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2007/2/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45708 Activity:high
2/8    "Halle Berry Monster's Ball sex scene"
        Is that really Halle Berry!?  I didn't know she was in X-rated movies.
        \_ This is more of a story and not porn for the following reasons:
           1) she didn't suck cock 2) he didn't eat her 3) he didn't pull
           1) she didn't suck cock 2) he didn't eat her ass 3) he didn't pull
           out and shoot into her mouth 4) less than 3 positions
           (technically you need at minimum: doggy, missionary, and
           cowboy) - emarkp
        \_ Not really xrated, you don't see any genitalia. You don't even
           see her vagina. Just tits.
           \_ I see her naked crotch rubbing against his scrotum in the frames
              around 2:48.  Pay attention to the third thrust of her.
              around 2:48.  Pay attention to the third thrust of hers.
              \_ So is this work safe? (I work on a farm)
                 \_ NSFW.
2007/2/11-13 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:45709 Activity:nil
2/11    \_ Is POP back up?  Haven't got it to work since Soda got back
        up.  (SSL port 995)
        \_ Legitimately curious, why use POP when you IMAP is available to you?
           \_ Uh, isn't IMAP still down?  I still can't access it
              \_ I neither know nor care.  I forward mail off soda to a box
                 where I run IMAP. :) -dans
           \_ In the past (1997) when I used IMAP, it would mark my messages
              as "read" when I read them on my client machine.  I don't like
              this, I like to have the messages as two distinct instances, one
              on Soda and one on my home machine.  If I read it on my client I
              want it to still show and unread on Soda.  Also, IMAP is more for
              people with always on connections, which I don't have.  That's
              why I prefer offline processing (Pop) vs interactive processing
              \_ Hmm, I don't understand why you'd want things you've read not
                 to be marked as read, but if that's how you work, more power
                 to you.  It's worth noting that many modern IMAP clients, eg
                 OS X's, have excellent offline modes, which serves
                 the same purposes as POP, but with IMAP's richer semantics.
                 \_ Thanks, maybe I'll check it out again.  10 yrs of software
                    development may have fixed my intial hang-ups.
2007/2/11-13 [Industry/Jobs] UID:45710 Activity:high
2/11    So apparently minimum wage increases do in fact result in layoffs.
                \- yeah, and vaccines kills people
        \_ So do you still think the Iraq occupation was the right thing?
              \_you are an idiot.
              \_ your an idiot.
                 \_ Is this supposed to be funny?
        \_ But they do not result in layoffs of unoin workers, which is why
           unions are so keen on pushing minimum wage increases.  This is not
           \_ Many union contracts are written such that the base wage is a
              multiple of the minimum wage.  Thus, raising the minimum wage
              has nothing to do with the working poor they claimed to be
              helping and everything to do with a *huge* gimme to unions.
              \_ Exactly.  Another reason is that raising minimum wage makes
                 hiring unskilled workers more costly, and hiring skilled
                 workers not as costly in comparison.  So employers will be
                 more likely to hire skilled workers, which again doesn't help
                 the working poor they claim to be helping.  -- PP
                 \_ Did you even read the article? The layoffs are amongst
                    teenagers, not the "working poor." In fact, it implies
                    that older and more experienced workers were becoming
                    more valuable. This is a good thing, imho. Also, it is
                    forcing workplaces to become more efficient, which is
                    the best way to improve standards of living. Without
                    knowing what the unemployment rate is before and after,
                    you are not really measuring much. Maybe all those
                    laid off fast food workers found more economically
                    prodcutive activity.
                    productive activity.
                    \_ No one said the working poor were laid off.  Yet.  Two
                       things were said: raising the minimum wage is a gimme
                       to unions, and that teens are getting axed.  I do like
                       the idea that firing people improves their lives.  That
                       sure worked well for employees in the 2001-2004 era.
                       \_ "... nothing to do with the working poor they..."
                          Someone sure said that. Give me some real stats
                          and not just anecdotes, otherwise you are just
                          talking out your ass.
                          \_ Quote them please.  Stats: there are no stats that
                             demonstrate the legal fact that union contracts
                             are based on a multiple of the minimum wage.  It
                             is a legal fact, not a numeric statistical event.
                             You really need to keep up with what is being
                             said, especially if you're going to accuse other
                             people of "talking out your ass".
                             \_ Scroll up 20 lines. I am not going to repeat
                                something that was posted three paragraphs
                                ago. Do you have a reading comprehension
                                \_ You spent more time talking about how you're
                                   too cool/smart to quote than it would have
                                   taken to quote.  Except, oh wait, there is
                                   really nothing there for you to quote that
                                   backs up what you said.  Quote it.
        \_ Minor quibble here: telling teens you're cutting back shifts and
           hours constitutes "layoffs"? I thought you had to employ someone
           fulltime in order to lay them off.
           \_ Okay, whatever: ^layoffs^hour reductions
           \_ Okay, whatever: ^layoffs^reduced employment
           \_ You ever been laid off a real job?  On the way down, some
              companies will cut hours or force lower wages (which obviously
              isn't possible in this case), before finally cutting for real.
              And how is it that cutting back a shift isn't a layoff/firing
              if it was your shift that got cut?  No job, but good worker =
              laid off.
              \_ In answer to your question, yes. They gave me a severance
                 package and paid my health insurance for two months. As I
                 said before, I thought you had to employ someone fulltime
                 in order to lay them off.
                 \_ Layoff has simply become the nice way to say "fired". It's
                    also used in the same way as it used to be.
                 \_ If you are working 30 hours per week and your employer
                    tells you he doesn't need you anymore, then you've
                    been laid off. What does full-time have to do with
                    \_ Nothing.  I also think it's funny that he thinks firing
                       people is good for them.
2007/2/11-13 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45711 Activity:nil
        "Predictions of the demise of suburbia, choked to death by high
        gasoline prices, may be greatly exaggerated."
        \_ We shall see. How many times has Alvin Toffler been used to
           explain everything. Are jobs really going to move to the suburbs?
           The only way that would decrease commuting is if they formed sort
           of "company town" kinds of clusters where everyone lived close
           to the same big employer. And a lot of the other stuff he claims
           is happening is bunk, like suburban sprawl in Europe. I personally
           think that alternative energies will allow Americans to use
           electric cars to commute, but they will be much smaller, much
           more efficient cars. And I think that denser communities will
           still have an advantage in an era of higher energy costs. Haven't
           densities actually gone up this last decade? Anyone got any
           hard numbers on this? They certainly have in California.
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