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2007/4/4 [Uncategorized] UID:46187 Activity:nil
3/31    unable to get new oral again
        \_ why does anyone still use soda for oral?
           \_ Because we still naively have faith in the younger generation.
              \_ hmmm.  Ok, why use soda in the first place even years ago?
                 \_ Once upon a time, there were no <DEAD><DEAD>
                    addresses, so one of the few ways to have a
                    address was to use the CSUA.
2007/4/4-5 [Health/Women] UID:46188 Activity:high
4/4     Is there a technical term for "intercourse without condom"?
        \_ Daddy!
        \_ Barebacking
           \_ I believe this term means *GAY* sex without condom.
            \_ Usage has moved on.
        \_ Parent.
           \_ There's other birth control out there you know.
              \_ If they won't use a condom they're unlikely to be doing
                 anything else very useful.  It's the easiest thing to get
        \_ Paging the sodan STDaphobe.  Will the STDaphobe please pick up
           the white curtesy telephone.
        \_ Suicide.
        \_ "unprotected sex" is the term used most often by politicians,
           the media, people with a clue, etc.
           \_ Pope Sex
                \_ Isn't that sex between priests and little boys?
2007/4/4-7 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:46189 Activity:low
4/4     Britian gets its soldiers back through good old fashioned negotiation.
        \_ That and the Iranian Easter/Passover Bunny. (I agree with Cole, but
           feel it's necessary to point out that Ahmadinejad almost certainly
           did this to preserve/gain face. Mission accomplished.)
           \_ And to test the resolve of the UK.  After they tested Israel last
        \_ I wonder what the British gave up in return for their navy people.
           Negotiations are rarely, "Give us our people back and we'll give you
           nothing", "Oh, ok, here they are, sorry about that".
           \_ Cole thinks this was part of an internal struggle between
              Khameini and the higly unpopular Ahmadinejad.
        \_ Negotiation is for pussies. England should have followed Bush's
           lead and declared war.
           \_ And the very fact that we didn't even escalate shows you how
              badly stretched our forces are right now.
2007/4/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:46190 Activity:nil
4/4     What's a good bedsheet to have such that bodily fluids don't
        appear obvious? On one hand I'm a very satisfied guy but
        I'm also tired of having to wash it almost every other day.
        \_ you own one sheet?
        \_ body and beats, I stain my sheets, I don't even know why
        \_ I just put a towel down first. Kind of kills "the moment"
           but once you get used to it, not too bad.
2007/4/4-6 [Transportation/Bicycle, Health] UID:46191 Activity:low
        Want to bike more efficiently? Use the PowerCranks! Each
        leg is independent of the other, ensuring proper strokes per leg!
        \_ Another silly solution to a non-existent problem.  -tom
        \_ It doesn't make sure that people actually exert force to propel the
           bicycle on the upstroke.  It only makes sure people exert enough
           force to lift the leg.
        \_ Take the power crank challenge?  No thanks.  I don't need psychotic
           episodes and facial sores.
2007/4/4-6 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46192 Activity:low
4/4  []
        Minivan attacked by Critical Mass riders.  When did these nuts start
        terrorizing kids?  Hey Critical Mass, as someone who bikes to work,
        /you're not helping/. -emarkp
        \_ I'd wish an Al Qaeda would drive through a bunch of Critical Mass
           bikers.. that would be justice.. terrorist against terrorist.. maybe
           the bikers will gain respect for vehicles that weight 2 tons and
           start obeying the rules of the road
        \_  Rioters on wheels!! kewl.. more terrorists!
        \_ You left out, "minivan attempts to drive through a bunch of bikes,
           and runs into at least one."  Matier and Ross have done a number of
           hit pieces on Critical Mass, and their piece today is a typical
           example of slanted journalism.  -tom
           \_ they are above the law.. right? the guy that got
              "hit and run" his bike was so functional he drove off
              in it.. the bikes got damaged because they threw it
                 thru a back window.. fucken liberal psycho elitists.
                 i'd run over all their  asses if they attacked me ..sorry
                 \_ It's easy to talk tough from behind a monitor
           \_ so bicyclist don't have to obey the rules of the road
              and cry when someone taps their bicycle and cries
              hit and run? typical liberal mentality
              \_ No, this is typical neocon mentality. How are those
                 Freedom Fries tasting these days?
           \_ Sorry, I believe the people's side of the story.  And the police
              "According to police, Ferrando had allegedly tapped one of the
              cyclists' tires.
              "When the alleged bicycle victim was approached, however, he said
              he wasn't hurt. He also refused to give his name or any other
              \_ It's funny how all the stuff the bikes did is stated as
                 fact, and the hit and run is stated as "alleged."  And it's
                 also funny how the car "inched forward" through the bikes.
                 You don't see that as slanted?
                 I'll tell you what really happened.  The driver got caught
                 in Critical Mass, made a typical stupid American male "I'm
                 bigger than you" move, hit someone, and got retaliated
                 against.  That kind of stuff happens all the time.  -tom
                 \_ The driver was female. Would you like to try again?
                 \_ Yeah, since the police are saying what happened and the
                    bicyclist didn't think it was worth sticking around for,
                    I'll accept the police statement.
                    Critical Mass should be called "Thugs on wheels" -emarkp
                    \_ Troll points -2.  -tom
                       \_ Idiot points -2 -emarkp
           \_ You mean this straight from their article?
              "The cyclists were loudly demanding that Ferrando be arrested
              for hit and run.
              According to police, Ferrando had allegedly tapped one of the
              cyclists' tires.
              When the alleged bicycle victim was approached, however, he said
              he wasn't hurt. He also refused to give his name or any other
              Then, after a few swear words, the alleged victim took off on
              his bike while the rest of the crowd continued to yell at both
              the cops and the van."
              Sounds like a good justification for attacking someone and
              smashing in the glass of their kid laden minivan.  I'm with
              you Brother!  RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!  SMASH KIDS!
              \_ Critical Mass participants are mostly losers and taking
                 out a few isn't guarateed to make society better, but
                 the odds are probably above 90%.
          \_ I take it you didn't read the article tom?
2007/4/4-6 [Reference/Religion] UID:46193 Activity:nil
4/4     Teachers in UK drop the Holocaust and Crusades to avoid offending
        \_ Unamed schools!  And I like how you focus on the evil MUSLIMS
           and ignore the Christians being cranky asses too.
2007/4/4-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:46194 Activity:kinda low
4/4     Major RIF (40%) at my company and need to update the resume. Is there
        a good resume friendly term to deal with tcp metrics calculation
        and testing? I am looking for something that would ping the search e
        ngines. I did alot of QA on tcp flows and dbs and want to put s
        omething concise and informative.  Thanks --ramberg
        \- well one way to address it is based on what the problem domain
           was ... research? optimizing some implementation? protocol
           design? another way is to say something like "deep knowledge of
           TCP/IP protocol, and implementation experience". i think for a
           networking heavy job you could add BPF, DLPI/STREAMS, pcap,
           routing protocols? router management? netflow? traffic shaping?
           firewalls? as appropriate. at another time i'd have said "send
           me your resume" but unfortunately things are sort of fucked
           up at the moment. good luck. btw i dont know what "QA on
           tcp flows" means ... i assume it doesnt mean you computed fletcher
           checksums by hand :-) --psb
          -- Thanks . If you know what ethereal and pcapstats are: then
         you know something of what I did. Packet capture flow analysis?
        Packet payload?
        \_ How about "Real time network analysis"?  Try to use words someone
           in HR might think they know.  They don't know what a packet is.
           \_ A phrase like this might get you redirected to the "network
              administration" people, which is almost certainly not what is
              \_ HR has no clue what a packet is and really wouldn't know the
                 difference between the network admin people and network qa.
                 The point of a resume is to get past HR.  They have buzzwords
                 they need to match, so match them.  Don't match them and get
                 trash canned.  The rest of the resume should make clear the
                 OP is a QA person not a network admin if that's OP's goal.
                 I'd rather get sent to the wrong group and then get redirected
                 again than get filtered at HR.
                 again than get filtered by HR.
        \_ Network Performance Testing and Analysis?
        \_ Network programming and testing?
2007/4/4-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:46195 Activity:nil
4/4     Coyote in a Chicago Quiznos: (
        \_ Isn't that a song by the Police?
2007/4/4-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:46196 Activity:nil
4/4     In Windows, if my Java code calls Runtime.exec() to start a native GUI
        app, the process starts but no UI appears on screen.  Is there a way to
        start the native app and make the UI appear?  Thanks.
2007/4/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:46197 Activity:nil
4/4     Knut the cute bear should be killed, say German animal activists:,1518,472480,00.html
        \_ Maybe they're descendants of Nazis. Exterminate impure blood!
           \- wow, this is really a new version of "we had to destroy
              the village to save it"
           \_ Nazis wouldn't exterminate an Aryan bear would they?
              \_ who knows? liberals always make expedient decisions
                 \_ Nazis are liberals?
2007/4/4-7 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:46198 Activity:moderate
        What really happened in the SUV driver vs. Critical Mass incident.
           "... witnesses told her that Ferrando "recklessly accelerated" into
            a crowd and hit the bicyclist so hard the bike was lodged under
            her vehicle."
        \_ I thought it was a Toyota minivan, and the police said the bicyclist
           told them that the can tapped the bike's wheel and he was not hurt.
            \_ "No one was hurt, although cyclists told police at the scene
               that driver Susan Ferrando should be arrested because her
               vehicle allegedly bumped one of the biker's tires."
               There's a difference between bumping one tire and hitting the
               bicycle so hard the bike was lodged under the vehicle.
            \_ Another article:
               "When the alleged bicycle victim was approached, however, he
               said he wasn't hurt. He also refused to give his name or any
               other information.  Then, after a few swear words, the alleged
               victim took off on his bike while the rest of the crowd
               continued to yell at both the cops and the van."
               If the bike was hit so hard that it was lodged under the
               vehicle, as it was clamined, how did the cyclist take off on
               his bike afterwards?
               \_ Yeah, you already posted this before. Endless repetition
                  of the same lie does not make it more believable.
                  \_ Sorry, I didn't see that other thread below, and it wasn't
                     me who wrote in that thread.  What part of my post above
                     do you think was a lie?  -- PP
                     \_ The whole Matier and Ross article is basically a
                        \_ Oh, okay.  -- PP
                        \_ You base that assertion on what?
                           \_ eyewitness reports, and the fact that it's
                              completely implausible.
        \_ SUV?  It was a first-generation (pre-2004) Toyota Sienna minivan.
           See the second picture in the article whose link you posted.  The
           text in the article also said minivan.
           See the pictures in the article whose link you posted.  The text in
           the article also says minivan.
        \_ Numerous witnesses corroborate that SUV/minivan driver deliberately
           drove into a bicycle and tried to take off afterward:
           \_ It's okay to try and kill someone with your minivan as long as
           \_ It't okay to try and kill someone with your car as long as
              there are children in your car.
        \_ This guy sounds like he's speculating.  (Or at least embellishing)
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