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2007/2/21-22 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:45784 Activity:high 55%like:45780
2/20    I don't understand why this was deleted.  If you shave your head, you
        can operate your mouse on top of it.
        \_ That's deeply fascinating.  Thank you for sharing.
        \_ Is that a ball mouse or an optical mouse?
           \_ Optical.  It still kind of sucks, though.  I think I'm going to
              shave closer with a blade instead of clippers, and paint a grid
              on my head to help.
              \_ Ah, that's no big deal.  I can use an optical mouse on my
                 bushy head.
                 \_ Huh. Maybe shaving my head was a mistake from a mouse use
                    perspective then.
                    \_ Yeah, the glare could confuse the mouse.
2007/2/21-23 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45785 Activity:kinda low
2/20    D.C. Cir. upholds law stripping the federal cts of the power to hear
        habeas claims from prisoners in Guantanamo Bay: ( - miami herald) ( - decision)
        \_ Really sad to watch our civil liberties stripped away. I hope
           the USSC will overturn this.
           \_ GITMO is not on mainland US.  Much like how Taiwan is
              not China.
              \_ Neither is fucking hawaii, dumbshit.  But other than your
                 poor choice of words, permanent residents can fall under
                 the same danger if the president just decides he wants to
                 imprison, torture, even execute them.  No charges needed,
                 no recourse.  If the USSC does not overturn this, they're
                 not worth the wood for their chairs.
                 not worth the wood for their bench.
                 \_ Ha, I got you!
                       \_ What the heck was the point of that picture?  -!pp
           \_ Well, it is unclear if the USSC can overturn the decision b/c
              the decision is really that the court has no power to hear a
              habeas claim from persons w/in a particular class. The 2d part
              of the decision is that for these particular people, no habeas
              right existed at common law, thus Congress hasn't suspending
              the writ - that may be reviewable, but I doubt it.
              The issue here is whether Congress has constitutionally used
              its Art 3, Sec. 1 and Art. 3, Sec. 2, Cl. 2 powers to determine
              the original/appellate jurisdiction of the lower federal courts
              (district courts and appeals courts) and the appellate jx of
              the USSC.
              Congress seems to have done everything correctly except possibly
              one thing - Congress may have prescribed a rule of decision in
              a pending case, which is unconstitutional. But, the problem is
              that it is unclear whether it is unconstitutional to prescribe
              a rule of decision in a pending case before the USSC or if it
              unconstitutional to prescribe a rule of decision in a pending
              case before any federal court.
              If the unconstitutional act is prescribing a rule of decision
              in case pending before the USSC, then Congress has acted cons-
              titutionally b/c there were no pending habeas cases before the
              USSC at the time the MCA was enacted.
              The hope must be that the constitutional violation occurs when
              a rule of decision is prescribed in a case pending before any
              federal court. It is unclear if this is true.
              The one other option is that that the USSC some how finds that
              Art. 3, Sec. 2, Cl. 2 gives the USSC original jurisdiction over
              habeas claims. From Marbury we know that the USSC's original
              jurisdiction cannot be altered w/o constitutional amendment,
              thus if the MCA takes away part of the USSC original jx, it
              would be unconstitutional.
              This option is no option at all b/c the USSC is not prepared
              or able to hear habeas pleas in the thousands of cases that
              can be filed.
              One other thing might happen in this case, the DC Cir. might
              re-hear the case en-banc and reverse. That is probably more
              likely than the USSC accepting and reversing the case.
2007/2/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:45786 Activity:kinda low 66%like:45783 Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/2/21-23 [Reference/Languages, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:45787 Activity:high
2/21    What is the correct pronunciation for "le boeuf sur let toit"?
        Is it "le buu sir ley tuahh?" Am I close?
        \_ Yup, that's almost exactly right.  The f in boeuf isn't
           silent, though.  (Did you mean "le boeuf sur le toit"?)
        \_ Yup, that's almost exactly right.  You do pronounce the f
           in boeuf, though.  (Did you mean "le boeuf sur le toit"?)
           \_ Oh yeah, typo. Thanks for your help! BTW what's the best
              way to learn basic French so that I don't seem like an
              idiot when I order food?
              \- taking a french class to deal with haricots verts is silly.
                 there are a couple of mnemonics, like the "CaReFuL" rule ...
                 CRFL are the final consonants which are usually pronounced.
                 [boeuf, blanc, pinot noir] for lots of french words there
                 are english approximations which are good enough ... we
                 dont say France, Nicaragua, Mexico the way the natives
                 do. you dont want to do something egregious like say
                 "chab-liss" whih the "ch" like "chicken" but anything close
                 to "shub-lee" should be good enough. if i wanted chantilly
                 cream on something, saying it the native way while speaking
                 english would seem pretentious to me. fois gras,
                 [ (click to hear)]
                 chateauneuf du pape, sauvignon blanc ... i'd just say them
                 they way you'ld expect to say them. the final consonant
                 rule is good to know, but beyond that, who cares if you
                 get the notorious french "r" correct? how often do you need
                 to ask for directions to Reims? If you dont know how to
                 say something or what something is, just ask. i recommend
                 the coquilles st jacques. --psb
                 the coquilles st jacques.
                 BTW, somewhat ironically (i have terrible spoken french)
                 the only word i've been corrected on by a waitperson in
                 the US was "darjeeling". i think the person correcting me
                 felt kinda stupid after i asked him "have you been there?"
                 and took another look at me. i do have a funny story about
                 ordering some "viande" up on montmartre, but it doesnt
                 "translate" into the motd well. oh at a bistro in the 8e
                 this dood thought i asked for "un coke, monsieur" when i
                 asked for a "croque monsiuer" [ham and cheese] but french
                 friends say he was probably just being an ass. --psb
              \_ Take a beginning French class at a community college.
                 \_ Every day when I open a newspaper and look and the world's
                    economic trends, every year when the new demographic trends
                    of the U.S. come out, every time I walk down the street
                    and hear a language that isn't English I think "Gee I sure
                    wish I knew more French!  Screw all those crap languages
                    like Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian, I'm going to
                    study the Language of Tomorrow, the Language of Progress...
                    French!"  'Cause remember, the best reason to learn a
                    language isn't to get a better job, meet interesting people,
                    travel the world, order food at a good(asian) restaurant,
                    or get laid--the purpose of learning a language is to
                    impress culture snob nerds on the motd.
                    \_ The "get laid" aspect is still applicable to a community
                       college French class. So is the travelling/people aspect
                       unless you hate France and the other French speaking
                       places which is more than most think (but most of which
                       aren't economically important). Maybe they already know
                       Spanish etc anyway. In reality most of us don't need to
                       know anything but English.
                       If you just want to get some basic language exposure the
                       Pimsleur audio lessons are helpful. But then you don't
                       interact with community college chicks.
                    \_ As someone who spent almost 1/2 of his K-12 schooling
                       learning French, I completely agree that it is not a
                       particularly useful language. The languages you name
                       would be far more useful, but would in no way help OP
                       accomplish his objective of learning proper French
                       BTW, practicality is not the only reason to learn a
                       new language. Otherwise, why learn Greek, Latin or
                       Sanskrit? The opportunity to read Homer, Ovid or
                       Valmiki in the original language can be considered
                       "priceless," to borrow a term.
                       \- i thought this was "priceless":
                             ...At the Vatican, bishops appointments are still
                             written on papyrus in  Latin as are letters of
                             congratulations   from  the  pope,   but  many
                             bishops  and cardinals  write back  asking for
                          "Dona nobis translation" --psb
        \_ It always sounded more like: "Number 17 please," to me...
2007/2/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45788 Activity:kinda low
2/21    IE 7.0.5370.11 vs. Fx on XP Home SP2: (VM Size shown by Task
                                        IE      Fx
        Start browser with empty cache: 14088K  11884K
        Visit            31196K  21448K
        \_ No, you fool, you are supposed to be bashing Google, not Yahoo.
           \_ Oh yeah. Google is evil, buy Microsoft!
           \_ PP wasn't bashing yahoo.  PP was bashing IE.
2007/2/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, ERROR, uid:45789, category id '18005#16.7588' has no name! , ] UID:45789 Activity:high
        Dems begin to eat their own.
        \_ I would vote for literally any Democrat instead of
           the Republicans in power now.
           \_ What if the Governator could run for President? Would
              you vote for any Democrat over him?
              \_ Yeah, probably.  Arnold has been really centrist
                 lately.  The State senate/house is a pit of despair.
        \_ This being the CSUA, you may not have spent much time studying
           politics, and this would explain why you think there's a story
           here.  Seasoned political observers will recognized this for what
           it is.  They even have a term for it.  It's called a Presidential
           Primary Campaign. -dans
           \_ And this is dans's bid for Biggest Soda Asshole.
              \_ Awesome!  I thought signing my posts disqualified me!
              \_ Awesome!  I thought signing my posts disqualified me! -dans
                 \_ Think again, dans.
                    \_ Wow.  Oh anonymous motd snark god, teach me your
                       secrets!! -dans
                       \_ That would imply you're willing to listen.
                          \_ Oh snark master, what must I do to be worthy of
                             your wisdom? -dans
                 \_ Where'd you get that idea from?  There is no crime to
                    being anonymous or moral high ground to signing.
                    \_ I didn't imply as such.  I merely posit that anonymity
                       opens entire avenues of assmastery that attribution
                       cannot hope to traverse.  And, actually, yeah, there is
                       a high ground to signing, perhaps not a moral one, but
                       certainly a trust one: I am more likely to believe
                       something from a trusted source, less likely to believe
                       something from an untrusted source, and, mostly
                       neutral, though slightly less likely to trust something
                       from an anonymous source.  Of course, wanking is
                       wanking, regardless of the attribution or lack thereof.
                       \_ I don't add/subtract value based on who signed.  I
                          use my brains and the net to check on anything posted
                          if it is important to me.  If it isn't important,
                          then it doesn't matter who said what.  I prefer to
                          judge the message not the messenger.  Otherwise, one
                          is doomed to only reading that which only reinforces
                          what one already believes.  I see no point to that.
                       \_ That cuts both ways.  I'm sure I'm not the only one
                          who rolls his eyes and keeps scrolling anytime he
                          sees "dans" at the end of a post which I might
                          otherwise read.  Hell, if I see your name more than
                          once in a thread, I assume the whole thing's noise,
                          and this thread is a perfect example.  Had you
                          posted anonymously, I might be fooled into reading
                          more noise.
                       \- while i think it is true "anonymity opens entire
                          avenues of assmastery" for some gaylords, i am dont
                          think you are using the word correctly. maybe you
                          mean assholishness?
                          \_ If you like.  I think my meaning is pretty clear,
                             and, evidently, you got it.  Besides, assmastery
                             is a far more amusing word than assholishness.
                             \- do you pay words extra to mean what you want
                                them to mean?
                                \_ Yes.  Though given that assmaster doesn't
                                   even appear in the wiktionary, I think
                                   you'd be hard pressed to come up with a
                                   dictionary (slang or otherwise) that
                                   supports your definition.  It's not like
                                   I'm trying to argue the definition of `is'
                                   \_ humpty-dumpty@soda: dans
                                      \_ Why am I not surprised this thread
                                         went waaaaaay off topic almost from
                                         the beginning?
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