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2007/2/6 [Uncategorized] UID:45668 Activity:high 71%like:45665 60%like:45671
2/5     Christ, the political discussions on the motd are fucking stupid. -dans
2007/2/6-11 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:45669 Activity:nil
2/6     Amusing op-ed on the early responses to the Duke rape case.
        (Has kind of a "where are they now?" feel)
        \_ Is it good or intentionally amusing?  I don't want to
           by chance pollute my mind with the Weekly Standard.
           \_ Good, I guess.  It's kind of a well reaseached rant.  Good
              if you were/are really annoyed with the lynch mob that
              formed around that case, but you could probably pick it
              apart if you felt like it.
              \_ Like some of the people we saw posting about it right here?
           \_ It's pretty good.  It's not brilliant, but the general point
              is solid.  It may push some people's buttons.  -niloc
        \_ Long, tendentious and tedious, like most Weekly Standard articles.
           \_ I agree.  I much prefer 5 second sound bites, too.
2007/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:45670 Activity:nil
2/6     Can someone install frm/nfrm?  Thanks!
        \_ does that even work with maildir?
2007/2/6-11 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:45671 Activity:kinda low 60%like:45668
2/7     Christ political discussions on the motd are fucking stupid.
        Chrsit the person who keeps deleting this has self-esteem issues. -dans
        \_ Cursing and insulting people aren't exactly brilliant.
        \_ How about the guy who keeps deleting this?  "Cursing and
           insulting people isn't exactly intelligent behaviour either."
           \_ Don't know who's deleting that, it's the first I've seen of it
              since someone keeps wiping the thread.  Now that that's out of
              the way, I'd actually dispute your statement.  I dare you to
              call British Parliamentary debate unintelligent. -dans
              \_ British Parliamentary debate is unintelligent.  The glove is
              \_ Is there a BBC-SPAN I could watch to get an idea of how
                 intelligent British Parliamentary debates are?  I know
                 US congressional debates can be downright idiotic.
                 \- british and canadian parliament are shown on channel 2x
                    in sf. look for a name like "prime minister's question
                    time". it can be a real hoot [unless you're dealing with
                    say john major]. but it helps to have a sense of
                    whats going on in british politics because a lot of
                    it s about domestic stuff.
        \_ I really wish we could have adult conversations about politics. I
           think it's one of the things that's making this country harder to
           work together--the tendency to simply yell at each other instead of
           discussing things as grownups. -emarkp
           \_ I don't think this is a question of adult conversation vs.
              juvenile conversation.  I think the real issue is that many
              people believe that stating a bunch of facts in support of one
              side of an argument is all that is necessary to conduct half
              of a debate, and, further, the same individuals believe that if
              two people do this, a debate has taken place. -dans
              \_ Possibly. When I post an article without comment, it typically
                 is because I agree with it and am curious what others think.
                 The response is almost always simple ridicule (since I'm
                 non-left), and I decide a discussion simply can't happen.
                 \_ Are you familiar with the definition of insanity?
                    \_ Ah yes, that colloquialism.  Since the results aren't
                       the same every time, I don't see how it applies. -emarkp
                 \_ Which is precisely my point about the discussions being
                    fucking stupid.  With my apologies to Coleridge,
                    Flamebait, Flamebait, every where,
                    Nor any bite to eat. -dans
        \_ Someone must really hate this thread.  It keeps getting deleted.
           What a wanker. -dans
2007/2/6-8 [Science/Electric, Politics] UID:45672 Activity:nil
2/6     does a dead light bulb draw power?
        \_ No.  No current flows, ergo no power.  (motd physics nerds
           please correct me if I am in error). -dans
           \_ the reason i ask is i think there might be some
              current slow in a dead flourescant.
              \- 1. Fluorescent lamps often "partially" die, rather than it
                    being a binary thing
                 2. there are different kinds fo fluorescent bulbs and
                 so given one and two, there are quite a few "failure modes"
                 for fluorescent lamps. whether or not they draw power
                 depends on the situation. with incandescent bulbs however,
                 usually the failure is a filament break, which means you
                 have an air gap and this no currently flow ... how if you
                 have a fucked up socket of some kind, who knows.
        \_ No.  No current  balls.
        \_ Even in a dead flourescent, the transformer in the socket will still
           draw some power.  Think of how plugged in AC adapters are warm even
           if the device is off.
2007/2/6-8 [Uncategorized] UID:45673 Activity:nil
2/6     So if we're forced to get rid of our incandescent light bulbs, will we
        see a rise in vitamin deficiencies?
        \_ I do not believe so.  The only vitamin I know of which is
           light dependent is vitamin D.  Flourescents are richer in UV
           output than incandescents, I believe, so if anything,
           vitamin deficiencies should be reduced.
           \_ Sir, we have an incandescent gap!
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