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2007/4/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:46227 Activity:moderate
4/6     Poll: how many ppl think anonymous trolls who try to insult other
              people on the MOTD are idiots?
        yay: .....
        nay: ..
        nay: ....
        \_ It's the motd.  Everyone here is an idiot.  Wasting precious bits
           to call someone an idiot on the motd makes you only one step away
           from being a vegetable.  If only vegetables could type....
2007/4/7-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46228 Activity:high
4/7     xcopy sucks. It crashes when encountering a file with a
        path longer than 255 characters. Thanks Microsoft.
        \_ What do you expect it to do?  Windows doesn't support paths longer
           than 255 characters (unless you're using \\?\-style Unicode paths).
           \_ I'd expect it to SKIP the file, not crash with an error
              message that says "insufficient memory". So if Windows doesn't
              suppory paths longer than 255 characters, then how on earth
              did I get a file with a path that long? Sure you don't mean FAT
              doesn't support more than 255.. maybe NTFS does?
              \_ Welcome to the world of Microsoft products.
              \_ NTFS does, but as I said, only for \\?\-style Unicode paths.
                 Otherwise, expect everything to have a limit of around 255
                 characters.  IIRC, you can get longer paths by tricking
                 Windows (e.g. by renaming some parent directory to be longer
                 than it was when you created the leaves), but without using
                 \\?\ paths, those files will be inaccessible.  I agree that
                 crashing is bad, though.
              \_ Is this the first time you use an Microsoft product?
        \_ What are you using xcopy for anyway?  Whatever it is there is
           very likely another tool that does what you want and does it
           more efficiently.
           \_ For backing up data to an external hard drive. I'm going
              to try robocopy.. It looks to be a better tool.
              \_ Hint: install cygwin
                 \_ Cygwin is evil.
                    \_ Insightful, yet... not.
2007/4/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46229 Activity:high
4/7     Poll, at what age did you stop enjoying the followings:
        clubbing: 22
        anime/cartoon: 22
        video games: 29
        roller coaster rides: 27
        masterbation: 28
        dating teenagers: 37
        \_ You don't like vg anymore or your wife doesn't?
        roller coaster rides: 27
        masterbation: 28
        roller coaster rides: 27, 33, never liked
        alcohol: Still like, N
        weed: Never liked, N
        masterbation: 28, 33
        roller coaster rides: 27, 33, never liked, N
        alcohol: Still like, N, N
        weed: Never liked, N, 21
        masterbation: 28, 33, N
        \_ Haven't stopped yet. (36, married 7yrs)
        dating teenagers: 37
        dating teenagers: 37, Never liked, N
        dating teenagers: 37, Never liked, N, 34
        \_ What mark should we use for not yet? N?
        \_ Haven't stopped yet, (36, married 7yrs)
        listening to "pop" music: 20
2007/4/7-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:46230 Activity:nil
4/7     Dear VMWare users. I just want to post this because I spent an
        entire day trying to find out why my Ubuntu 2.6.18 has a serious
        time drift problem on host WinXP Pro. The problem is that even
        when you run vmware-tools and sync the time between your VM and
        your host, there is still a delay-- vmware-tools syncs every once
        in a while, and since my VM is so slow it doesn't catch up and
        occassionally has a 2-3 min delay, enough to cause kerberos to
        reject me, along with NFS problems. The solution is posted here:
        You'd need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and add the changes for
        "noapic nolapic". FYI ntp doesn't do jack-- either run ntp
        exclusively (not ideal because of time drift), or vmware-tools
        to sync your time. Good luck guys!
        \_ I've got massive time drift but we don't use Kerberos so I just
           smash a new time in manually every few months.  It's a dev box
           so it doesn't matter that it drifts a full day every month.  What
           you could do instead of ntp is do it the old fashioned way and put
           rdate in cron every 5 minutes against something that keeps real
2007/4/7-10 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46231 Activity:high
4/7     "These people can't even wrap up genocide. We've been hearing about
        this slaughter in Darfur forever - and they still haven't finished.
        The aggressors are moving like termites across that country. It's like
        genocide by committee. Who's running this holocaust in Darfur, FEMA?"
        --Ann Coulter
        \_ If you pay attention to Ann Coulter, you lose.
           \_ She's obnoxious but the people getting slaughtered in Darfur
              wouldn't tell you they'd prefer to be completely ignored instead
              of having AC as their advocate.  The last I checked several
              months ago, the UN committee on subcommittees on human rights
              violations and definitions was still was working on arranging
              a time to meet at some time in the far future to discuss the
              possibility of defining 'genocide'.  After deciding what a
              genocide *is* they would then setup other meetings in the
              future to decide if Darfur met that standard.  And *then* they
              would have to arrange a meeting later to decide if they should
              pass a note higher up the committee chain on whether or not to
              recommend what, if anything, the main body of the UN should say
              in a nasty note.  I'm not kidding.  Darfur: a real genocide
              taking place every day right now and no one but AC and her ilk
              gives a shit.  How sad is that?  I didn't read the link (I don't
              read AC) but to say we should ignore Darfur because AC is
              bringing it up is sickening.
              \_ An impressive strawman.  -tom
              \_ If you read AC's drivel, you would realize how foolish you are.
                 She is hardly their advocate.
                 \_ I said I don't read her.  Fine, she's not their advocate.
                    So that leaves no one as their advocate which still doesn't
                    seem to bother anyone and is still sickening.
        \_ not totally sure what you are talking about.  I see editorials
           and news reports about what is happening in Darfur
           in Time, NY Times, now and then in the Chronicle, mostly
           in the NY Times.
        \_ Anne Coulter "cares" about Darfur because it allows her to put down
           the UN.  It's like SNL skit where Christopher Walken played the
           French embassador during the beginning of the Iraq war where he
           said "We aren't pro-Iraq, we're just anti-American"
           \_ So you don't like her motives.  That's fine.  So who *is*
              speaking out about Darfur who has motives you like?  And why
              does it matter *why* she's talking about it so long as it is
              talked about and not forgotten?  And hey, wouldn't it be nice if
              someone actually, well, ya know... *did* something about it?
2007/4/7-10 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46232 Activity:nil
4/7     Anyone watching US Open Cycling?
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