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2007/4/29-5/2 [Transportation/Car] UID:46474 Activity:kinda low
4/29    Is it possible to find parking space during an early afternoon at a
        nearby BART station parking lot on a weekday?
        \_ Much easier than finding same in the morning.
        \_ Nearby where?  Hayward BART always has available slots all day.
        \_ South Hayward BART and Millbrae also have available parking all
           day. Union City and Fremont fill up pretty quickly. I'm not sure
           about other stations on the Richmond/SF lines, but I'm guessing
           most fill up quickly b/c the lots are small.
2007/4/29-5/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:46475 Activity:nil
4/29    MacArthur Maze = screwed. Turn on the news or see:
        \_ Ride Bike!
           \_ If you can make that jump, I want to see the video.
2007/4/29-5/2 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:46476 Activity:nil
4/29    U.S. Q1 2007 GDP only up ~1.3%?  It don't matter to investors in China!
2007/4/29-5/4 [Transportation/Car] UID:46477 Activity:low
4/30    Bad news for Bay Area commuters:
        \_ where is the coordinates for this destruction on the google map?
        \_ One moron driver single-handedly dented Bay Area economy.
              \_ From the map, it looks like it won't affect any traffic
                 heading from East Bay to Bay Bridge.  It only blocks traffic
                 heading from Bay Bridge to Oakland via 580E, and from
                 Emeryville to Oakland via 880S.  If one goes from Bay Bridge
                 to Oakland via 880S, or from Emeryville to Oakland via 580E,
                 it can still go through, although much more congested because
                 of detoured vehicles from the blocked freeways.
        \_ One moron driver single-handedly dents Bay Area economy.
           \_ The same thing can be said of terrorist, CEOs (Kenneth Lay),
              investors, etc etc. Our economy is fragile, no doubt about it.
        \_ Speed map:
  (pems.eecs - png)
           Occupancy map:
  (pems.eccs - png)
           Looks good so far (7:46AM)
           \_ No problems this morning heading into the City. Wait and see what
              this afternoon is like, though, when most folks are heading home.
           \_ No problems this morning heading into the City. Wait and see
              what this afternoon is like, though, when most folks are heading
        \_ This is a good chance to make people try out public transit.
2007/4/29-5/3 [Finance/Banking] UID:46478 Activity:kinda low
4/30    I'm starting business school in September and looking at various
        financial aid schemes (have not been able to until now for numerous
        reasons.)  I'm in school in France, and need info on non US govt-
        related loans.  Can someone recommend a good resource or book(s) for
        this?  Thanks!  -John
        \_ Unless the loan interest can be deferred or is lower than
           inflation, it is not worth it. I do not know of a single
           non-gov loan that allows you to defer or has a low rate,
           therefore, it is not worth getting the loan esp. given the
           fact that you're quite well off and don't *need* the loan.
           Lastly, 99% of the loans are not geared towards people going
           to professional schools, so... good luck with that.
        \_ What the heck would the French know about business? Anyway,
           I would contact a banking institution. They are the ones who
           are going to bankroll you. Also, your school should have info.
           \_ It's INSEAD, it's in France and Singapore (one of the top 10
              intl. MBA mills, so not really "the French".)  I'm checking
              out Graduate Leverage -- I'm not "well off", and unfortunately
              the guys who supplied most of the previous somewhat reasonable
              (i.e. not demanding an arm AND a leg) rate loans to INSEAD
              students just stopped doing so, leaving a lot of people in the
              lurch.  I'm also grateful for any recommendations on compilations
              of non-govt. scholarships if you have any.  I know that with
              bank loans I'm going to get reamed.  -John
              \_ Let's step back a bit. You have a vacation home in Chile,
                 your dad paid all of your tuition, you paid for your
                 crooked Swiss doctor to get out of conscription,
                 you travel to places like Bangkok, and lastly you have a
                 super hot high maintenance high funding girlfriend.
                 You're probably not as well off as your Swiss boarding
                 school friends but you're well off by UCB standard.
                 \_ You know, he might have blown most of his income
                    on all of the above and have not much of anything
                    saved.  I doubt his dad wants to bankroll him anymore.
                    Though perhaps he could sell his vacation home in
                    Chile, though that may only be worth $50k or something.
                    \_ the place in Chile is a rental paid for by his
                       girlfriend's job.  she's working down there.
                       \_ Yup.  "Crooked Swiss doctor" was an investment to
                          keep me out of mud push-ups without pay 2 weeks a
                          year, "dad paid all of your tuition" was largely
                          bonds, and I have enough savings to cover about
                          half of b-school (would be better off except for
                          ill-considered dot-com investments.)  I love the
                          insinuations, thanks for the constructive advice.
                          And it's "UCB standards."  If your parents help you
                          with your tuition, it's considered respectful to at
                          least reward them by showing you did some elementary
                          learning while at school.
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