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2007/2/1-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:45637 Activity:nil
2/1     Any recommendations for a real SSL cert provider? Is GoDaddy any good?
        \_ I used Verisign in 2000. Expensive but decent. Haven't tried
           anything else but I'm guessing they're pretty much similar
           these days. I like GoDaddy's fast web interface for domain
           name registration.
2007/2/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Recreation/Dating] UID:45638 Activity:nil
2/1     Watermelons:
        \_ This jpg contains some pictures and a news story about some
           poor unfortunate woman whose boobs grew like mad during
           her pregnancy.
        \_ Uh, it's from The Globe.  Don't believe everything you read.
        \_ I found a clip from the old Montel Williams show about it
2007/2/1-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45639 Activity:nil
2/1     Boredcast Message from 'smurf': Thu Feb  1 14:36:36 2007
        Cool exxon mobil made 4.5 million in profit per hour last quarter. Must
        be nice.
        \_ Their profit was 11%. Apple's was 14%. Are you going to call Apple
           on it or not?
        \_ It is cool, my XOM stock is up 21%!
           \- i dont think you can really compare energy, healtcare,
              phone, cable, utility etc providers with a computer and
              consumer electronics company. [although apple might be
              playing some games with price advertising. i forgot what the
              practice is called but i think they offer companies money to
              NOT advertise prices lower than a certain amount. but
              potentially artificailly raising the price of a ipod by a bit
              is different from artificially manipulating oil supply].
              \_ The difference being, "ipods (and apple corp) are cool and
                 big oil is not, so apple is good, oil is bad.
                 \- no, that is not the difference. the difference is
                    apple doesnt have externalities or influence govt
                    policy on a comparable scale. the one somewhat suspect
                    thing is the price adverstising thing. also, there are
                    scale factors. e.g. you cant compare say growth rates
                    of china and the us ... a company can always sell off
                    parts of itself to raise it's profit percentage. [e.g.
                    ibm selling off storage, or ge doing this all the time]
                    re: ipod, YMWTGF: (minimum advertised price, MAP).
                    \_ What does any of this have to do with apple being cool
                       and thus getting a pass, and oil being evil and thus
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