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2007/3/21-26 [Reference/Religion] UID:46037 Activity:low
        Click on My Religious Rights.
        "For more than 80 years, the ACLU and its allies have attempted to
        eliminate public expression of our nation's faith and heritage.
        They have done this through fear, intimidation, disinformation,
        and the filing of lawsuits (or threats of lawsuits)."
        \_ Good to see that the $1000 I gave the ACLU last year has
           helped them to be effective. I will remember and give them
           that amount again. Thanks, I had almost forgotten.
           \_ I'm glad all the KKK members they help defend, and all
              the poor cities they sued to remove "religious" symbols
              and monikers from surely helped the people in general.
              Do they even know what the word Sacramento means?
              What about one of their bastions? Los Angeles. ACLU is the
              best sign you don't needs enemies abroad.
              What about one of their bastions? Los Angeles. ACLU is
              the best sign you don't needs enemies abroad.
              \_ Don't forget all the Neo-Nazis whose 1st amendment
                 rights they helped to protect. Of course, the ACLU
                 occasionally gets something right, but usually that
                 is completely by accident, like when Inspector Gadget
                 foils Dr. Claw's plans w/o help from Penny and Brain.
                 \- aclu membership and contributions took a hit after
                    the skokie case.
                 \_ Quite seriously, I think the ACLU gets it right all
                    the time, with the exception of their stance on 2nd
                    Amendment gun ownership rights. They are the main
                    group that has blocked government censorship of
                    the Internet and they have stood up for the free
                    speech rights of unpopular minorities (your Neo-Nazis
                    for instance) again and again. That is what America
                    is all about to me. Freedom. -$1000/yr ACLU donor
                    \_ With biological warfare available to these
                       monsters -- the Husseins, the Bin Ladens, the
                       Arafats -- what we saw on Tuesday, as terrible
                       as it is, could be minuscule if, in fact God
                       continues to lift the curtain and allow the
                       enemies of America to give us probably what we
                       deserve....The abortionists have got to bear
                       some burden for this because God will not be
                       mocked....I really believe that the pagans, and
                       the abortionists, and the feminists, and the
                       gays and the lesbians who are actively trying
                       to make that an alternative lifestyle, the
                       ACLU, People For the American Way -- all of
                       them who have tried to secularize America -- I
                       point the finger in their face and say, "you
                       helped this happen."
                       \_ Who gave Rev. Faldwell an account?
2007/3/21-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46038 Activity:nil
3/20    Tom DeLay, moral center of the Republican Party:
2007/3/21-26 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Reference/Law/Court] UID:46039 Activity:nil
3/21    One of the fired US Attorney's tells his side of the story:
2007/3/21-26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46040 Activity:low
3/21    Once again Dems are pussies.  Gore first got the Senate to waive the 48
        hour rule (receiving written copy of testimony 48 hrs before hearing)
        for a 24 hour rule.  Then he failed to submit his testimony until this
        morning, a few hours before the hearing.  Oh, and then the Dems got it
        hours before the Repubs. (
        \_ At a time when the President is vowing to fight congressional
           subpoenas up to the ussc, it's funny that you hold this up as
        \_ Wow, if only I had a forum for my slanted view of the world; wait,
           that's what the Internet is for! And if I call it News, it must be
           \_ So are you saying that Gore *did* submit his testimony before
              this morning? -op
              \_ I'm saying that a gossipy slagfest is not a news source.
           \_ So is good enough for you?
              \_ What you mean is, is Senator Inhofe's blog good enough for
                 me? And even more to the point, is a staffer on Inhofe's
                 blog good enough for me? And the answer is, not without
                 further corroboration. But WAIT! It gets better: Marc
                 Morano, the source in question, was "previously known as
                 Rush Limbaugh's 'Man in Washington,' as reporter and
                 producer for the Rush Limbaugh Television Show."
                 Please, if you're going to post stooges, at least include
                 Larry, Moe, and Curly.
                 \_ I'm fascinated by the refusal to accept reporting of fact
                    simpy because of the name Limbaugh. I can understand your
                    not accepting his analysis perhaps, but the basic facts?
                    \_ Much like we trusted the Bush Administration's report
                       on the "fact" that Saddam had WMD?  I can't fault this
                       guy for not accepting some politico's "facts".  --PeterM
                       \_ Wow, this is such a red herring.
                       \_ You do know the difference between an intelligence
                          report and reporting a fact that has occurred in
                          front of witnesses and will be a part of the senate
                          record, right? -emarkp
                       \_ There's reporting of fact and there's stirring shit
                          up. If the source is a known shit-stirrer, anything
                          the source reports is automatically suspect, esp. if
                          it is, on its face, true, because there's plenty of
                          reason to believe that it's only being reported to
                          stir up more shit. If I report that the sky is
                          blue, that's true; if I report that the sky is blue
                          despite claims that Global Warming is going to
                          result in smog smog smog, that is also true, but
                          it's presented in a way that makes GW seem like a
                          myth. Your professional shit-stirrers, like Mark
                          Morano, do this for a living, and sifting nuggets of
                          truth from the shit that they're stirring up is
                          about as reqarding as actually sifting through
                          feces for gold.
                             LA Times quotes Joe Barton as saying the they
                             didn't receive his written testimony more than 2
                             hours before the hearing.  Is that a lefty source
                             enough for you? -emarkp
                             \_ "lefty enough" is the level of immaturity that
                                I expect from shit-stirrers, emarkp, not you.
                                \_ When a dog craps on the floor, you rub his
                                   nose in it.  Same for these nutjobs. -emarkp
                                   \_ The only nutjobs I see here are the ones
                                      that think a slagfest from a propaganda
                                      hack constitutes a real news source.
                                      \_ Oh, so a senator's office stating
                                         what's happening in the Senate TODAY
                                         is a nutjob?  Go back to your hole
                                         anonymous nutjob. -emarkp
                                         \_ If you're trying to defend someone
                                            from being called a nutjob, Inhofe
                                            is just about the most difficult
                                            \_ So you don't like his politics
                                               so he's a nutjob and what his
                                               boy reported on his Senate
                                               blog is suspect?  Tin foil and
                                               blinders.  Better than plastic.
                                               I'm going to be rich.
                                         \_ Read who posted the account. It's
                                            Mark Morano, a hack. That Inhofe
                                            is letting him use his blog is
                                            simply shameful. --erikred
                                            \- how could you be unaware
                                               inhofe is shameless.
                                               \_ The irony of my shame in
                                                  needing to be reminded of
                                                  this is not lost on me,
                                                  Partha. --erikred
                             \_ LA Times leans right, now, when it used to
                                be a neutral reporter of facts, which is
                                why I cancelled my subscription last year.
                                \_ Haha.  I don't know about now, but 8 years
                                   ago the LA Times could out do the Cron on
                                   lefty bias.  I assume what you mean is,
                                   "The LA times used to agree with me."
                                   \_ Perhaps this is a confusion of Pro-
                                      Israel (as LAT seems to be) with either
                                      the right or the left.
                    \_ Unless reported by dailykos,, or some other
                       neutral and unbiased site, it doesn't count.  Having to
                       respond to factual statements is annoying.  It is much
                       easier to just say 'neener! it never happened because
                       your source is biased! nyah!'
        \_ Desperate attempt to change the subject. Won't work, America
           has woken up to Roveian tactics and is mostly immune right now.
2007/3/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:46041 Activity:kinda low
3/21    Divergent selection found in asexual reproducers:
        \_ What does "species" mean when you're referring to
           creatures which produce asexually?
           \_ Reading it's probably
              still undefined.
2007/3/21 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:46042 Activity:nil
3/21    Firefox is out:
2007/3/21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:46043 Activity:moderate
3/21    I just saw a double penetration XXX video for the very first time
        and it is sick sick sick. I completely understand the humor
        behind goatse where it is so dumb that no one in the world could
        possible enjoy that stuff. Double penetration however is another
        story and people actually like that kind of crap? I don't
        understand what kind of sicko would find anal penetration appealing.
        It stinks and is unsanitary. Secondly, I don't understand
        why two men would ever want to double penetrate a vagina since
        you're going to touch each other's penis and share fluids. Like
        anal sex it is disgusting and unsanitary. I can't believe how
        much crap there is on the internet, and why people like that stuff.
        \_ them's what makes horse races.  (no pun intended)
2007/3/21 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46044 Activity:nil
3/21    pussy dick shit
        I want to see how long this post lasts before emarkp deletes it.
        \_ crap?  Ass?  schlong?  gazongas?
2007/3/21-26 [Uncategorized] UID:46045 Activity:nil
3/21    In light of this Friday's release of TMNT:
        \_ I'm easily amused, but:
2007/3/21-26 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:46046 Activity:nil
3/21    Has anyone seen a transcript of the Gore hearing today?  I checked
        on cspan, cnn, google,, and a few other places.  I can
        find video but not text.  Video is a no-go.  Thanks.
        \_ I'm hunting for Boxer's smackdown of Inhofe.  Whether or not he's
           a nutjob (and boy is he), he's one bitter motherfucker.
           \_ Gore sure is a hypocrite, but it is nice to see Boxer find
              her backbone.
              \- I am not a big fan of ALGOR, I certainly argued with a
                 fair number of knee jerk liberal aquaintances that he is
                 a hypocrite when it comes to his personal energy use and the
                 "i pay my way out of it" excuses nothing, but I believe that
                 issue has no place in the "senate environment cmte hearings
                 on global climate change". on a crossfire type talk show
                 you can bring up stuff like this, or william bennett being
                 a gambling addict, or ted kennedy being a hypocrite and
                 murderer, but it's not approproate here. although i dont
                 know how to have shut him down except another republican
                 saying something (and they never do .. witness TEED "the
                 hulk" STEVENS). on the other hand, maybe everytime
                 dick "i had other plans" cheney opens his mouth about iraq
                 we should call him on his elaborate moves to avoid war
                 service. but some of te mediocrities like TEED STEVENS
                 and INHOFE being in the senate is just unreal. it speaks
                 to the power of "reptilian intelligence" and low cunning.
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