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2007/3/2 [Uncategorized] UID:45851 Activity:nil
3/2     Do you want to turn into a rabbit?
        Rabbitize anything you want:
2007/3/2-3 [Transportation/Car, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45852 Activity:nil
3/2     The Infernal Combustion Engine Helped the Environment, according
        to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: (
        \_ heh heh heh, Infernal, heh heh....
        \_ This is an awesome perspective, thanks. -!dans
2007/3/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:45853 Activity:nil
3/2     I'm interested in reading the Koran.  I realize the proper way is to
        read it in Arabic, but I'd like to find a good, free English
        translation.  Any recommondations? -emarkp
2007/3/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:45854 Activity:nil
3/2     Swiss invade Liechtenstein
        \_ HEIL SWISS JOHN! HEIL!!
2007/3/2-3 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Travel] UID:45855 Activity:kinda low
3/2     Funny, probably work safe: -!dans
        \_ Wow, everything in that story is totally crazy.
        \_ Fairly boring and unbelievable - !danh
         \_ It's also a hoax
            \_ How do you know that?
        \_ That's completely work-safe.
2007/3/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:45856 Activity:nil
3/2     Paypal has a new security key: (
2007/3/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:45857 Activity:nil 80%like:45848
3/1     The elderly among us will appreciate this (
        \_ Did you mean the Roy Rapoport reference?  Or Singer the untalented
           \_ Someone piss in your coffee this morning?
           \_ I forgot all about Roy. What's up with the dude these days?
2007/3/2-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45858 Activity:moderate
3/2     I have a wife and two toddler kids, and my wife and I make about
        $100k/yr each.  If I want a divorce and I don't want to take care of
        the kids except financial support, how much will I need to give
        to my wife each month?
        \_ Waaay more than a marriage counselor would cost.
           says $19840 (presumably per year, not per month)
           says $1823
           \_ The URL gives me "ReadParse Failed".  -- OP
              \_ Sorry, just found it Googling. It looks like it has move to:
                 I have no idea if it is correct or not.
        \_ Are you just curious, or do you hate your kids or something?
           \_ Both.  I hate my kids and I've been day-dreaming about a
              divorce, but I'm not actually going to do it.  -- OP
           \- can you post to the motd when you find out. i think
              these negotiations are quite interesting [and various
              plausible to strange hypotheticals were dicussed in the
              wall logs .. although i am not sure where the historical
              archive is on teh new sloda]. have you thought about
              quitting your job to see if you can get paid by your
        \_ You're going to get your clock cleaned in court.  Expect to live
           in a tiny apartment, drive a tiny car a long way to work and
           generally have a shitty life until the kids are both 18, and
           older if they go to college.  If you have a new family with kids
           your old kids are going to get the moolah while your new kids
           are lucky to get peanut butter lunches.  Get over it and get
           some marriage counseling.  Or you could move your family to a
           state like Kentucky where women get screwed over in court.
           \_ This sort of thing happened to my uncle. His ex-wife
              convinced his own sons their dad cheated them out of $
              that they hate their father. Nevermind she always made more.
              He remarried but his alimony and child support payments are
              so high, he's screwed for years. His ex is even going after
              his pension so the new wife doesn't get it.
              \_ In all the cases I know of first hand, the husband is poor for
              a while, but by the time he has his second set of kids, they
                are MUCH better off financially than his first family.
        \_ Things have sure changed in 15 years.  15 years ago: discussions
           about bad getting-laid decisions.  Now: discussions about dealing
           with the repercussions of the bad getting-laid activity.
           \_ What?! I can't quite hear you sonny, could you speak up?  Wait
              another 15 years and you'll see hearing aid threads on the motd.
                \_ I'd put the under/over on that at WAY less than 15 years.
                   hearing aids are really small now, so less stigma, and
                   they are a lot better, so more marginal users.
                   Lots of people need them in their early 40s, so, I'll
                   bet we don't have to wait even 10 years for those threads.
2007/3/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45859 Activity:moderate
3/2     Returning Honor and Dignity to The White House:
        \_ but.. but... privatization fixes everything!  invisible hand!
           invisible hand!
           \_ Goddamn unions...
           \_ I will not be mocked.  --The Invisible Hand
2007/3/2-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/OS] UID:45860 Activity:nil
3/2     If you are using Wordpress 2.1.1, upgrade to 2.1.2 b/c 2.1.1
        downloads were compromised:
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