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2007/2/25-3/1 [Computer/Theory] UID:45816 Activity:moderate
2/24    For those w/ a math interest KCSM (Channel 17/43.1) in the Bay
        Area is airing a biography of Paul Erdos this Wednesday, 28 Feb.
        \_ After the program, I dans@soda, will present a comprehensive
           critique here in the soda motd.
           \_ Really?  I mean, Paul Erdos rocks and all, but, if
              you're tuning in to the program, you already know that.
           \_ Really?  I mean, Paul Erdos rocks and all, but, if you're
              tuning in to the program, you already know that.
              P.S. Don't impersonate people on the motd.  It's lame.
              And if you're going to do it, at least get the details
              right. -dans
              \- VFR Jones, of the "Jones Polynomial" fame is giving a
                 talk on March 7 5pm at the Bancroft Hotel. dans will
                 follow it up with a talk on the HOMFLY polynomial.
                 On a different subject, Martin Jay, will be giving
                 a talk on Lying in Politics [he's not going to say what
                 you might expect, unless maybe you know him and read his LRB?
                 essay on this] on Feb 28 5pm Bancroft Hotel. Martin Jay is
                 not a normal person ... I think he has a photographic memory.
                 \_ Heh.  I took Math 1B from Jones.  Teaching lower-division
                    math classes made him *pissed*. -dans
                    \_ You really enjoy making threads tack so they are
                       about you, dont you?
                    \_ So then don't become a professor. Use your super
                       math skills in industry. People who become profs
                       and then get mad when they have to teach are idiots.
                       I'm sure even his dumb ass had to take 1B or
                       equivalent once upon a time and someone taught it
                       to him.
                       \_ Don't hate the player, hate the game: Berkeley math
                          doesn't even ask about teaching on their faculty
                          job applications.  The department doesn't care, so
                          why should individual faculty?
                          \- what is ironic is one of the most notorious
                             math profs, Hurricane Wu, cares deeply about
                             teaching ... and even writes papers on how
                             to teach math. ob:
                       \_ Dude, were you abused by a theoretical math
                          professor?  I mean, Vaughn Jones is a Fields
                          Medalist, somehow I suspect the satisfaction and
                          rewards with being, literally, one of the worlds
                          greatest mathematicians probably outweighs the
                          annoyance of having to teach Math 1B once every few
                          years. -dans
                          \_ And then these sorts typically take out their
                             frustration and annoyance on their undergrads
                             which is no good for anyone involved.  They
                             should just hire non-prof. teachers to take care
                             of the lower division stuff.
                             \_ I think you are mis-diagnosing the problem.
                                It's not that 1a/b are elementary, it's that
                                they are not really math classes in the sense
                                that mathematicians practice math.  These
                                classes exist to teach scientists and engineers
                                very useful practical skills, none of which
                                are relevant for a working mathematician.  The
                                way for them to be taught right is for people
                                who acctually use calc to teach them, i.e.
                                science and engineering professors.  The reason
                                this rarely happens is political: math
                                departments get money based on the huge
                                enrollment, and don't want to ever lose that
                                money to physics, EE, or ME or whatever.
                                At a school other than Berkeley, they actually
                                had applied physics profs teaching the 50a/b
                                series, and those sections were waaaay over
                                enrolled, while only people with a schedule
                                conflict would sign up with the math guy.
                                \_ The CS department has introduced CS 70 as
                                   a replacement for Math 55 (formerly 50a/b)
                                   for basically this reason. The math dept.
                                   didn't care much for 55 since math people
                                   don't take it, so it was generally not well
                                   supported. It's really a class for CS types,
                                   so it was moved to CS. -gm
                             \- curious point: among non-medical faculty
                                VFR Jones is one of the highest paid profs
                                in the uc system. it's a strange outlier.
                                \_ He's a Field's Medalist for pete's sake.
                                   If that doesn't earn him a ridiculously
                                   high salary, what will?
                                   \- dood, you have to stop assuming
                                      everybody else is stupid. uc has a
                                      bunch of other nobels and fields
                                      medalists and obviously i was
                                      noting VFRJ compared to them, not
                                      a lecturer in comp lit. it might be
                                      interesting to see TTAO's recent
                                      salary curve. in addition to prestige
                                      there is mkt price/op cost, and how much
                                      $$$ they bring into the university. e.g.
                                      kahan has a turing award but i bet
                                      patterson brings in more $$$. and i
                                      didnt say it was ridiculously high.
                                      i'm focusing on it's outliernss, not
                                      it's magnitude.
                                      \_ But he's a *field medalist*!!!@!1111
                                         \_  Why do you think I'm assuming
                                             everyone else is stupid?
                                             Insecure, and maybe a little
                                             irrational possibly, but not
                                             stupid. -dans
                                             \_ See, this, right here, is why
                                                no one likes you.
                                                \_ No, that right there is what
                                                   I do to prevent having to
                                                   put up with fuckheads like
                                                   you in my social circle.
                                                   The precise term for this
                                                   is "standards".
                                                   \_ Hint: you can't get out
                                                      of the hole by continuing
                                                      to dig.
                                                      \_ Hint: I don't need
                                                         the affirmation of
                                                         anonymous motd hosers
                                                         to feel secure in my
                                                         sense of self. -dans
                                       We're gonna need a bigger shovel... _/
                                       \_ I'll take backhoes for $200, Alex!
                                          \_ HOly fucking crap I want to buy a
                                             backhoe for 200 dollars.
                                             \_ try ofarrell && larkin
                                                \_ Could you please provide
                                                   more information?  thanks!
                                                   -guy who wants backhoe
                                                   \_ The $200 back hoe's
                                                      are usually Transvestites.
                                             \_ dans, a couple of us got a
                                                good laugh out of your use of
                                                "theoretical math professor".
                                                keep up the inadvertent humor.
2007/2/25-3/1 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:45817 Activity:nil
2/25    The top page of Fry's Electronic's (outpost) no longer shows
        the [Retail] Store Locator. Are they getting rid of the stores?
        \_ I doubt it:
2007/2/25-3/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:45818 Activity:nil
2/25    Call of Duty 3 on Wii-- worst game for Wii, evar. The controls
        are unlike the other Wiis, where aiming and focus is slow,
        imprecise, and unintuitive. The jeep driving part is totally
        unplayable where you have very little control over the vehicle
        because the Wii tilt sensor has a 500ms delay. I loved CoD2 and
        CoD1, but CoD3 is worst game of them all. Don't waste your
        money on it.
2007/2/25-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:45819 Activity:nil
        THE RESEARCHER Kanazawa says he doesn't want to be sued for this
        advice, but "by marrying a beautiful spouse you are slightly
        increasing the chance that you'll have a daughter."
        \_ No wonder I have two boys.  Gotta show this to my wife.
           \_ What are you saying, that
                1) your wife is not beautiful
                2) you're ugly
                3) both?
           \_ He could be saying he's a scientist or engineer.
2007/2/25-3/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:45820 Activity:high
2/25    I hate condoms:
        \_ I think that condoms, like contact lenses, suck because our
           materials technology sucks, and that neither is fundamentally
           a bad idea, and will be fine to use in a few more decades.
           I think condoms will stop sucking right around the time contact
           lenses do.
           \_ On the contrary, I think condoms will start sucking in a few
              decades, rendering Fleshlight obsolete.  Wireless power will
              have to work first, though.
              \_ Exactly! That's exactly my point!  And contact lenses will have
                 a zoom function, see infrared, and have headsup displays.
        \_ I wonder if the author feels the same way 10 years later.
           \_ Herpes rules.
            \_ I've been in the same boat since before 97 (use a condom
               the first few times, give up shortly after cause damn those
               things suck) and I've not had any stds.  Nor has anyone I've
               known.  The big STD fear is pretty blow out of proportion
               if your risk factors aren't that high.  AIDS devistated the
               gay world because plenty of gay men had 100s of partners a
               year, without any protection.  The number of people I've slept
               with more that a few times is pretty low, and I bet that's
               true for almost everyone.
               \_ I code for hobby and pleasure. My chance is 0%. I rule.
               \_ I'm sure you don't wear a seat belt either.
               \_ It only takes one time with the wrong person.
                \_ It does, that's why when the risk is high (random person,
                   no known history) I use a condom.  But really the STD doom
                   and gloom is way out of proportion to the risk.  Seriously.
                   \_ So the second time?  The third time?  I hope you're
                      aware of how many STDs show no signs until it's too
                      late.  And there are others that can be easily
                      transmitted even with a condom.  You're just playing
                      Russian Roulette with your health.  I wonder if you've
                      ever been tested for anything recently?  You could be
                      infected with any number of things and not know it and
                      be spreading whatever you have to whoever you've been
                      \_ Jesus Christ you are thick.  It's not a matter of
                         waiting a time or two to make sure my penis doesn't
                         fall off.  It's a question of not having risky sex
                         with people I only sleep with a few times.  By that
                         time I've gotten to know someone a bit, know that
                         they most likely have the same kinds of policies
                         and know that, considering we both get tested every
                         few years, that hey, the risks are fairly low.
                         The fact is if you aren't in a high risk group STDs
                         are really PRETTY DAMN RARE.  Yes you can refuse any
                         risk and always use a condom, but you know what, tons
                         of people don't and if the risks were unreasonable
                         you would know a hell of a lot more people with
                         \_ The number of women with HPV is estimated to be
                            25%.  HPV is asymptomatic.  If you're having sex
                            with an American woman your odds are 1 in 4 of
                            being exposed to HPV.  And the kicker is you
                            wouldn't even know it and can easily pass it on.
                            Cervical cancer for all your partner, nice of you
                            to share that.  I shouldn't have to explain any
                            further how your choices are extremely likely to
                            lead to HPV and likely several other STDs.  It is
                            true that two people in low risk groups are by
                            definition at low risk for STD transmission.  The
                            thing is *you* are not in a low risk group.  Have
                            a nice day.
                            \_ Someone is bitter that they never get laid.
                               Someone has also bought into the great HPV
                               scare.  How sad.
                               \_ Someone has never lived with a woman, or
                                  has never heard of a PAP smear, or knows
                                  pathetically little about STDs to call this
                                  widely known data a "scare".
                                  From the CDC:
                                  Approximately 20 million people are
                                  currently infected with HPV. At least
                                  50 percent of sexually active men and
                                  women acquire genital HPV infection at
                                  some point in their lives. By age 50,
                                  at least 80 percent of women will have
                                  acquired genital HPV infection. About
                                  6.2 million Americans get a new genital
                                  HPV infection each year.
                                  I think you'd be shocked to see the numbers
                                  for herpes type 1.
                                  \_ Herpes type 1 is a cold sore.  Hardly
                                     something where condom usage matters.
        \_ Huh, the immediate above poster needs to visit Health class again
           in junior high/ high school / college.  HSV TYPE 1 and HSV
           TYPE 2 will both happily in your groin area.  They will
           happily be passed through condomless sex.  It is true that
           condoms dont 100 percent block transmission, but it does happen.
           It is true that HSV TYPE 2 is USUALLY not passed to the mouth
           from genital->mouth transmission.  About 25-30 years ago
           the health prof. community really did differentiate between
           the two viruses as 'type 1 is a mouth cold sore' and
           'type 2 is a cold sore on your groin area' but I will
           state 100 percent no question that all knowledgeable health
           professionals do not believe this.  type 1 and type 2 are
           both herpes cold sores.  You're just kind of unhappy when
           you have an outbreak of either on your groin.  A lot of people
           have one AND two on their groin area.  Fun.  The only difference
           between the two is the outbreak rate.  People with type
           1 on their groin might only get 1 outbreak their entire life.
           The evil thing is even when you're not having an outbreak,
           you can be transmitttablle.  People with type 1 on their lips
           usually get one outbreak per year.  People with type 2 on groin
           get an outbreak every 3 or 4 months.  It all varies.  Type 2
           on lips hardly ever get outbreaks.  Their are some differences
           in severity of initial outbreak.  The good thing is
           Hepres wont kill you.  Have fun.
                                     And as to HPV, yes I know about
                                     pap smears.  But the HPV is harldy
                                     a big deal.  Seriously.  Less than
                                     1 hundredth of a percent of the female
                                     population is diagnosed with with
                                     cervical cancer a year.  If 1/4 of
                                     the population has HPV (the numbers
                                     I've seen are > 1/2 of sexually active
                                     adults) then gee, maybe it's not like
                                     it's on the same leauge as a real STD.
                                     By great HPV scare I'm talking about
                                     people who are sad that AIDS is no
                                     longer as an effecitve way to try
                                     to scare people into abstinance (and
                                     do you remember when herpes was being
                                     used the same way?) are trying to
                                     do the same with HPV.  The difference?
                                     HPV ISN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL.
                                     Oh and PS, condoms don't really protect
                                     against HPV that well.
                                     \_ So you don't seem to know that you
                                        can get type 1 herpes in your mouth,
                                        which we call a cold sore, but also
                                        on your genitals *and* in your eyes.
                                        \_ Actually I do know this, but
                                           I also know the vast majority of
                                           herpes 1 is oral, and so bringing
                                           it up in this context is well,
                                           stupid.  Then again since neither
                                           my girlfriend nor I have any
                                           form of herpes it's not really an
                                           issue.  But you know what, my
                                           advice to you is live in fear,
                                           take a bleach shower after every
                                           sexual encounter and I'm sure that
                                           will all work out well for you.
                                           \_ Type 1 is mostly oral and can
                                              be transmitted to the mouth,
                                              groin or eyes of your partner.
                                              It is not a trivial event to
                                              be so easily dismissed.  You keep
                                              talking about living in fear and
                                              tossing around direct personal
                                              insults of various sorts instead
                                              of relying on any sort of pesky
                                              facts in an effort to justify
                                              your risky decisions.  Hey, guess
                                              what?  You're not the only one
                                              getting laid in hs, college, or
                                              after college.  Some people get
                                              lucky and stay healthy, others
                                              don't.  I used to think like you
                                              but fortunately I got smart
                                              before I got unlucky.  Maybe the
                                              same will happen for you.
                                              Probably not since there's even
                                              more bad stuff out there than
                                              when I was 'dating' and it
                                              sounds like you're less careful
                                              than I was, which isn't saying
                                              much.  I find it interesting
                                              that you avoided all questions
                                              about sharing info and what
                                              you'd do in various cases if
                                              either of you knew beforehand.
                                              Would you kiss a girl with type
                                              1 oral herpes?  Would you let
                                              her bj you?  Why or why not?
                                        When you or your gf have an outbreak
                                        of type 1 genital herpes I don't think
                                        either of you will be happy to know it
                                        is "only" a cold sore.  And, yes the
                                        fact that HPV can spread even with
                                        condom use should make one rethink
                                        their plan to have a large number of
                                        short term partners instead of a small
                                        number of long term.  Now that you've
                                        made it clear you don't give a shit if
                                        you transmit to someone, would you tell
                                        them if you had something before having
                                        sex or just figure it's ok because in
                                        your opinion it's no big deal and just
                                        a CDC conspiracy to control our sex
                                        lives?  If she had something and told
                                        you before would you still have sex
                                        with her?  If not, why not?  After all
                                        it is *only* type 1 herpes, a mere
                                        cold sore.  I'll restate that you are
                                        correct that two low risk people are at
                                        low risk for transmission in either
                                        direction, but you are not one of those
                                        low risk people you're talking about.
                                        \_ Dude, I had sex with at least 50
                                        \_ Dude, I had sex with at least 500
                                           women before I got married and
                                           settled down. I often used a condom
                                           but by no means all of the time.
                                           I never caught herpes (either type),
                                           or chlamydia, or aids or syphillis.
                                           Not everyone is infected by your
                                           fear and paranoia. Sure I took
                                           risks, but they were calculated
                                           risks, but they were careful
                                           risks and I was fine. Real life
                                           is like this everyday. -!dans
                                           is like this everyday. -!pp or op
           \_ The Author married the next year:
              \_ Correction: She met her future husband the next year; they
                 got married in October 2000.
                 \_ So, presumably she never caught an STD.
                    \_ This is an unfounded assumption.
                       \_ Okay sure. But the presumption that she has
                          herpes today is even less likely to be true.
                                           \_ I find it hilarious that someone
                                              feels the need to qualify this
                                              by saying that they're not me.
                                             \_ Yeah, I was worried that your
                                                fans might think that you had
                                                only had 50 lifetime sex
                                                partners and stop worshipping
                                                you. (Actually, the real
                                                reason is that someone changed
                                                my 50 to a 500 and then signed
                                                your name to the bottom, so
                                                I changed it back to 50 and
                                                signed it !dans, but my first
                                                answer is funnier) -!dans
                                                \_ You've got a funny notion
                                                   of what constitutes funny.
                                                   Though it's amusing that I
                                                   have achieved psb's level
                                                   of infamy. -dans
        \_ lol there are 2 tenured Cal professors who think AIDS is not
           transmitted sexually.
           \_ -DANH
           \_ -PSB
        \_ I know some slutty gay guys who have had unprotected sex as a bottom
           with dozens of partners and are STD free.  Just because you win the
           lottery doesn't mean you will keep winning the lottery, "Luck can't
           last a lifetime unless you die young"
                                      \_ Only the good die young. -bjoel
                                         \_ Don't take credit for my lyrics
                                            you fuck. -bdickinson
        \_ Am I the only one who appreciates the irony of a flame war on the
           CSUA motd over STD's?  I mean, generally speaking the CSUA is not
           the place one frequents to get laid.  I mean, yeah, there are
           exceptions, but in general... -dans
           \_ You weren't here in the good ole days... -!dans
              \_ So, what, you fucked ahm?  lila?  Or are you suggesting that,
                 in the 'good ole days' the CSUA would convert the machine
                 rooms to gay bathhouses? -dans
                 \_ No, I think it is amusing that you can only think of the
                    csua from a guy's perspective. Plenty of women used to
                    frequent the CSUA to get "laid." They would probably deny
                    that this is what they were here for, but the end result
                    was the same. Personally, I dated at least four different
                    csua women (if you use the strict definition of csua
                    member == csua account holder), but I know quite a few
                    women who make me look like a piker. Don't you guys have
                    groupies anymore? -!dans
                    \_ Probably, but I was never that into CSUA groupies.
                    \_ Probably, but I was never that into CSUA herpes.
                       Turn it around to the guy's perspective, why chase
                       after the one or two groupies that all the other geeks
                       are swarming over? -dans
2007/2/25-28 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:45821 Activity:high
2/25    Any reason why British people have bad teeth in general?
        \_ Floride.  POE.
           \_ I thought floride prevents tooth decay.  -- !OP
              \_ Purity Of Essence.  The Brits have it.
        \_ Mostly it's a comparison issue: Americans place a high regard on
           orthodonture and good-looking teeth, whereas Brits traditionally
           have not. This is changing, and within a generation or so, Brit
           teeth may look no worse than average American teeth. Cf. Japanese
           teeth or any other nation's teeth, for that matter.
           \- there is probably a discontinuity because it isnt covered
              in their national heath care system or something like that.
              \_ Japanese health insurance usually covers dental fixes but
                 not regular check-ups. Ounce of prevention, etc.
        \_ Socialized medicine.
           \_ Rubbish. My brothers and I grew up in the world's greatest
              living example of socialism, the US military, and our teeth
              are fine.
              \_ The USM isn't socialist.  As a soldier you are a product and
                 resource unit, property as you will, of the USM.  It wouldn't
                 do to spend so much on your training and upkeep and then have
                 you not ready for battle because of a tooth ache.  The USM
                 takes care of it's property until it's time not to.   If you
                 weren't actually soliders and just army brats then the same
                 thing applies.  Can't have dad distracted from war because
                 his kids are home screaming in pain about their rotted teeth.
                 \_ I got guaranteed healthcare, dental, housing, counseling,
                    utilities, education, travel expenses, moving expenses,
                    subsidized groceries and consumer goods, and in return the
                    military told us where to go and what to do. I presented
                    papers at every gate I passed through, listened to
                    radio programs laced with propaganda (FEN, AFN), read
                    newspapers with propaganda (Stars & Stripes), and
                    assumed that the phones were tapped. How is this not
                    socialism? And yes, as I said, we grew up in the USM, so
                    we were military brats.
                    \_ Socialism has nothing to do with being a slave to the
                       state.  That is what the military is.  Try a dictionary,
                       polisci classmate, or your favorite online resource for
                       a detailed definition of socialism.  What you describe
                       is exactly what I described: the military owns you and
                       takes cares of you like property or a puppy, tells you
                       what to do, when, where, and how, and then when needed,
                       they spend you in a war somewhere or send your dad's
                       dog tags and a flag home to your mom.
                       \_ From Wikipedia:
                          "Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or
                           political movements that envisage a socio-economic
                           system in which property and the distribution of
                           wealth are subject to social control. This control
                           may be either direct-- exercised through popular
                           collectives such as workers' councils-- or
                           indirect-- exercised on behalf of the people by the
                           state. As an economic system, socialism is often
                           characterized by state or community ownership of
                           the means of production."
                          Now, examine what I wrote above and tell me how this
                          fails to meet a definition of Socialism.
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