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2007/5/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:46516 Activity:nil
5/2     Agitators throw rocks at police.  Police strike back.
2007/5/3-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:46517 Activity:nil
5/2     Make and FPS map of your HS go to jail as a terrorist: (
2007/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:46518 Activity:high 66%like:46525
5/3     How realistic feeling is the Fleshlight?
        \_ It's pretty good. It's also pretty cheap on eBay, I got mine
           slightly used for only $8.53
           \_ Was it pre-lubed?
           \_ Do you prefer slutty girls?
        \_ Even better than the real thing(tm)
           \_ How about comparing to the Real Doll?  (Not that I can afford
2007/5/3-7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Reference/Religion] UID:46519 Activity:high
5/3     So I watched "Frontline/American Experience" this week. The topic
        was "The Mormons". I always knew the Mormons were a cult, but
        they are even more cultish than I thought. I especially liked
        the part about baptising dead Holocaust victims, which for
        some reason Jewish people are not too happy about. I wonder why.
        \_ Hi troll.  This is the same PBS which refuses to show the special
           they produced about fundamentalist Islam without islamic watchers.
           \_ You know emarkp, this guy is just trying to bait you.  Why
              feed the troll?
           \_ Are you accusing PBS of fabrications? Why am I not surprised.
              \_ Biased reporting hardly requires fabrication.
                 \_ I don't think "biased reporting" is an issue. Either
                    the show is telling the truth about the origins
                    and customs of LDS or it isn't. Please give an example
                    of an instance in which you feel knowing "the other
                    side of the story" would put the LDS in a better light.
                    \_ No idea, I haven't seen the show. pp stated that
                       emarkp accused PBS of fabrications.  That's
                       obviously not what emarkp said.  Just pointing that
                       out. -!emarkp -pp
                       \_ *ASKED* if emarkp was accusing them of fabrications
                          \_ I would say the second sentence makes it a
                             pretty obvious accusation.  Whatever.
                          \_ Do you still beat your wife?  Why am I not
                             \_ "Do you still beat your wife?" has the
                                a negative connotation no matter what
                                sentence follows it. There is no right
                                answer. That is not the case with the
                                question I asked.
                                \_ Ok, fine. You're beating your wife now?
                                   Why am I not surprised.
           \_ Hi, emarkp, what parts of the PBS report on Mormonism were
              inaccurate or reported in a biased fashion? --erikred
              \_ Haven't watched it yet, however I was pointing out that it's
                 censoring a producer unless that documentary is vetted by the
                 very religion it was documenting.  We nutty Mormons weren't
                 treated the same.  I have the eps on DVR and will be watching
                 them later. -emarkp
                 \_ Huh? What producer was censored?
                       \_ What do you mean "vetted by the very religion it
                          was documenting"? I don't see any reference to
                          this. The article says the PBS wasn't happy with
                          the documentary and it was not produced for
                          "Frontline". I am having trouble understanding
                          your point here.
                          \_ That was about the Nation of Islam:
                           MARTYN BURKE, PRODUCER, "ISLAM VS. ISLAMISTS": Yes,
                           well, I`ll give you one example. We were doing an
                           investigative report on how the Nation of Islam, the
                           so-called black Muslims, in Chicago were being
                           funded by the Saudi Arabian fundamentalists through
                           the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C. And PBS,
                           through WETA, the flagship station in Washington,
                           appointed an adviser to oversee our efforts, and
                           that adviser was from the Nation of Islam.
                           Interviewed on the Glenn Beck TV show.
                           \_ Corroboration?
                              \_ That is an interview with the guy himself.
                                 \_ Yes, understood. Now, is there
                                    corroboration from anyone else? Any further
                                    details? How can we fact-check this?
                                    \_ Call PBS if you don't believe Burke.
                                       \_ I googled "Martyn Burke PBS" and
                                          haven't found one article or story
                                          that can't be traced back to
                                 This is dangerous
                                          and shoddy journalism. I'd like to
                                          see a piece on this done by at least
                                          one other source, preferably with an
                                          attempt to ask PBS about it.
                                          \_ Because that's the paper that
                                             broke the story.  I think you
                                             confuse lack of interest from
                                             other news source with lack of
                                             journalistic integrity on the
                                             part of azcentral.  What is it
                                             about the azcentral story that
                                             makes it shoddy?  (Beyond your
                                             personal feelings, of course).
                                             If anything, that lack of
                                             interest from MSM is rather
                                             \_ They "broke" the story in
                                                an opinion piece.
        \_ What is it with the trolls today?
        \_ I am willing to believe that a couple of Mormons NOT
           REPRESENTING THE ENTIRE MORMON CHURCH butchered some nice folk
           in the 1800s, but I certainly do not believe the Mormons
           run around axeing people anymore.  Much like I don't think
           the Pope is going to sack Istanbul.  dunno what Islam has
           to with this.
           \_ I don't think the massacre was very controversial. It was
              more a case of where the church is NOW that was scary.
              That, and the bullpucky that it was founded on, which even
              the LDS seems to regard as suspect. The attitude of the LDS
              officials was one of "whether our religion is a steaming pile
              of crap or not, it seems to work for people". I can see some
              beauty and logic in that, but then call it what it is, which
              is *not* Christianity or really much to do with Christians.
              It is that aspect which, as a Christian, offends me. Don't
              go baptising dead Jews. They're Jewish. If they want to be
              LDS then they will be. Mormons do a lot more proselytizing
              and act much more "holier than thou" than any other religion
              I have ever encountered.
              \_ Once I'm dead, I'm dead.  If some Mormon or anyone else wants
                 to perform some ritual, what do I care?  I'm dead.  Let me
                 spell that out for you: D-E-A-D.  Ok?  --some random Jew
              \_ Don't get out much do ya?
              \_ I don't think the baptism for the dead thing works the
                 way you think it does. See:
                 \_ What do you mean? It works exactly like they described
                    it does. You are posthumously baptising people who
                    may not want that. In fact, most don't.
                    \_ I was refering to the fact that the church itself
                       doesn't randomly do names, they have to be
                       submitted, usually by a descendant.  If a mormon
                       decendent of holocaust victims wants to be baptised
                       for them, what right do you have to say they can't?
                       Beside that, how are you claiming to know what the
                       dead want? Are you John Edward or something?
                       Furthermore, see the last quote of that section,
                       the dead are not compelled to do anything in Mormon
                       \_ So says the LDS, but when their records are
                          examined it seems that that they are lying.
                          As for knowing what the dead want, if they
                          wanted to be Mormon then they would have been.
                          \_ Sigh, re-read wikiepdia and try again.
                             \_ Wikipedia is not the authoritative source
                                for this. Besides, did you read the part
                                about how they continue to find the names
                                of people like Hitler in the records?
                                \_ Ok, site an authoritative source.
                                   Also still on the records != continues to
                                   show up.
                                \_ Ok, site an authoritative source. Also
                                   what exactly are you suggesting the
                                   church do about this?  Have a big list
                                   of names no one is allowed to submit?
                                   Talk about an intractable problem. I
                                   guess it doesn't matter, I've seen
                                   your opinion below, so I'm done.
                    \_ For crying out loud, we're not digging up bodies and
                       dunking them in water.  We're not "posthumously
                       baptising" anyone.  It's baptism **for** the dead, and
                       is an ordinance offered to them, which the person now
                       dead can accept or reject. -emarkp
                       \_ The whole concept is retarded and if you baptise
                          my dead relative without my consent I will personally
                          go over there and kick your ass. I don't mean to
                          resort to violence, but can't the LDS understand
                          why some people might not like this?! What if I
                          started baptising dead LDS members like Joseph
                          Smith and Brigham Young into Islam and created
                          altars to Mohammed with their names on them and
                          had suicide bombers paying homage to Joseph
                          Smith before they blew themselves up. I imagine
                          some LDS members would not care, but some probably
                          would not like that, right - and would ask the
                          question: "What the heck does Joseph Smith have
                          to do with Islam?"
                          \_ I wouldn't care one bit.  I assume you think all
                             religion is retarded, so I really don't give a rip
                             what you think about one particular practice.
                             \_ I posthumously induct emarkp's great granddad
                                into the Ku Klux Klan.  We'll be sure to list
                                him on our rolls of honor.  -tom
                             \_ No, I don't think all religion is retarded.
                                I think baptising non-believers is
                                retarded and I think that even though the
                                Catholic Church did it to the Native
                                Americans. At least they were alive to
                                protest it, though.
                                \_ Again, we're not exuming someone and
                                   baptizing their dead bodies, and you're an
                                   idiot to keep claiming it. -emarkp
                                   \_ What's the religious difference? There's
                                      no difference as far as I can tell. So
                                      there's a proxy body to make things
                                      a little bit more sanitary.
                          \_ Ha ha.  So, say your brother (or some such)
                             converts and wants to do baptisim for one of
                             your dead realatives, are you going to kick his
                             \_ Yes, I would.
                                \_ All right, cleared that up. Later.
        \_ I usually ignore all of the 'Mormon theology is based
           on a bunch of magic plates in a hillside arguments', who cares,
           faith is faith, but putting stock in asking dead people
           (emarkp, they're DEAD, they can't respond) their opinion
           is pretty funny!
           \_ In the context of religion, you do realize there's a concept of
              life after death, right? -emarkp
              \_ In traditional christianity, i don't think you have
                 any contact with dead people.  maybe you hang out with them
                 in heaven.  you don't get to ask them if they'd like
                 to be baptized into another religion.  not too familiar
                 with what islam does.  i think the ancestor worship
                 religions just worship the ancestors, they dont actually
                 talk to them.
                 \_ We don't claim to have contact with dead people to perform
                    proxy baptisms. -emarkp
                    \_ What's the name of your great grandparents?  I'm going
                       to induct them into the Hashish Assassin cult I'm
                       starting up in my basement.
                    \_ Which proxy do you use?  Squid?
2007/5/3-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46520 Activity:nil
5/3     After six years of "you are either with us or you are with
        the terrorists" the Bush Administration discovers diplomacy.
        Better late than never, I suppose:
2007/5/3 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46521 Activity:nil
5/3     Any recommended budget motherboard that can support a quad core
        Core 2 and has decent linux support?
2007/5/3-7 [Uncategorized] UID:46522 Activity:nil
5/3     Litwack is retiring.  You think he'll donate that shelf full of
        prepared lectures to someone?  Generations of future History 7B
        students need their sleep!
2007/5/3-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46523 Activity:high
5/3     Cal's newest pole vaulter, Allison Stokke.
           \_ Not work safe.  Big black boobs.
           \_ NOT relevant to Allison.
           \_ NOT relevant to Allison. Huge Barbie boobs.
        \_ yer fu is weak
        \_ Here's another pic. She's really cute, too!
        \_ Man is she fine.  I've always been a fan of track.  At least I've
           been meaning to always be a fan of track.
        \_ Wow, I would ungay so fast for her.  Berkeley should
           feature her in their recruitment lit.
        \_ ObVaultMyPoleJoke
        \_ how much are season trach tickets?
        \_ how much are season track tickets?
        \_ That is one beautiful woman, but there are many as good-looking
           on TV.  What's all the fuss?
           \_ They don't go to CAL, DUMBASS.
              \_ Plus, since her favorite movie is LOTR, maybe a CSUA geek
                 has a shot if she happens to be in his lecture or in
                 line in front of him at Strada.
                 \_ If this mysterious CSUAer saw her in line at Strada he'd
                    do what?  "Hi, I saw on the motd that you're a LOTR fan!
                    Do you want to join my D&D game at the dorms?  We always
                    have room for hot chicks!"
                    \_ "Hi. I'm <CSUA nerd>. Can I buy you a coffee?"
                       \_ "Hi, you're hot. Can I buy you a coconut juice?
                          Hopefully you will reciprocate with eventual sex."
                       \_ Hi, I'm <CSUA nerd>.  Can I buy you a new house?
                          .com made it good to be a nerd ...
                          \_ No one standing in line at Strada ever made a dime
                             of dotcom money.
                             \_ Well, no actually. But you are probably
                                pretty close to correct.
              \_ Plus most of them are airhead bimbos; this is a smart
                 \_ OK, so she's perfect 10 in two categories, how's her
                    \_ This is the CSUA. Breathing is usually all that's
                       required and I think she's got that covered.
                        \_ You need to breathe a lot to pole vault.
           \_ So, you're only gay due to lack of hot chicks at Berkeley?
2007/5/3-7 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:46524 Activity:moderate
5/3     Anyone watch the Republican debate? Only Ron Paul sounds like a real
        conservative (besides the debatable abortion stuff). The rest just
        toe the standard R line. I never heard of him before. He seems like
        one of the few who actually stands by clear principles, even if I
        don't agree with them all.
        \_ It's interesting that he hasn't gotten anywhere near as much\
           attention as Kucinich for being the only other guy running who
        \_ It's interesting that he hasn't gotten anywhere near as much
           attention as Kucinich for being the only other guy running who
           voted against the Iraq war, against the Patriot Act, and against
           suspension of habeus corpus.  I'm actually planning to register
           as a republican for the first and last time in my life to vote
           for Paul in the primary, just to send a message to the fucks
           who run both parties that it's time for both of them to start
           running pro-freedom candidates.
           \_ Not terribly interesting.  Kucinich = far left.  RP = Republican.
           \_ Does not mention RP. I agree the others didn't look so hot,
              especially McCain, although Giuliani was bland enough.
              especially McCain. Brownback, Giuliani, and Huckabee were bland
              enough. I thought it was funny when one of them stumbled all
              over himself to pander to the Jews ("by the way a threat to
              Israel's existence is a threat to the existence of the US!")
              \_ Because we know "The Jews" are all evil clones who all have
                 the exact same beliefs.  But I'm sure it's ok for you to say
                 that because you "have a Jewish friend".
                 \_ What? ok replace it with "Jews"
              \_ That's not pandering to Jews, that's pandering to Christian
        \_ I didn't watch it (is it on youtube or something?) but I thought
           this littlegreenfootballs poll of who won was interesting.
           (You may need to use the pull down menu to get the right poll.)
           \_ I don't know about youtube but you can watch it at msnbc.
              (Have to wade through the mess to find the links... I watched
              it in three pieces.) Interestingly I saw a poll on I think
              msnbc that had Ron Paul leading.
        \_ "Gosh, I love America." --Mitt Reagan^H^H^H^H^H^HRomney
           \_ yep this guy came off like a total douchebag
              \_ Not as much as Chris Matthews.  What a moron.
2007/5/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:46525 Activity:nil 66%like:46518
5/3     How romantic feeling is the Fleshlight?
        \_ It's pretty good. It's also pretty cheap on eBay, I got mine
           slightly used for only $8.53
           \_ Was it pre-lubed?
           \_ Do you prefer slutty girls?
        \_ Even better than the real thing(tm)
           \_ How about comparing to the Real Doll?  (Not that I can afford
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