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2007/3/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:45862 Activity:nil
3/3     When I was growing up most of the jporns had the guy pull out and
        squirt on a woman's face or stomach. Nowadays they just shoot it
        in. What's with the paradigm shift? Are porn stars getting lazier?
        \_ More impotent male stars with can't achieve climax at the settings?
        \_ Really?  In most jporn I watch, the guys still pull out.
        \_ Two different markets: facials and creampies. The creampie has not
           replaced the facial, but has made some headway in the Jpr0n
           market. Cf. relative decline of rape vids as opposed to consensuals
           in the same market; not replaced, just more of the latter.
2007/3/4-6 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:45863 Activity:nil
3/3     What is the cheapest option for internet access for somebod my parents
        who just need to do some email a couple of hours a week and nominal
        amounts of web browsing?  Some kind of dialup service?  They have a
        mac, in case that makes a difference, and live in the South Bay.
        Fast access at $30-$50/mo, not worth it for them, especially since
        they travel for months at a time.
        \_ Jyno has $9.95/mo dialup, but for just $3/mo more you can get
           a fractional DSL line from Actually, I see these
           same prices from dslextreme, my current DSL provider, though
           to get that dial-up price, you have to buy a whole year.
2007/3/4-7 [Uncategorized] UID:45864 Activity:nil
3/4     Go read "Cadillac Desert" by Marc Reisner.
        \_ Why?
        \_ No.
2007/3/4-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:45865 Activity:nil 54%like:45917
3/4     trn crashes on me upon startup:
        "*** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x08091618 ***
        Any idea?  Thanks.
2007/3/4-7 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:45866 Activity:nil
3/4     I have about 150 VHS tapes that I want to throw away to save space.
        Should I add these non-bio degradable and potentially toxic items
        to the landfill, or are there better ways to dispose them?
        \_ Sell them on the net.
        \_ You can remove the coating on the tape with acetone and make
           ferrofluid with it.
2007/3/4-5 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45867 Activity:high 80%like:45872 90%like:45879
3/4     So much for the peak oil myth
        \_ I am NostraMotd. Oil price will peak in 2010. World War III
           will happen in 2012 in a blink of an eye.    -nostramotd
           \_ So you went into a trance and your assistant recorded your
              ramblings a la Casey or you hid in your attic scribbling little
              rhyming poems with insufficient detail to ever be sure that any
              of your predictions actually came true?  Or did this come out of
              the hidden messages in the Bible?  Nostradamus didn't need no
              stinkin' URLs!
        \_ Yeah, I'm sure when gas price reachs $10/gal, much more oil will
           become financially feasible to be extracted.  No worries.
           \_ It is certainly true that the amount of oil in the ground is
              much larger than what we're currently able to extract.  The
              problem is, at some point it's not possible to ramp up new
              production quickly enough to keep up with ever-increasing
              demand.  We won't run out of oil, but supplies will be
              increasingly constrained.  The only question is when that
              will happen. -tom
              \_ Refineries are easy but yes getting a new field started takes
                 several years.  The fun part of all this is when you have an
                 .org like OPEC where members are allowed to sell a certain
                 amount based on their _claimed_ reserves.  So by lying and
                 claiming higher reserves they can sell more.  Their actual
                 honest estimates of their reserves are secret and likely
                 much lower than their public claims.  Thus, unless new fields
                 are started sooner than the Saudis and friends would have us
                 believe we need them, then yes we'll be hosed.
                 \_ It's not only a question of how long it takes to start a
                    new field now; it's also that, as we start getting into
                    fields which require more effort/energy to extract
                    (like the Canadian oil sands), it will take even longer to
                    ramp up new fields.  -tom
                        \_ The Canadian oil sands turn gold into lead.  Clean
                           burning natural gas and freshwater are used to
                           create synthetic oil, sludge and greenhouse gases
                           on an insane scale.
                           \_ What is the process used to extract from oil
                    \_ Either way, OPEC is not a pro-Western friendly .org and
                       won't provide honest estimates of usable reserves so it
                       doesn't matter much if the world falls 5 years short of
                       getting new production online or 7 or 9 or 12.
        \_ It's nice to know that our supply of greenhouse-gas-producing
           petrolium is ever growing.
           \_ its not that the supply is growing -- it isn't -- it is that as
              the price goes up, we can use more efficient means to extract
              all of it, and go beyond the easy-to-pump oil.  It is still a
              limited resource that will eventually run out.
                \_ Then why has the production of oil in the United States
                   peaked back in 1970, and has gone down every year since
                \_ Then why did the production of oil in the United States
                   peak back in 1970, and go down every year since
                   then, while prices have gone up and down and extraction
                   technology has greatly improved?  I mean, it goes down
                   every year like clockwork (there was a tiny blip around
                   1986 due to Alaska but that's it).  Note that there are
                   more oil wells operating in the United States than the
                   rest of the world COMBINED (500,000 pumping and 2,000,000
                   drilled).  Oil production is no longer an economic problem,
                   it is a problem with physics and geology.
                   rest of the world COMBINED (500,000 pumping out of
                   2,000,000 drilled).  Oil production is no longer an
                   economic problem, it is a problem with physics and geology.
                   \_ You may have noticed that the US gets a large percent of
                      oil from outside the US.  Even if the US never had a drop
                      of native oil (like Japan, France, etc), then we'd just
                      be using nukes for power and likely have more advanced
                      electric cars.
2007/3/4-7 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:45868 Activity:nil
3/4     Does anyone have a good C# mode package for emacs?  I'm using 21.3.1.
        According to it
        seems like none of the available ones are good.  Thanks.
        \_ for all languages invented in the past 25 years, the emacs
           modes are not good.
           \_ Probably.  But is there any other editor that has modes for all
              languages invented in the past 25 years?  (Plain text mode
              doesn't count. :-) )
2007/3/4-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:45869 Activity:moderate
3/4     60 Minutes: PSB > TOM (Medicare > Defense)
        \_ Synopsis: Clinton=surplus, Bush=deficit, Republican=bad.
                     We're fucked thanks to fiscal irresponsibility.
                     \_ A surplus co-oping Republican bills. Who started
                        the first surplus? Are you one of those "Politics
                        began with Clinton newbies who's been around
                        only the last 14 years" to answer that?
                        \_ Too bad Bush didn't come up with the same brilliant
                           strategy of co-opting Republican bills!  -tom
           Political slant: CBS, anti-Republican
           Fact check: this is a political smear.
           \- The earlier motd discussion was not very partisan or
              ideological. It was about 3 things:
           \- The earlier motd discussion was about 3 things:
              (0. distinguish between liabilities and payments)
              1. medicare liability >> SS liability
              2. non-discretionary entitlements >> defense liability
              3. holub ought not be dismissing other people's writings
                 when unaware of either the details of the accounting
                 used or the $numbers involved. While this backs up
                 my numbers, there was plenty of evidence provided
                 used or the $numbers involved. While this backs up some
                 of my numbers, there was plenty of evidence provided
                 earlier [particlarly the KC Fed study].
              BTW, I thought the tuition analogy was pretty good.
              The Comptroller General is a Clinton appointee, but is
              hardly a communist or a partisan hack.
           \- The earlier motd discussion was largely about
              a single statistic, the NPV value of medicare
              liability >> SS liability >> long range defense costs.
              (we didnt discuss debt service ... that highly depends
              on future fiscal policy rather than just actuarial
              It wasnt so much a partisan discussion or one very
              involved with interpretation. The CBO fellow, as
              well as the pointers I left present plenty of
              evidence for this. Holub shouldnt be dissing other
              people for being ignorant of facts when he's
              wrong about them. BTW, the Comptroller General
              is a Clinton appointee, but is hardly a
              communist or a partisan hack. BTW, I thought
              te tuition analogy was pretty good.
              \_ I think there are a number of flawed assumptions here,
                 a major one being that our health care system could be
                 completely different even by 2011, let alone by 2040.
                 Another is to describe military spending as discretionary
                 and Medicare as long-term liability; military spending
                 has alwyas grown faster than federal health care spending,
                 and fundamentally represents a liability due to current
                 military posture.   -tom
                 \_ Can you stop saying meaningless things like: "military
                    spending has alwyas grown faster than federal health
                    care spending".
                    \_ How is it meaningless?  It's verifiably true.  What is
                       meaningless is the distinction between Medicare as
                       a liability and the military as discretionary spending.
                       We can choose to change Medicare benefits at any time,
                       despite the prescription drug bill and other "promises."
                       And while we theoretically could decide to stop
                       spending gobs of money on the military, there's no
                       evidence that we will.   -tom
                 \_ By 2011, no, but 2040 is very far away.  Our current
                    system is very much not like it was 34 years ago.  In fact,
                    I'd say it's completely different.
                    \- forget 34 yrs. do you know how much the BUSHCO
                       prescription medicine benefit is considered to have
                       have added to liabilities. all the reasonable people
                       doing projections consder maybe 4-5 optimistic to
                       pessimistic projections. but some of the basic facts
                       are not in dispute in any scenario short of "the big
                       asteroid vaporizes half the country". BTW, it is fairly
                       "standard" to use 75yrs as the "infinite horizon"
                       projection number. i dont know why, but it is.
                       it's probably a case of "you have to agree to something
                       for consistency". i assume somebody has done the
                       sensitivity analysis around that number. --psb
                       [By "SA" i mean:
2007/3/4-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:45870 Activity:nil
3/4     I've been out of the CSUA loop for a while.  Is CGI no longer
        \_ That's right. It's takes too much unix fu to set it up and
           we just can't handle it.
2007/3/4-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:45871 Activity:nil
3/4     So I'm new to AJAX and I have a few concerns. Let's say I include
        an iframe to a completely different website, say, one of the Yahoo
        or Google plugin (game, fortune) or something. Isn't it possible
        that we'll have variable name space collision between the different
        iframes? My understanding is all iframes and frame variables
        are shared but then again my understanding sucks.
        \_ Yes, this is a problem, though it's a smaller problem in practice,
           than you might expect.  By and large, it's solved the same way
           that the problem of name space collisions in C code is `solved'.
           See: and search for
           __MODULE_ID__ for an example.  There are actually some clever
           things you can do with scope in Javascript to more or less
           eliminate this problem.  If you're playing around with Javascript,
           you might want to check out IGMonkey, a library I wrote to make it
           easier to do web mashups:
           It's largely targeted at the Google Gadgets API, and I haven't had
           time to work on it in months, but there's still some useful stuff
           in there. -dans
2007/3/4 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45872 Activity:nil 80%like:45867
3/4     So much for the peak oil myth
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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