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2007/3/17-20 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:46003 Activity:moderate
3/16    So I've begun biking farther and farther (trying to reach 50
        miles/day) and I'm wondering if I should start taking supplements
        like GU. Do they really work as advertised? Are there other
        alternatives? $1 a shot is kind of expensive considering you
        need to take one every 30 min.
        \_ New ones have protein. 1 unit of protein per 4 units of carb.
           Studies claim 16% better performance than pure carb. I've
           never tried these so I can't tell you how good/accuret the
           studies are.
        \_ People were doing 100+ mile rides 100 years before GU was invented.
           It's digusting stuff, avoid it unless you're racing or completely
           bonked.  Fruit and nuts are totally fine, or one of the edible
           energy bars.  -tom
           \_ I used to think they're nasty but after the 3rd pack
              I changed my mind. They're very yummy and addictive.
           \_ I'd totally agree with you but I also think any competitive
              edge you can get over your opponent is a good thing. If
              everyone uses vitamins, vitamin water, creatine, carb,
              whatever, then your chance of beating them by using
              traditional (and antiquated) methods is slim. Having
              that said, I must admit that GUs are really yummy and I
              eat them as quick snacks and breakfast. For example when
              I'm tired or feeling exhausted or sleepy after lunch,
              a pack of GU really energizes me. This stuff is not just
              good, it is a necessity.
              \_ Did you not see tom's specific exclusion of "racing"?
                 If so, why did you think your reply to tom adds
              \_ You sound addicted to them. They are basically just sugar
                 and caffeine. I wouldn't recommend eating them after
                 lunch for example. Try a power nap. The energy from those
                 things is not the long lasting kind anyway. Spiking your
                 blood sugar like that isn't good for you either when you
                 are not in the midst of intense exercise.
                 \_ Hey come to think of it, yes I'm as addicted to it as
                    I am addicted to Gatorade and other things. Is that a
                    bad thing? They do enhance my performance, you know.
                    \_ Or maybe you are just habituated to it:
        \_ When I ran marathons, I used GU a lot because it was compact
           and easy to eat/drink. However I used much less of it then
           suggested (e.g. only one third of a packet at a time).
2007/3/17-20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46004 Activity:moderate
3/16    So who do you believe, Plame and the CIA or Novak and Cheney?
        Let's put to rest the canard that Plame was not undercover when
        Novak published her identity:
        \_ I automatically begin to ignore any admin official who points out
           'plame was in the society papers' and 'everyone knew what she
           looks like'.  The point of Plame's 'cover' was that she out
           and about and managing business entities in other countries
           that needed a figurehead for a CIA front business.  The CIA
           spends years building up this business to provide cover for
           their other activities.  If you blow away the cover of the
           people running it, all of that years of effort is down the
           drain, and any foreign nationals involved with it are probably
           on a hit list somewhere now.  Thanks Cheney.  If he had
           just calmed down and realized no one analyzes NYTimes editorials
           as much as he does, none of this would have happened.
        \_ Trust No One. -fmulder
        \_ Of course, this link only shows that she claims she was covert.
           \- can you imagine if the dems had outed her and started claiming
              "she wasnt really covert". you all know the repply would be
              "oh the treasonous dems now are supposed to decide who is
              covert and who isnt? see we told you they were soft on defense
              and wont support out intelligence profressionals dedicating
              their lives for the country. the democrats are going to get
              your children killed in this age of brown terror."
           \_ (
              Clear logic on why she was covert
              \_ Of course that clear logic points right back to her own
                 \_ And the CIA's statements. Whose job it is to know this
2007/3/17-20 [Finance/Banking] UID:46005 Activity:nil
3/16    Google does wildcards now.
        Results 1 - 10 of about 919,000 for i'm in ur * *ing ur *.
        \_ This doesn't quite work for me -- you can use * to match a word,
           but *ing seems to only match * and ing as separate words.
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