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2007/4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:46182 Activity:nil
4/2     new motd polic:
        all trolls must use correct spelling.  thank you for your
        \_ >.<
2007/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46183 Activity:nil
4/3     WHO THE FUCK deleted my Knut the cute polar bear link? Speak
        up now or else I will nuke motd for an entire day!
        \_ Yeah, I wanted to d/l those movies and now they are gone!
2007/4/3 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46184 Activity:high
        \_ hmm? what did I do? I wanted the polar bear videos.
        \_ hmm? what did I do?
           \_ this guy is mentally ill, just humor him. FUCKING SHITCOCKS
2007/4/3-6 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:46185 Activity:nil
4/3     Is it possible to openup a linksys notebook adapter card to get at
        the mini-pci wireless card insdide?  The mini-pci for my laptop is
        no longer made. Thanks
        \_ They're not expensive--try one and let us know.
        \_ Have you tried ebay?
2007/4/3-6 [Reference/Military] UID:46186 Activity:moderate
        Security screeners at Denver Int'l miss 90 PERECENT of simulated
        weapons that undercover agents brought into the airport.
        \_ They should just have taser guns next to every seat on the plane.
           The crowd could then overpower any likely number of terrorists.
           A well armed society is a safe society.
           \_ My heart tells me you're sarcastic, or trolling, but sadly
              my head tells me that there are many that really think this
              \_ Why are you sad about people thinking this way? -emarkp
                 \_ The idea that a "tazer on every seat" would promote the
                    general welfare is a sad one.
                    \_ You're repeating yourself. Why is it a sad idea?
                       \_ It makes me sad.  I don't have to explain myself.
                          Do you think it's a GOOD idea?  I wasn't trying
                          to reason about weather arming every passenger
                          to reason about whether arming every passenger
                          on an airplane is a good idea.
                          \_ Of course you don't /have/ to repeat yourself, I
                             was simply asking you to. Just because you feel
                             sad about something doesn't mean the sadness is
                             justified or should have any impact on public
                             discourse. I was just trying to figure out why
                             you're sad. -emarkp
                             \_ That we live in a society where people are
                                sufficiently frightened and alienated from
                                one another that they consider being armed
                                and (likely) a danger to themselves and
                                others a better outcome than the vanishingly
                                small chance that their plane might be
                                highjacked.  You don't have to agree with
                                this, of course.  Mmmkay?
                                \_ Why do you believe that people who are armed
                                   are a danger to themselves and others?
                                   \_ Jesus fucking christ.  Why are either of
                                      you taking this "arguement" seriously?
                                      A taser next to every seat?  Yeah, why
                                      not guns on every lamppost, attached to
                                      a chain to prevent theft while we're at
                                      it?  This isn't a debate about an armed
                                      society, this is a debate about a
                                      cartoon scenario.  Allowing individual
                                      passengers to carry weapons would be
                                      a different thing entireley.
                                      \_ Well, see, the tasers next to every
                                         seat is well targetted towards a
                                         particular situation: overpowering
                                         terrorists or other maniacs on a
                                         plane. Anyone using the tasers without
                                         sufficient reason would be easily
                                         identified and tasered themselves.
                                         Having guns on every lamppost would
                                         not work because a) lampposts are
                                         too far apart b) they are deadly
                                         c) they would be stolen d) their
                                         use could not be easily monitored.
                                         A plane flight is a contained
                                         environment with identified people.
                                         Honestly I did post the idea in jest,
                                         but I'm also interested in a serious
                                         treatment of it for argument's sake.
                                         In an environment where weapons are
                                         already introduced I do believe that
                                         the "armed society" principle is true.
                                         (And every society has weapons, even
                                         if it's martial artists or knife users
                                         or just large scary men with clubs.
                                         \_ So we're, as a nation, up at the
                                            top of violent crime rates etc
                                            because there... aren't enough
                                            weapons.  We just haven't reached
                                            the critical mass (no pun intended,
                                            seriously)?  Also, tasers aren't
                                            \_ They are "non lethal". As for
                                               crime, I think violent people
                                               are violent for reasons mostly
                                               unrelated to firearm
                                         You can't depend on the police to
                                         protect you. Is this sad? Yeah but
                                         it's the way of the world. Guns are
                                         the most civilized form of combat.)
                                         \_ Alright, I'll play along and just
                                            attack the most obvious and least
                                            potentially controversial aspect.
                                            I fly very frequently, and I'd say
                                            that about 10% of the time the
                                            tray table is somehow broken.  This
                                            consists of a piece of plastic and
                                            a hinge, and it's still not robust
                                            enough for the beating stuff takes
                                            on an airplane.  What exciting
                                            failure modes will we find in the
                                            hundreds of poorly maintained tasers
                                            sitting on a typical plane?  How
                                            many dumbass passengers will think
                                            they're electric shavers and taser
                                            themselves in the face?  Or get
                                            drunk and taser themselves in the
                                            ass?  Look, I support the right
                                            of weapons-owners to own weapons,
                                            but I think it's equally important
                                            to support the right of non-weapons
                                            owners to not own weapons. Me?  I
                                            train hard in hand to hand combat
                                            six days a week and have a knife
                                            fighting background, so if I see
                                            a terrorist on the plane, I'll leap
                                            into the aisle and try to kill him
                                            immediately with his own boxcutter.
                                      \_ It's the motd.  Kick back, laugh,
                                         enjoy.  This is just a proxy for
                                         the standard gun rights non-debate.
                                   \_ Statistics.
                                      \_ Freedom typically comes with a price.
                                         But tell your argument to victims of
                                         shootings who could have prevented the
                                         shootings with a gun.  Look at the
                                         statistics that show that when
                                         criminals believe the people around
                                         them are armed, they're less likely to
                                         commit violent crime. -emarkp
                                         \_ yeah, if those Critical Mass
                                            bicyclists had been armed, the
                                            driver would have been less
                                            likely to ram into them.  They
                                            were forced to use their bikes
                                            to defend themselves!  Guns for
                                            all!  -tom
                                            \_ Actually, it was the cyclists
                                               attacking the vehicle.  The
                                               lesson is, when you go to SF, be
                                               sure to be armed. -emarkp
                                               \_ Right, I'm sure the cyclists
                                                  just spontaneously decided
                                                  to attack.  They're like
                                                  pit bulls that way.  -tom
                                                  \_ From what I read, yes they
                                                     are. -emarkp
                                                     \_ from what you read,
                                                        you mean, the article
                                                        above where it says
                                                        the driver ran into
                                                        a cyclist and then
                                                        kept trying to drive
                                                        through the pack? -tom
                                                        \_ You mean the poor
                                                           out of town woman
                                                           surrounded by bikes
                                                           trying to get away
                                                           and out of the flow
                                                           of bikers madly
                                                           dashing through the
                                                           city violating
                                                           every safety and
                                                           traffic law on
                                                           the books?  Yeah,
                                                           that one.
                                                           \_ Poor out of town
                                                              woman who ran
                                                              ran into someone.
                                                              You forgot the
                                                              part where she
                                                              committed assault
                                                              with a deadly
                                                              weapon first.
                                                              \_ not first.
                                                                hit her car
                                                                she moved
                                                                two get
                                                                out of
                                                                their way
                                                                \_ Horseshit.
                                                                   Mass doesn't
                                                                   hit cars
                                                                   just for
                                         \_ Are you gonna pay for the taser
                                            training for every "air trafficker"
                                            out of your very own pocket?  That
                                            would be awesome.  My sister's been
                                            a real bitch lately, and I don't
                                            want to accidentally kill her.
                                         \_ please. don't bring facts into
                                            this.. let the sheeple liberals
                                            bend over and take it up the
                                            u know what.. they enjoy it
                                            \_ What an insightful comment.
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