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2007/4/28-5/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:46472 Activity:nil
4/29    CA Supreme Court rules to limit future speech. (LA Times)
        What implications does this have? -emarkp
        \_ The implication is that someone who has already been convicted
           of slanderous speech can't say the same thing again.  Oh no.  -tom
        \_ None. Prior restraint law is fairly well developed and there
           is nothing really remarkable about this case. The CA S. Ct.
           felt that the presumption of invalidity of a prior restraint
           was overcome.
        \_ I suspect the USSC will overturn this. The restraining order
           should be enough, imo.
           \_ Doubtful, there is really nothing to justify taking cert.
2007/4/28-5/2 [Finance/Banking] UID:46473 Activity:kinda low
4/28    Reviews on money market/direct accounts as of April:
        ING Direct: 4.50%. Takes about 3-4 days to transfer to/from your
                bank accounts. Can link up to 3 accounts. The UI is very
                simple and the security is very good (random keypad that
                requires the mouse). Adding a new account requires you
                to send them a void check.
                \_ I recently opened an account with ING direct and linked it
                   to my checking account.  I did not have to send them a
                   voided check; the process was the same one you describe
                   below for Emigrant Direct.
                   \_ Yes first account is easy, 2nd and 3rd link requires
                      a void check. Stop interrupting my post asshole.
                \_ Also have "all electronic" interest-bearing checking
                   account. You can transfer money to any other bank
                   account. Will also mail checks.
        Emigrant Direct: 5.05%. Takes SEVEN days to transfer to/from
                bank accounts. The UI isn't as intuitive as ING but it
                is quite decent. Linking accounts requires you putting
                in bank routing+account, and when they deposit/withdraw
                2 amounts, you put that in. High interest rate, but
                takes too long to transfer in/out of the account.
        PayPal: 5.04%. Takes 3-4 days. High interest rate and low
                transfer time. I'd transfer all of my money into it
                except I've heard a lot of bad things about PayPal's
        \_ Anyone try HSBC Direct?
        \_ Vanguard Prime Money Market: 5.10%. Takes 2-3 days. Quite reliable,
           none of this fuzzy, hand-waving "ACH is unpredictable" bullshit.
           $3000 minimum balance, $100 increments, tho.
        \_ Amtrustdirect, 5.36% APY, $1000 minimum.  Website isn't as good
           as ING.
        \_ Note that even for, say, $10k, the yearly income difference
           between 4.5% and 5% is $50.  I suggest basing your choice
           primarily on features rather than interest rate.  -niloc
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