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2007/2/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:45725 Activity:nil
2/13    the few times I offer blow-jobs and he, swear to goddess,
        says "after the save point," and, really, all he has to do is
        pause the fucking game.  that's when I stomp off in a huff
        because no sane man should turn down a blow-job
2007/2/13-15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:45726 Activity:low
2/12    GKEILLOR delivers a beatdown to BHLEVY ... he pretty much shoves
        BHL's head up his ass:
        The last line is pretty funny.
        In the "with friends like these" dept, CHITCHENS follows up
        \_ Wow, Hitchens might have had something intelligent to say there,
           but he's done a pretty good job of covering it up.
           \-i havent read the daniel pearl book by BHL but that might have
             been a reasonable point about BHL's "seriousness" but of course
             CH was largely interested in just his faux-'mercun bloviation.
        \_ These projects always have a touch of orientalism about them
           that makes them intolerable, but GKEILLOR's response decends
           unnecessarily into the same territory: "As always with French
           writers, Le'vy is short on the facts..." I'm sure the book is
           crap, but do we need to take on the entire history of French
           lit here?
2007/2/13-17 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:45727 Activity:high
2/13    N. Korea agrees to shutdown nuclear program in exchange for
        1 million tons of fuel oil per year:
        \_ Basically, I'll believe it when I see it.  I sure NK is perfectly
           happy to get free fuel oil, but I'm a little sceptical of them
           keeping up their side of the deal.  On the other hand, if China
           really signs on, this may be real progress.
           \- i agree. [no opinion on the china part, tho].
           \_ Pretty much: believe this sort of thing when they hand over
              their reactors.
        \_ How much is one ton as an oil measuring unit?  Is it still 2000lb?
           \_ I'm assuming yes. Using 1010 kg/m^3 as the density of fuel oil,
              this is about 237 million gallons. For reference, I think that
              the largest oil tanker in the world holds ~ 10.5 million gallons.
              this is about 237x10^6 gal. For reference, I think that the
              largest oil tanker in the world holds ~ 10.5x10^6 gal.
        \_ Never negotiate with terrorists.
           \_ Just for the record, NK hasn't done any international terrorism
              for 20 years.  It don't think brinkmanship diplomacy counts as
              terrorism. Jump to "6. Terrorism":
              \_ They 'tested' a missile by throwing it OVER japan,
                 and 5 years ago they threatened to turn the surrounding
                 area into a sea of flames.  They want to be taken seriously
                 as an international terrorist menace, the US takes
                 them seriously as an international terrorist menace,
                 so what's the problem?
                 \_ Admittedly, this is a little grey, but generally people
                    think of terrorism as killing large numbers of innocents.
                    Did either of those event qualify?  No?  Then it's
                    brinkmanship.  If you think threats qualify as terrorism,
                    I'm ok with that.
                    \_ It isn't an act of terror.  It is an highly provocative
                       act begging for war.  Many long bloody wars have been
                       fought through out history over less.
                       \_ Ok, thanks for agreeing with me.
                          \_ I agree it isn't an act of terror.  Terror is
                             what non-gvt entities do.  When gvt's do the
                             same things, they are acts of war.  When a gvt
                             sponsors a third party terrorist group, the
                             terrorist group is committing an act of terror
                             but the gvt is committing an act of war, even
                             for the same act.
              \_ While I'm on a roll here, what about official north korean
                 state sanctioned counterfeiting of the US 100 dollar
                 bill and heroin shipping?
                 \_ Drug dealers and counterfeiters are terrorists?  You
                    really are an "if you aren't with us, you're with the
                    terrorists" kinda guy, huh?
                    \_ The NK government is doing the counterfeiting but
                       nice try.
                       \_ I guess I don't understand your response.  If an
                          individual counterfeits, he is not a terrorist, but
                          if a government counterfeits, they are terrorists?
                          \_ No.  I was directly responding to your implication
                             that the counterfeiting was being done by non-gvt
                             entities.  The counterfeiting is a form of
                             economic aggression.  What I said above in the
                             other sub-thread about lobbing missiles over
                             Japan: many wars have been started over less.
                             \_ I didn't mean to imply that the counterfeiting
                                was by non-gvt entities.  Re-reading it, I
                                can't see how you got that.  So, again, thanks
                                for agreeing with me.
                                \_ I'm not going to quibble with you over
                                   whether the counterfeiting is an act of
                                   terror or an act of war.  It doesn't matter
                                   since the point of this whole thread was
                                   that NK is run by psychotic paranoids who
                                   commit evil acts on a continuing and daily
                                   basis.  They were not "just" 20 years ago.
                                   They were 20 years ago, they were today and
                                   they were every day in between.
                                   \_ If you wanted a whole thread about how NK
                                      is run by psychotic paranoids, you should
                                      have started one.  I just pointed out
                                      that the particular breed of nasty stuff
                                      NK does is not generally considered state
                                      -sponsored terrorism, and provided
                                      evidence.  WHICH YOU ADMIT IS TRUE.
                                      However, you seem to have taken this
                                      simple statement as some sort of sweeping
                                      defense of NK's bad behavior, and gone
                                      ape trying to attack that straw man.
                                      Next time try responding to what people
                                      actually write, rather than what the
                                      voices in your head say. (or shut-up)
                                      \_ *laugh*, So anyway, if you want to
                                         quibble over "terrorist" vs. the
                                         more accurate, "act of war", you're
                                         welcome to.  Perhaps you can start
                                         a club for the extreme OCD and the
                                         pedantic.  The only difference between
                                         NK's actions and any random terrorist
                                         group's action is NK is a state
                                         actor while the RTG is not.  And since
                                         you brought it up, you should really
                                         go back and re-read who said what to
                                         see who is screaming in all caps and
                                         going ape-shit and who has maintained
                                         the same simple line of reasoning.
                                         Hint: the all-caps wasn't mine.  Have
                                         a nice day and please do try to keep
                                         the personal attacks to a minimum.  It
                                         doesn't help your cause and it's quite
                                         \_ Ha.  I like that.  Traslation:
                                            "You were right the whole time, but
                                            you're still wrong." Cool.
                                         \_ Hey, wait a minute.  I just went
                                            back and re-read everything.  This
                                            misunderstand occured because you
                                            don't know what "brinkmanship"
                                            means.  Go look it up, and lo, ye
                                            shall be enlightened.
              \_ How about kidnapping of foreign nationals (including South
                 Koreans) in foreign soil (e.g. Hong Kong)?
                 \_ This may qualify, but how recently?  Most incidents I'm
                    aware of occured >= 20 years ago.
                    \_ And they're still holding them so every single day
                       right now.
                       \_ Most of the Japanese have been returned, or have
                          died.  The vast majority of the abducted were South
                          Korean, the the SK govt. is kind of ignoring them.
                          (The SK chinese embassy recently turned away an
                          escaped SK abductee.)  Anyway, I'd chalk that up to
                          the NK inability to ever admit they were wrong,
                          rather than contuined terrorist activity.  In any
                          case, I'm not trying to defend NK, I'm just saying
                          they don't really qualify as terrorist to most
                          people.  Also, those abductions are mostly unknown,
                          which means that most people aren't "terrified" of
                          \_ "Most" have been returned.  Or they died in
                             captivity.  Very nice.  All is good then!  Let's
                             party!  And since the SK govt is terrified of a
                             war with the NK they have cynically decided to
                             ignore the kidnappings so that must be ok, too!
                             Yay for the SK gvt making the right moral choice.
                             Not.  And since the NK is emotionally incapable
                             of admitting fault, that makes kidnapping foreign
                             citizens ok, too.  Yay!  Much happiness!  And
                             finally since the gvt and SK media have decided
                             to bury the issue, most people are unaware of it
                             so they're not afraid and thus the original act
                             of kidnapping wasn't a problem.  Yay!  I'm so glad
                             you were here to clean all that up.  And here I
                             was thinking all this time the NK gvt is run by a
                             bunch of evil paranoid psychotics who have been
                             threatening their southern neighbors for 50+ years
                             and now have nukes, too.  I feel so much better
                             now.  The only thing you missed was how NK is
                             really the victim of all this and if the West
                             would just give peace a chance and stop provoking
                             the NK and respect them it'd all be good.
                             \_ As I said, I am not defending NK.  I'm saying
                                that "terrorist" has a fairly well accepted
                                meaning, that NK does not _CURRENTLY_ fit.  Is
                                NK run by an evil bunch of criminals? Yes.  Is
                                every evil criminal a terrorist? No.
                                \_ They aren't terrorists.  Governments are
                                   not terrorist entities.  Governments can
                                   however commit the same acts as terrorists.
                                   In those cases we call them acts of war.
                             \_ Also, for the record, I don't really think
                                SK reluctance to push these kinds of issues is
                                due to fear of war.  From what I see in SK
                                politics, it seems like they're more afraid of
                                having their "Sunshine policy" shown for the
                                naive drivel it is.
                 \_ It's either that or Kim torrents a bunch of movies.
                    Do you support piracy?
                 \_ Why are so many South Koreans pro North Korea over
                    the evil satanic United States that stations several
                    hundred thousand servicemen in SK so the NK does NOT
                    just come marching in?  I don't get it.  NK has
                    tons of artillery pointed at Seoul, they kidnap citizens,
                    build crazy tunnels under Seoul, have said "WE WILL
                    OUR BROTHERS", and still many south koreans think
                    NK is just a bunch of misunderstood dudes.
                    \_ FUNK SEOUL BROTHERS
                       \- FUCK SEOUL BROTHERS
                          \_ Check it out now
                    \_ Just naivete.  SK history teaches that Korea is 1
                       country and that it's generally "Korea vs the world."
                       In otherwords, nationalism and xenophobia.  Many just
                       can't believe that their brothers could be more
                       dangerous than the forieners.  I think it's similar to
                       asking Europeans "which country is the biggest threat to
                       World Peace?"
        \_ Go dubya!  I'm sure he knows exactly what he's doing!
2007/2/13-15 [Health] UID:45728 Activity:nil
2/13    380 million year old fossilized muscle found in Australia: (
        \_ 'Most people have the "Hollywood view of evolution," ...' :-)
        \_ Pft.  Everyone knows the earth is 6,000 years old, give or take
           a few decades.
2007/2/13-16 [Health/Women] UID:45729 Activity:high
2/13    The doomed blonde's former bodyguard, Alexander Denk, reveals
        exclusively to TV's Extra that he and Smith had a torrid affair
        for two years and thinks he quite possibly could be the father
        of little Dannielynn.
        \_ Gonna be a lot of paternity tests going on...
           \_ They should just compare the kid's DNA to the Nat'l Geo.
              DNA project. Odds are just as good.
              \_ The Son is the Father. Test the dead boy's DNA.
        \_ I can see the article already "3.3 billion males
           to be tested to find the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby"
        \_ I am not the father of ANS's baby.  I do wonder if she's the
           mom though.
        \_ How many minutes of the day did her vagina not have a cock buried
           in it?
           \_ Just curious... if this were a guy who went through women at
              the same rate would you be as critical?  Or is it high-five time?
        \_ Let's see: Howard K. Stern, JD; Larry Birkhead; Prince Frederic von
           Ahnalt; and now Alexander Denk.  I heard that there is a three-day
           period where an egg can be fertilized, and I heard that sperm can
           survive in the vagina for three days.  Hence her OB/GYN should have
           determined the six-day window where the impregnating sperm was
           introduced.  This means she slept with four different guys at least
           once in those six days, probably all without condoms.  Hmm.  Which
           one was her official boyfriend back then, and what does he think
           \_ I'm really astounded at how closely some people followed Ms.
              Smith's life.  Do you know nearly so much about your own sex
              life, or is Anna your surrogate?
           survive for three days in the vagina for three days.  Hence her
           OB/GYN should have determined the six-day window where the
           impregnating sperm was introduced.  This means she slept with four
           different guys at least once in those six days.  Hmm.  Which one
           was her official boyfriend back then, and what does he think now?
              \_ Anna is the only one among the stars (porn stars included)
                 which, when I watched one of her sex scenes two times, was so
                 hot that I came in both viewings (even at the same moment).
                 \_ What did you watch?  Where can I download it?
                    \_ "To The Limits."  I watched it on Showtime channel.
                    \_ "To The Limit."  I watched it on Showtime channel.
                    \_ "To The Limit." The scene was
                        I watched it on Showtime channel.
           \_ No, it doesn't mean she slept with 4 guys in 6 days.  It means
              4 guys who have slept with her (ok probably only 2-3 of them)
              at some time want to get their legal hands on that kid so they
              can get whatever cash she has and have a claim on the old dead
              guy's $400 million.
              \- Wasnt that a Charles Dickens novel? Blonde House?
              \_ But if some of them knew in their heart that they didn't sleep
                 with her around that 6-day perold, they'd know there is
                 with her near that 6-day perold, they'd know there is
                 virtually no chance that they can claim fatherhood.  False
                 positive from DNA tests are very rare.  Unless some of them
                 plan to bribe or blackmail the lab technicians, or file a
                 motion to bar DNA tests for the baby and/or for the remaining
                 motion to bar DNA tests for the baby and/or for all the other
                 \_ 6 day period?  You think anyone has any idea what that
                    exact 6 day period is?  Anytime in that month give or take
                    a few weeks is good enough.  You can not reverse calculate
                    from the child's birthday which 6 day period the child was
                    conceived.  As far as knowing in their heart goes, even
                    if they knew they couldn't be the father this is a good
                    way for them to get some press, write a book, maybe get
                    an acting career going, and maybe even get paid off by
                    some other party to just go away.
           \_ You're assuming that these guys know when the 6 day period was.
              Smith probably knew, but I doubt she told them.  Also, condoms
              aren't perfect.
2007/2/13 [Uncategorized] UID:45730 Activity:nil
2/13    Lego Millennium Falacon:
2007/2/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:45731 Activity:nil
        Hank Hill Speaks Up About Bush and the Iraq War
2007/2/13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:45732 Activity:nil
2/13    Romney(R) has the charisma of Ronald Reagan. Romney is going to
        kick everyone's ass, including the libural devisive woman candidate
        and the negro who is one letter away from having Osama's name.
        \_ Barack Obama == Black Osama?  Anyway, I want a black president but
           I want Colen Powell.
2007/2/13-15 [Recreation/Pets, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:45733 Activity:nil
2/13    "Dead pets give birth to diamond ring"
        Yew.  Is she sick?
        \_ Is that worse than keeping the ashes on your mantle?
        \_ It beats having blood on your hands.
2007/2/13-17 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:45734 Activity:nil
2/13    The personal webpages are now up
        \_ Ming-Hay
        \_ Thanks. Something seems a little messed up w/ the server config.
           The front page produces a server error for me, and the server
           is returning lists of files rather index.html for directories.
           \_ Agreed, things are fubar.  I've written/tweaked/debugged an
              Apache config or twenty in my day so I'd be happy to look things
              over and help out, just ask.  That said, I'm shockingly busy at
              the moment, so I may not be the quickest source of help.  You
              may want to turn personal public_html directories off until you
              fix this as the current config does leak information, which has
              (IMO, minor) security implications.  If you're a soda user, you
              can prevent people from browsing your public_html directories
              over the web until this is fixed with the following:
              chmod og-r ~/public_html
2007/2/13-17 [Science/Electric, Science/GlobalWarming, Industry/Jobs] UID:45735 Activity:nil
2/13    If anyone is looking for a job (or internship, this is aimed at
        both current students and alum), bug me.  I work with a bunch of smart
        people at an interesting company that's going nuclear, I know a bunch
        of people who have founded/are starting companies, and one very badass
        recruiter. -dans
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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