, 32D or even 34D is good enough too.  -- PP
              \_  Are those women in the pictures really
                 32DD?  Those busts look so small.
        \_ My gf is 32C and I like that. 34C and 36C are fine, too, but
           I don't really care enough to make that some kind of
           determining factor in a mate. I guess I would say that A cups
           do not excite me, but anything else is fine. In fact, larger
           than D is probably not too good either.
           \_ You just haven't met the right A....
              \_ Like I said, it's not a factor I use in choosing a mate.
                 A cups are fine if they are attached to the right girl,
                 but given a choice B is better.
           \_ pictureP
        \_ 34C is perfect.
2007/5/4-6 [Consumer/Camera] UID:46527 Activity:nil
5/4     Telemundo, other video showing police response to agitators
2007/5/4-7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:46528 Activity:high
5/3     so you think microsoft will buy yahoo?
        \_ If yahoo is owned by MS, perhaps they will no longer have scientology
           moles within their organization farming for the email addresses of
           people who are trying to avoid the COS.  Fuck Yahoo, and fuck their
           evil scientology moles!
        \_ God I hope not.  -tom
           \_ Your Christian ethics mean nothing to me.  Do you think
              it'll actually go through?
           \_ Your Christian ethics mean nothing to me. Your sad devotion
              to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the
              stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to short
              the right stock.
           \_ Why would you (or God) care if one giant faceless corporation
              buys another slightly less giant faceless corporation?
              \_ Because M$ will change the interface and ruin a site
                 that I like and use.
                 \_ Exactly.  I use Flickr extensively, and My Yahoo a fair
                    amount, and I'm sure all the positive energy around them
                    will die if MS takes them over.  (Yahoo hasn't been doing
                    a great job at My Yahoo anyway, but Flickr is still the
                    best photo-sharing site for my needs).  -tom
                    \_ And you're aware that Yahoo, giant faceless corporation,
                       owns Flickr?  How does transfering that property to
                       alternate giant faceless corporation matter?  The
                       marketing redesign team is going to rework the ui no
                       matter which giant faceless corporation owns the
                       \_ Except the M$ has already proven they cannot
                          design a good UI for their search engine and
                          Yahoo! has proven that they can.
                       \_ If MS buys Yahoo, Yahoo and Flickr will both
                          transition to MS's new webish application
                          architecture, which means they will probably have
                          way too much cruft and won't work well outside
                          IE.  Flickr Uploadr will go away on the Mac,
                          replaced by some piece of .NET shit.  All the
                          good people at Yahoo will bolt, leaving the MS
                          drones to try to integrate Yahoo mail and Hotmail
                          (guess which will win?).  It would be a user
                          disaster.  -tom
                          \_ So you think Yahoo = geniuses and MS = dummies?
                             \_ M$ = doesn't give a shit about anything but
                                their crappy OS. -!tom
                                \_ They seem to have done well with XBOX
                                   and, of course, Office. However, just
                                   look at MSN. That is what Yahoo! would
                             \_ Nice troll.  Look up "less worse."  Yahoo
                                is less worse.  -John
2007/5/4-7 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:46529 Activity:nil
5k4     ClamWin vs. Active Virus Shield.  Which one is better?  My company is
        using ClamWin, and I know Active Virus Shield has real-time scanning
        while ClamWin doesn't.  But other than this, does one scan better than
        the other?  Thanks.
        \_ Kaspersky (AVS) has more frequent updates, and real-time
           protection (not just scanning) is a big benefit especially in
           a corporate environment.
           \_ I was just reading up on AV and this one really stood out as
              the best, including a CLEAN UNINSTALL.
        \_ I only use ClamWin in combo with other AV scanners (as a secondary
           since as pp pointed out, it doesn't rt-scan.)  -John
2007/5/4-7 [Uncategorized] UID:46530 Activity:nil
5/4     First, there was Conservapedia!  Now, QubeTV!
2007/5/4-7 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:46531 Activity:nil
5/4     737 abandoned on the side of a road:
        \_ maybe someone will use it to open a restaurant there.
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