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2007/4/25 [Health/Women] UID:46443 Activity:nil
        People who don't use condom
2007/4/25-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:46444 Activity:low
4/24    Is it cool that Politburo is spending $600 on XBox 360, even if it is
        ASUC money? How about hardware that doesn't crash instead.
        \_ Video games are a huge recruiting resource.  While I agree it'd be
           nice if soda wasn't probabilistic, having an xbox 360 in the office
           probably brings in more new members than anything to do with soda.
        \_ Do XBox 360s crash? They may be doing just what you suggest.
           \_ Seriously. Regardless of changes in youth culture, you can't put
              "played video games" on yer resume. I always thought there was an
              educational mission implicit in the CSUA's activities.
              \_ Nor can you put "ate food at bbq".  Clubs are clubs.  Social
                 events are part of the club.  A video game system in the
                 office is a social thing.  Previous generations had a snes
                 and a ps2, this is about the same.
                 \_ I have always viewed the CSUA primarily as a social
                    organization; the goal should be to build community.
                    Game-playing can be part of that, and game-playing has
                    certainly been a large part of the history of the CSUA,
                    dating back to netrek/nethack/griljor, not to mention
                    the Risk tournament.  I do think that the organizaton
                    needs to accomplish more than it currently is to earn
                    the credibility to spend a bunch of money on a game
                    system.  If the CSUA is viewed as "that office where
                    geeks just sit around playing Xbox," and the basic
                    business of the organization isn't being taken care of,
                    it could lead to serious problems with the CS department
                    and with the ASUC.  -tom
                    \_ Well said.
2007/4/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46445 Activity:kinda low
4/24    How Nigerian scammers provided the "proof" Bush needed
        to justify the war he wanted so badly:
        \_ Like the lawyer said at the end of Robocop 2: "Don't worry Sir, I'll
           find the proof, whether it exists or not"
        \_ this is the part I don't understand.  Democrat could of just cut the
           funding and blame Bush for *EVERYTHING* But I don't see they are
           doing that right now.
           \_ It's politics.  The democrats are walking a fine line between the
              far left anti-war folks who put them in power last fall and the
              reality of knowing that if we bailed on Iraq right now or any
              time soon, the current situation will look like a trip to
              disneyland.  And they'll get blamed for not 'staying the course'.
              What's going on now is a low to low-moderate scale 'event' where
              you have a few thousand folks planting bombs or doing hit n run
              attacks with mortars or sometimes a suicide attack.  They are not
              doing enough to topple the US propped government which slowly
              grows stronger each day, but no one is doing that much to really
              stop them.  'Stay the course' will eventually result in a stable
              (for the region) mostly democratic government but only while
              we're there.  It will be a very weak government for many years.
              Leaving will be an anarchic bloodbath.  Cutting funds will lead
              directly to that bloodbath and the dems don't want to get
              blamed for that.
                \_ the "far left anti-war folks" AKA 60-70% of Americans
              \_ Most Americans could care less what happens in Iraq, as long
                 as no more taxpayers dollars are spent there.
2007/4/25 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:46446 Activity:moderate
4/24    Is Sanjaya gay?
        \_ Well, he's Out.
2007/4/25-29 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:46447 Activity:kinda low 66%like:46479
4/25    All right, an OSC column even motders can enjoy, anti-car rant!
        \_ What he's trying to say: "City life is better, healthier, good
             for the environment, good for civilization, etc etc."
           What 70% of the Americans will actually hear: "This guy hates my
             beloved SUV, my mansion and my freedom to choose however I
             want to live my life. Like a Nazi he is imposing his belief.
             What a fucking jerk. Go Raiders!!!"
        \_ I like his conclusion, but I don't understand all his arguments.
           Under "Get Back That Wasted Time", it sounds like he's saying
           driving less will give you more free time -- how would that work?
           Even in Berkeley, which seems pretty close to the city he's
           envisioning, driving is usually faster than walking or public
           \_ Not really, or, it depends on where you live in Berkeley.
              Besides, when you do drive, how much time do you spend driving in
              Berkeley?  In my experience, it was significantly less.
           \_ His arguments are strange.  But usually when people say driving
              wastes time, they mean that if you carpool as passenger or take
              public transit, you can read a book, take a nap, do some work on
              a laptop and so on.  BTW, some AC Transit transbay buses have
              free Wi-Fi.
              \_ Yeah I think most people would agree that even if walking
                 took somewhat longer, it's "quality time": it's a lot more
                 natural, it's not stressful like driving, it gives you
                 exercise, you can think about or do other things, you
                 can see interesting things along the way. That is unless you
                 live in sweltering hot areas or are walking in car-oriented
                 places that you don't want to be.
                 \_ That's fine if you have time to kick the leaves and smell
                    the flowers.  Some people have to be somewhere.
                    \_ The amount of free time you have is a matter of choice.
                    \_ I think in the sort of towns being proposed here,
                       things like scooters and vespas would be practical
                       for some trips. With less and slower traffic they
                       would be safer and more convenient than in sprawl.
                       One could even use... bicycles (gasp). The point is
                       that ideally the places you have to be in daily life
                       won't be so far that it matters.
              \_ It also includes the fact that if you carpool, you can go on
                 the carpool lane and get there faster.
        \_ This rox, thanks. -ausman
        \_ He was doing great right up to the mindless knee jerk attack on
           \_ "He agrees with me.  He is soooo smart!  Oh wait, he attacked my
               boy!  He's a total idiot!!!"
                \_ You know, this guy only complained about his attack on Gore.
                   He didn't sayhe was a total idiot and that everything else
                   he said was wrong because he attacked Gore.  In fact, he
                   said the guy was "doing fine."
           \_ I think it's pretty clear that the Gore jab (not even really
              an attack) is there as part of appealing to a broad audience.
              People who don't like Gore are probably predisposed against
              this essay's ideas, and anyway the global warming issue has
              all this political baggage associated with it. By making this
              argument in an offhand way he avoids possibly stigmatizing
              himself with a rabid political stance.
              \_ This is reason #2132 why we'll never solve our environmental
2007/4/25-29 [Uncategorized] UID:46448 Activity:nil
4/25    Do Treos and/or Blackberrys work well with Apples (for syncing).
        \_ I haven't had any major syncing issues w/ my Treo 650. When I
           was using iSync, some contact info wouldn't get sync'ed b/c
           address book, but there was no problem w/ iCal. I have since
           switched to using Mark/Space Missing Sync, which solves the
           address book problem completely and also adds desktop mounting
           of the sd card. --ranga
2007/4/25-26 [Health/Women] UID:46449 Activity:low
4/25    Planned Parenthood says withdrawal method has 83 percent
        success rate:
        \_ You don't do math too good.
        \_ Which, if memory serves, means 83 percent of couples who use that
           as birth control for a year don't end up enbabied.
        \_ Old joke: What do we call people who use (insert lame method)?
2007/4/25-29 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:46450 Activity:nil
4/25    Why the media sucks: (Scroll down to april 24th entry)
        \_ Great timing, especially as the Dow breaks 13,000.
        \_ Huh?  I can't see anything earlier than April 10th.
           \_ April 24th is after April 10th
2007/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:46451 Activity:nil
4/25    Has any major compare with what happened to Virginia Tech, the
        psychological effect of such senseless violence, and the Iraqis
        who has to put up with this kind of violence every freaking day
        at a much larger scale?
        \_ My head hurts just reading this.
2007/4/25-29 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Reference/Military] UID:46452 Activity:kinda low
4/25    What the Marines really think about kids in Afghanistan
        \_ I don't think this is a big deal.  Grunts in the Marines
           will not be Ivy League educated investment bankers.
           As long as they don't give into institutionalizing torture
           on advice from the CIA, I'm ok with them.
        \_ That first guy is a spitting image of Pvt Pyle from Full Metal
        \_ I guess some of the friendly-fire accidents are meant for good.
        \_ I was expecting worse -- things involving child sex abuse.  Maybe it
           was edited out.
           \_ These guys are US Marines, they don't work for the UN.  It's
              the UN troops who are engaged in the sex trade and child abuse.
              You're looking at a bunch of jar heads doing what soldiers have
              done since the dawn of time: bitching about marching, bitching
              about the weather, bitching about the people, just plain
              bitching because they have nothing else to do.  The only thing
              in the entire video that looked like a problem at all was the
              two guys playing air guitar with what looked like live weapons.
              Seriously, what did you all expect?  They'd be planting flowers,
              waving flags, and giving speeches on how nice it is to inter-
              mingle with foreign cultures to expand their horizons?  Get real.
              Guys like them are around so guys like you can sit at home and
              bitch about them in safety.  And in case you missed the point,
              I'll repeat it: if you're looking for real scumbags you'll find
              them working for the UN.  It's documented and large scale.  The
              few cases where American soldiers have gone bad are very few and
              they got jailed for it.  At the UN they condone it.
              \_ Standard dittohead response: when threatenend, bluster loudly
                 with authority on one of your talking points.
                 \_ Personal attack?  Maybe next time you'll bring something
                    to the table.  Thanks for playing.
                    \_ that's attacking the response, not the person.
                       \_ I don't think the person who wrote "Standard
                          dittohead response" even saw the video so he was
                          unable to do anything but attack the messenger.
                          If he'd seen the video he might have had a counter
                          which actually referenced something in the video
                          showing how evil the US Marines are.  But he didn't.
                          You want real thugs and criminals?  Check out the UN.
                          \_ Once again you change the subject.  This is
                             a video made BY THE MARINES, not by Amnesty
                             International or anyone who would be looking
                             for malfeasance.
              \_ This is an awfully long way of saying WDYHA.
        \_ Pretty much this is what you always see when you're in a poor
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