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2007/3/6-7 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45885 Activity:kinda low
3/6     More Global Warming Denials: (
        \_ Denials?  Are you trolling?
           \_ Apologists.
2007/3/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45886 Activity:high
3/6     "Scooter" Libby: Guilty.
        \_ Bush will pardon him.
           \_ Want to make a bet?
              \_ Tradesports has "pardon Libby" trading at only 20%, so you
                 might be right...
           \_ Probably, but not until after the Nov 2008 elections.
              \_ I don't think he'll do it at all.
           \_ No pardon, but:  "You'll be the next Ollie North!"
           \- I am not going to bet on it since it might be my cynicism
              speaking but i think Bush will pardon him if it is not
              a moot issue before he leaves office. --psb
              \- somewhat ironically: Scooter Libby was one of
                 pigdog Marc Rich's lawyers. at 5:1, i'd take the
                 libby gets a pardon bet, assuming it is not a
                 moot question by the time the 2008 election is over.
2007/3/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:45887 Activity:nil
3/5     Bahahahha have you guys checked out the ads on ?
        "Guaranteed Herpes Cure"
        "Herpes healing is here"
2007/3/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:45888 Activity:very high
3/6     I love running debian. The DST fix was all of:
        apt-get update
        apt-get install tzdata
        \_ apt-get install tzdata
                Reading Package Lists... Done
                Building Dependency Tree... Done
                E: Couldn't find package tzdata
        \_ Yeah, that's great, if you are running
           testing.  (Is Etch even two years old?
           I'm surprised it NEEDS a fix.)  If you
           are running stable, the package the
           pkg that needs to be updated is libc6
        \_ Big deal.  FreeBSD (even really old versions):
           * update the ports area if necessary
           * cd /usr/ports/misc/zoneinfo/
           * make install clean
           * tzsetup
        \_ If you are running testing.  (Is Etch even two years old?
           I'm surprised it NEEDS a fix.)  If you are running stable,
           the package that needs to be updated is libc6
        \_ With Red Hat it's even easier.
        \_ but how do you know that you need to do that?
           also, "apt-get" is a stupid name :) I like "pacman" (from the
           Arch Linux distro I think)
           \_ If memory serves, tzdata is a core required package so it would
              get updated auotmagically when you perform a routine system
              update. -dans
           \_ In debian etch, I think things are moving towards "aptitude"
              as a replacement for apt-get.
        \_ This cracks me up. I wasn't criticizing any other system, I was just
           happy that it was so easy to fix.  I'm amazed at the responses. -op
2007/3/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:45889 Activity:nil
3/6     Heh, this made me laugh
2007/3/6-12 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:45890 Activity:high
3/5     "Are there any journalists at all interested in figuring out why
        this is the case? If Coulter is such a blight on humanity, such a
        monument to indecency and all that is wretched in our political
        culture, what does it say about the political movement that has been
        running our country for the last six years (at least) that they
        embrace her so enthusiastically?"
        \ "Can't we all get along?"
        \_ It is odd that anyone will defend Coulter.  She obviously
           is just a giant, not very funny lately troll.  I don't think
           she even believes half of what she says, it's just for effect.
           I think Michelle Malkin is fully crazy, Coulter... just
           in it for the money, and we'd all be better for it we just
           ignored her.
        \_ "Can't we all get along?"
        \_ It's the same on both sides.  How many journalists and Bill Maher
           types said they wished Cheney would have died in the bombing?  How
           many people look at some dumb jerk like Libby getting convicted for
           doing nothing and think that justice was done while certain Clinton
           associates stuff national security documents in their shorts, stole
           them and got a wrist slap and think what he did was no big deal?
           It's all just "my guy is good, your guy is evil" nonsense.  Do not
           look for the man behind the curtain.
           \_ Find me one journalist who said "I wish Cheney had been bombed"
              Libby got convicted for lying to the FBI.  I think it's
              pretty clear he did.  Now you can debate that he only
              did what Bush/Cheney told him and he's the fall guy, but
              I still think it's pretty clear he lied to the FBI and
              the 'oh i was busy, my memory is bad' defense is a bunch
              of horseshitc
              \_ If lying was a real crime in DC they'd all be in prison.
                 They *should* all be in prison, but if the laws are going to
                 be enforced in a one sided and arbitrary manner then just
                 don't bother having laws like that.
                 \_ Lying is not a crime.  Lying to an FBI agent about
                    information that is pertinent to an ongoing investigation
                    is.  Do you really not understand the difference or are
                    you just being disingenuous? -dans
                    \_ I'm being intentionally obtuse, actually, to make a
                       point: Libby didn't commit a criminal act.  He
                       committed a political crime.  His crime being that he
                       was stupid and didn't conveniently forget everything
                       when the FBI came snooping around.  Richard Armitage
                       who actually released Plame's ID was never charged with
                       anything because it wasn't a crime.  This poor dumb
                       jerk might go to prison for having a bad memory about a
                       non-crime.  If the FBI came around and quizzed you
                       about what you had for breakfast 3 years ago and you
                       got the answers wrong should we send you to the federal
                       \_ If I remembered what I had for breakfast 3 years
                          ago, and the FBI asked me what I had because it was
                          pertinent to an investigation, and I lied by
                          feigning forgetfulness, then yes, if the system
                          works, I would expect a jury of my peers to find me
                          guilty and I should be sent to prison.  Either you
                          really don't understand the law or you're being
                          utterly disingenuous. -dans
                          \_ Wow, that's crazy.  No, you should not.  Because
                             the underlying investigation is a crock.  When
                             'Scooter' was being questioned they already knew
                             who the pseudo-leaker was (Armitage) and he got
                             convicted for having different memories from some
                             reporters who had different memories from each
                             other of the same events.  I'm really quite
                             honestly surprised anyone around here believes in
                             the absolute infliction of the letter of the law
                             bearing the full weight of the State without
                             mercy upon an individual.  That's pretty shocking
                             stuff if you stop a moment to think about it.
                             \_ So, you're drawing a line between lying to a
                                grand jury to cover up a crime, and lying to a
                                grand jury to protect your boss politically.
                                What was Clinton impeached for again?
                                \_ Except Libby didn't cover anyone, so your
                                   comparison doesn't work.  As far as Clinton
                                   goes, I think he should have been impeached
                                   but not for lying about Lewinski.  I don't
                                   care who screws who in DC.  They all are as
                                   far as I know or care.
                                \_ There was no crime to lie about so that
                                   doesn't apply.  I think there were plenty
                                   of things to impeach Clinton for but not
                                   over the blue dress.  That was just stupid.
           \_ Journalists?  Find me one journalist for a major paper/news
              service that said they wish Cheney had died?  And Bill Maher
              isn't the headliner at major party gatherings.  Bill Maher
              doesn't get his ass kissed by persidential candidates.
              And your Bill Clinton stuff has absolutly nothing to do
              with Ann "faggot" Coulter.  Imagine if she had said the same
              "joke" about Obama but with the word nigger.  Would you be
              defending her then?
              \_ AC isn't a journalist either.  At no point did I defend what
                 she said.  I'm pointing out the hypocritical nature of
                 political attacks and media coverage.  When one hack proclaims
                 the world would be better if the VP was assassinated, they
                 say nothing.  When a different hack from the other side of
                 the spectrum makes a hate comment the world is coming to an
                 end.  Libby gets convicted of having a bad memory about
                 something that wasn't even a crime.  He could have just said
                 \_ Lying to an FBI is agent about information pertinent to an
                    investigation *is* a crime.  Perjury *is* a crime.  A jury
                    of Libby's peers decided that he was lying when he said "I
                    do not recall."  This is how the system is supposed to
                    work.  If you really believe in justice and the rule of
                    law, by all means, call attention to when the system
                    fails, but its self-defeating to say "The system failed in
                    case A so its unjust if it fails in case B." -dans
                    \_ The system fails because it is designed to.  How many
                       people have lied to investigators, committed perjury,
                       put cash in their fridge, stuffed security documents in
                       their pants and nothing happened.  Rhetorical question
                       to you: if those things were done by Republicans would
                       you be upset about the lack of justice done in each
                       case?  If a Democrat was put up on charges for lying
                       about something that wasn't even a crime and send to
                       prison would you be upset?
                       \_ Sorry I take back my earlier comment from above.
                          Your use of language is utterly disingenuous.
                          I'm done here. -dans
                          \_ No.  My questions were rhetorical because I think
                             we both already know the answers.  You're not into
                             justice but punishment of the political opposition
                             at any cost to the concept of fairness and true
                             justice.  Using the legal system as a political
                             weapon is ugly but useful.  Your little personal
                             slap not withstanding, you've added nothing to
                             show I'm wrong or strengthen anything you're
                             trying to say.
                             \_ Dude, it must be scary believing everyone is
                                out to get you. -dans
                                out to get you. I am the best ad you are a
                                out to get you. I am the best and you are a
                                worm. -dans
                                \_ Don't append bogus text to other people's
                                   posts.  Or at least get the writer's voice
                                   write.  I best is a wanker's adjective.
                                   And I wouldn't have said worm, I would have
                                   said wanker. -dans
                                wanker. -dans
                                \_ Aw, how cute you took my advice.  The
                                   change to my post is a little better, but,
                                   come on, "I am the best"?  Don't you think
                                   that's a bit of a clunky turn of phrase?
                                   \_ No worries, no one thought it was you
                                      anyway.  I can disagree with you and
                                      debate with you but I never thought you
                                      were stupid like your wanna-be clone
                                      up there.
                 "I do not recall" to all questions and got off but was trying
                 to help the FBI's investigation.  Someone else gets nailed
                 with $90k in their fridge and has an appointment to the
                 committee on homeland security.  Another person stuffs Nat'l
                 Security documents in his shorts and gets a wrist slap.  You
                 don't see a double standard or just don't care because it
                 suits your agenda?
                 \_ What "hack" said that the world would be better if the
                    VP were assassinated?
                        \_ Bill Maher
                           \_ When?  Where?  It's worth noting that Bill Maher
                              is a humorist who moonlights as a hack.  Compare
                              to Ann Coulter who is a hack, who, frankly,
                              can't do funny. -dans.
                              \_ They're both hacks.  Neither is a journalist,
                                 neither is funny, both are public figures who
                                 make money by stirring shit up.
                                 \_ No, really, Bill Maher got his start as a
                                    comedian.  You may not find him funny, but
                                    plenty of other people do.  The same
                                    cannot be said of Ann Coulter unless you
                                    mean funny in the tragic and pathetic sort
                                    of way. -dans
                                    \_ Well, that's sort of argueable.
                                       Currently, one generally gets left
                                       leaning entertainment on TV, but right
                                       leaning entertainment on the radio.
                                       Most talk radio hosts are basically
                                       comedians.  I think that's the
                                       background coulter comes from, so I
                                       don't see why she can't be classed with
                                    \_ It doesn't matter how he got his start.
                                       He is not currently nor has been a
                                       comedian for many years and did not
                                       say what he did meaning it as a joke.
                                       His former career is not relevant.
                              \_ Google "bill maher cheney better dead"
                                 \_ All I got was this post.
                              \_ It may interest you that far-right wingers
                                 find Coulter funny.  As far as I can tell. no
                                 one but far-lefties finds Maher funny.  It is
                                 not hard to be funny to these groups,
                                 variations on "Bush/Edwards is a(n)
                                 idiot/faggot." is sufficent.
                                 \_ The day Bill Maher is a headline speaker
                                    at a major democratic gathering we can
                                        \_ How often does his show run?  How is
                                           Maher any different than Rush?  Is
                                           Rush bad?  Why not Maher?  And wtf
                                           kind of name is Rush anyway?  Who
                                           comes up with this stuff?  At least
                                           AC and BM have real names.
                                    even begin to see if he compares with
                                    Coulter (my guess is he doesn't even come
                                    close, Maher is more of an Libritarian
                                    ass than a Democrat ass.)  But until then
                                    even trying to equate the two is stupid
                                    and you know it.  It's like saying
                                    "See, move on is a bunch of psychos,
                                    some random person sumbited a video
                                    comparing Bush to Hilter so therefore
                                    when a major administration offical
                                    calls anti-war demostartors traitors it's
                                    pro quid pro!"
                                    P.S. If you don't see the difference
                                    between calling someone an idiot and
                                    calling them a faggot, you sir, are too
                                    stupid to have gone to cal.  Please give
                                    back your CSUA account.
                                    \_ I see the different between name calling
                                       and wishing someone was assassinated.
                                       You think name calling is worse?  Ok.
                                       You are smart.  I am dumb.
                                       \_ Dunno about smart or dumb, but you're
                                          still unsubstantiated. Cite, please.
                                       \_ Ann Coulter has called for the
                                          assassination of federal judges
                                          that she disagreed with. Why didn't
                                          you condemn that with the same fury?
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