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2007/4/1-3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46170 Activity:moderate
4/1     Senior Republican strategist loses faith on Bush after son is
        ordered to deploy to Iraq:
        "If the American public says they're done with something, our leaders
        have to understand what they want," Dowd said. "They're saying, 'Get
        out of Iraq."'
        \_ More like, "political opportunist who follows blowing winds decides
           he can make more money buttering the other side of his bread for
           the next few years".  The guy started as a Democrat when that's who
           was in power, then switched when he saw money in being a Republican
           and now sees the wind shifting the other way.  I don't see what his
           son has to do with it.  When Rove switches parties it'll be news.
           \_ When is Rove's first born deploying to Iraq?
              \_ As soon as he sees Rove rapping.
              \_ Does Rove even have kids?  Is he or has he ever been married?
                 \_ He has special drawing rights on Bush's Comfort Women
                    [condie, harriet, karen etc] as well as 20-30 somethings
                    with no qulaitification except marginal reglious educations
                    and zealotry/loyalty.
                 \_ Married and divorced. One son, 20, just the right age
                    to sign up for his country:
           \_ After Bush, if Rove discovers the equivalent of Evangelicals == Reelection
              Forever, he would switch parties faster than you can say Deep Fried Dollars
           \_ After Bush, if Rove discovers the equivalent of
              Evangelicals == Reelection Forever, he would switch
              parties faster than you can say Deep Fried Dollars
              \_ And Rove switching parties would be news.
2007/4/1-3 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:46171 Activity:kinda low
4/1     David Hicks gets 9-month sentence in Australia through blatant
        political deal to save John Howard's electoral bacon:
        \_ Australia?  Who?  What?  Not living there or being a citizen I
           don't see why their internal politics matters to outsiders.  If
           they were having a coup or changed from a capitalist system to
           a socialist one or something, sure, but whatever.
           \_ You might want to read the article before you come off sounding
              like an idiot.  Oops, too late.
              \_ It's the motd, it doesn't matter.  It's Australia, it doesn't
                 matter.  If it was important you would've told us why we
                 should take the time to read the article.  Apparently no one
                 else read it or thought it was worth replying to so idiot I
                 may be but at least I didn't waste my time on your article.
                 \_ it's not my article, but you're an idiot.
                 \_ Echoing the previous poster, you are definitely an idiot.
                    The whole subtext of the article is a Cheney-crony
                    manipulating the Gitmo "courts" to produce a favorable
                    political outcome for the leader of Australia.  If you
                    don't see how this relevant to the US, I really can't
                    help you.
                    \_ See?  Now that was helpful and if the OP had posted
                       that I might have bothered reading it.  Since the motd
                       just isn't that important, I don't take the time to
                       read every random link that no one else has bothered
                       to reply to.  It is clear to me now that if I was not
                       an idiot I'd read every motd link and that would make
                       me smart!  Thank you very much for pointing me in the
                       direction of smartness.  Every trash link to a big boob
                       pic, lame youtube video, and random blog diatribe now
                       tops my get-smart-like-you reading list.
                       \_ you're an idiot not because you didn't read the
                          link, but because you commented on a link you
                          didn't read.  idiot.
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