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2007/1/31-2/1 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:45626 Activity:nil
1/30    Is it possible to map a keyboard key to the left mouse button
        on Linux?
2007/1/31-2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:45627 Activity:nil
1/31    Been getting calls from caller id 0000000000 (000-000-0000).
        It calls at random times, and when you pick up, there is a
        long pause, followed by a machine that says "We are calling
        regarding a debt you have. Please call us back at 18888085092
        (1-888-808-5092). It was getting really annoying so I called
        them back. It's a collection agency called Allied Interstate.
        They asked me who I was, and where I lived. It turned out
        they've got the wrong person. Whew.
2007/1/31-2/6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45628 Activity:nil
1/31    Root, could you turn the finger interface to the motd back on?
2007/1/31-2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45629 Activity:nil 50%like:45635
1/31    Time Warner wants to be your friend! I just got a card from
        them that looks like handwritten (but really printed) saying:
        "Life's best moments are always worth sharing, that's why we're
        so glad you've trusted us to share in some of yours. Here's to
        the start of a beautiful friendship... and here's to you!
        Sincerely, your friends at Time Warner Cable."
        What a bunch of corporate bullshit. Has anyone else gotten
        something similar from a mega-big corporation saying they want
        to be your friend? What company?
2007/1/31-2/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:45630 Activity:kinda low
1/31    Can you give us any pointer for setting up spamassassin on csua under
        the new mail system?  TIA.
        \_ What I did is create a .procmailrc file in your homedir with the following
        \_ What I did is create a .procmailrc file in your homedir with the
           following content:

           | /usr/local/bin/spamc

           :0 hw:
           * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

           And what this does is grab the email that SpamAssassin has tagged as
           spammail, strip out the body and shove the header info to a file
           called 'spam' in your homedir. And delete them from your mail spool.
           Works with the new soda (so far).
          spammail, strip out the body and shove the header info to a file called
          'spam' in your homedir. And delete them from your mail spool. Works with
          the new soda (so far).

           NOTE that this is just ONE of the many variations on how to do
           .procmailrc.  STFG for more examples.
        \_ In /csua/soda-changes.2007.01, it mentioned that procmail will not
           work with the new /var/mail/$USERNAME directory.  Have you
           tried if you are still receiving non-spam correctly? -op
          NOTE that this is just ONE of the many variations on how to do .procmailrc.
          STFG for more examples.
        \_ ls -l /usr/local/bin/spamc
           ls: /usr/local/bin/spamc: No such file or directory
           (there is one in /usr/bin but it seems to be failing, any input
           I give it it returns 0/0 (error) and filters nada.
           \_ I am using /usr/bin/spamc
            \_ Which has no spamd to connect to so it fails every time
               \_ Well, this is what I have in my .procmailrc, and it
                  appears to work:
                  | spamc
2007/1/31-2/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45631 Activity:nil
1/31    creator, can you merge the posts on with the soda MOTD? As to
        your question of a few days ago, YES PLEASE keep the editor open! So what
        if it's not terribly aesthetic?
        \_ Interesting idea. How should the merge happen? Let's say
  (A) syncs to (B). So B->A.
           However, let's say someone adds or changes A. There is currently
           no facility that does A->B. Modifying B remotely or automatically
           is frowned upon. And let's say only B->A happens. Then people who
           only use B will never see A's changes or additions.
        \_ How about no?  We have enough wacko posters without the creator
           sponsoring the "never was a member" crowd.  Just use your account.
2007/1/31-2/6 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:45632 Activity:high
        I really don't understand this. Instead of increasing mileage
        why don't Americans just plan ahead for once and build a
        sustainable city with mass transit and mixed use buildings,
        instead of big McMansions sprawling wherever land is available?
        \_ Because we don't point to a spot on a map and say, "Let's build
           a city there".  Life is not SimCity.
           \_ In Dubai and Singapore it is.
              \- soon maybe american will have a "second class citizen/
              \_ Ok, you're right.  If we had a dictatorship and command
                 economy we could do that but it would be a horrible place
                 to live.  I'll take sprawl, thanks.
                 \_ Haven't been to Singapore or Geneva or Paris, have you?
                    \_ I've been to Paris.  What about it?  Are you going to
                       claim Paris was artificially designed in the modern
                       era for public transit and reduced driving a la Sim
                       \- in re: Paris, may be of interest:
                       \- if some people see 120min a day in a car as the
                          price for a backyard and lawn, what exactly is
                          your issue with that?
                          \_ I don't have an issue with that at all.  I also
                             don't believe it is possible to create a city
                             from scratch a la Sim City in the real world.
                             As for me, I have the yard/lawn and 12 minute
                             commute.  2 hours is for the suckers.
                             \_ You live in the Bay Area? Where do you live
                                and where do you work?
                                \_ I live in the Bay Area, yes.  Ok, it isn't
                                   always 12 minutes.  That's going about 78
                                   mph for all 3 exits.  About every 2 months
                                   I get stuck in bad traffic and it can take
                                   as long as 45 minutes to get home.  I've
                                   never had heavy traffic going in.
                                   \_ 12 minutes door to door? You live
                                      right next to a freeway onramp? Do you
                                      park right in front of your office?
                                      \_ 12 minutes.  I live a few residential
                                         blocks from the freeway and I park
                                         directly in front of my building.  On
                                         a bad day, I have to park on the side
                                         and take the side entrance which adds
                                         about 15 feet to my car->desk walk.
                                         Seriously, I'm telling you, the 2 hour
                                         people are total victims who should
                                         just leave the Bay Area if they can't
                                         afford a place closer to work.  They
                                         are obviously not earning enough to
                                         make living here worth it.
                        \_ No, but Paris is a compact city and hardly a
                           horrible place to live. It is possible to build
                           transit friendly cities without a dictatorship.
        I'm a libertarian and I don't give a damn about -/
        what other people do. They can fart as loud and as
        stinky as they want. However, as the population density
        increases the effect of their actions start to affect
        others more dramatically. They can fart on the country
        side-- who cares. But if they fart in a movie theatre,
        that may create problems for people with a rare but
        acute condition of asthfartma. Likewise, when they use the
        public highway for 120min, that person is decreasing
        the capacity of the highway for everyone else on the
        road and increasing traffic jam. In another word
        if every person on the road travels twice as far as
        they do now, the average time to travel from A->B would
        more than double for everyone. Libertarianism is great when
        you're alone. Not so great when you're with other people.
        In a world that is getting smaller and smaller, every action
        will have a reaction that is proportion to the population.
        So do I have an issue with people who want to drive
        120min one way? If that person's fucking up my commute,
        fuck ya.
                \_ You're no libertarian.  Libertarians take responsibility
                   for their lives and don't blame others for their problems.
                   If your commute sucks, move closer to work.  If you can't
                   move closer to work, get a job where you can.  If you're
                   opposed to increases in population density that infringe
                   on your lifestyle then you're in favor of closed borders,
                   mass deportation, and eventually China style birth control
                   enforcement.  You have to make some choices in life.  They
                   have chosen to drive 2 hours to work (which I think is
                   insane but it isn't my problem).  You chose to live in a
                   place where other people clog up the roads.  Move.
                   \_ I already did and my commute is only 20 min one way.
                      However I'm a bit concerned with the amount of
                      gasoline people use and the amount of CO2 they
                      emit which will accelerate the rate of global warming.
                      I'm also very concerned with air pollution and
                      related diseases like asthma which I'm inflicted with.
                      \- you may enjoy reading the article from which
                         the "five boroughs" statistic above comes from:
                      \_ The amount of CO2 procuded by cars is trivial compared
                         to what industry is pumping out.  It's like asking
                         home owners to stop watering their lawns to save water
                         when the farmers are using 98% of the state's water.
                         If you want clean air you'll have to move away from
                         other people and not down wind from industry as well.
                      \- YMWTR the article from which the "five boroughs"
                      \- YMER the article from which the "five boroughs"
                         statistic below comes from:
                         n.b. Edward Glaeser is sort of like Steven Levitt,
                         the Freakonomist, except EG is supposed to be an
                         asshole. He has some interesting writing about house
                         prices coming from regulation ... basically lefty,
                         anti-development people living in million dollar
                         SF/berkeley hills houses keeping up prices for those
                         of us with faces pressed up to the bay window.--psb
                         \_ Why should us homeowners ruin our quality of life
                            so that housing is cheaper for you? You can always
                            either buck it up and save and live in a smaller
                            place for while (like we all did) or move. Or rent.
                            \- that was sort of a tongue in cheek comment
                               about liberal hypocrisy and nimby: i.e. cost of
                               "being green" [or otherwise PC ... fair trade
                               coffee, anti chain store] can be imposed on
                               others. [i spend like <10% on income on rent,
                               which is pretty unusual around here, i think,
                               so i wasnt really speakng about me ... i'm
                               doing ok.] the point was a bit deeper: house
                               prices are not fully explained by demand side...
                               "people are paying crazy amounts" but also
                               constrained supply side. read the paper. cant
                               be summarized in the motd. see also actual econ
                               discussion of prop 13 vs the hype. nobody is
                               analysis of prop 13 vs the spin. nobody is
                               saying you should ruin your quality of life,
                               but the issue is one of public policy, e.g.
                               tax deduction for mortgage interest.
                               \_ The fundamental problem with the article
                                  you pointed out is the line: "The great
                                  problem with being reflexively anti-growth
                                  is that development in America is close
                                  to being a zero-sum game. New homes are
                                  going to be built to meet the needs of a
                                  growing population. If you stop development
                                  in some areas, you are ensuring more
                                  development elsewhere. A failure to develop
                                  New York means more homes on the exurban
                                  edges of America."
                                  This is simply not true. Driving up housing
                                  costs in San Francisco does not simply mean
                                  that people move to Tracy: some (most) of them
                                  leave the area. And it is disingenious to
                                  blame bad planning in Pheonix on the residents
                                  of another city. They can build a dense,
                                  transit oriented city if they like: there
                                  are plenty of smaller, dense cities in Europe.
                                  \_ Actually Tracy and the surrounding towns
                                     have been booming for years so I don't
                                     agree with you there.  Why should the
                                     people in Phoenix be forced to build the
                                     kind of city you want?  They have what
                                     they have, if people want to live there,
                                     then they will.  If not, they'll move, as
                                     you say.
                               \_ The tax deduction allows more people to own
                                  homes and encourages home ownership which is
                                  a form of financial security.  It also let
                                  retired people who had no substantial income
                                  from being taxed out of their homes.  IYO,
                                  was prop 13 a good call or bad?  It isn't
                                  clear from your postings what your personal
                                  feelings are on these issues.  --curious
                                  \- if you email me, i am willing to discuss
                                     this with you. --psb
                                  \- if you email me, i will discuss this
                                     with you. --psb
              \- soon maybe america will have a "second class citizen/
                 foriegn worker class" too like S'pore and Dubai!
              \- this is kind of a neat statistic:
                   More than one-third of all the
                   public transportation commuters
                   in America live in the five boroughs.
        \_ Haven't spent much time in New York or San Francisco, have you?
           \_ I have.  New York is unique.  Transit in SF sucks.  If you
              want everyone to live in a place designed like SF with SF
              quality public transit then no thanks, I'll take the smog and
              \_ I take SF transit back and forth to work everyday and I
                 think it is great. It takes me 25 minutes each way and
                 I get to read the newspaper on the way. I live in the
                 outer reaches of SF and work downtown, btw.
                 outer reaches of SF, am gay, and work downtown, btw.
                 \_ What does being gay have to do with commuting?  *shakes
                    head*  Anyway, glad that works for you, but if you lived
                    in SF it would take you an hour or two to cross the city
                    to the same job.  I used to take BART to work and it was
                    great that work was literally right outside a BART station,
                    but all of SF is not next to a BART station.  Travel to
                    or from a non-BART area in SF sucks.
                    \_ I didn't put in the "am gay" part, some "funny" guy
                       must have. I actually have children. I *do* live in
                       SF, perhaps you misread me. I have lived in a couple
                       of places in The City, the worst commute I ever had
                       was 45 minutes each way. Part of the reason I decided
                       to buy where I did is because it is well served by
                       transit. The J Church is half a block away.
                       \_ Are you on the down low?
                          \_ Are you looking for a date or something?
2007/1/31-2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:45633 Activity:nil
1/31    R.I.P. Molly Ivins
2007/1/31-2/3 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:45634 Activity:nil
1/31    looking for a house to rent in the concord area near bart?
        if so, search for 1519 allegro ave and mention
        to agent you saw posting here.
        \_ 4.2 miles to concord bart station is 'near bart' ?
           \_ Why not?  It's only a few minutes by car.  A friend of mine
              drives over an hour to get to the Pitsburgh(sp?) Bart to get
              to SF and then walks another 20 minutes to work.
              \_ Ride Bike!
                 \_ My friend uses Linux.  Does that count?
2007/1/31-2/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45635 Activity:nil 50%like:45629
1/31    Is anyone having luck using IMAP against It works
        fine for me against mail.csua, but that server doesn't -appear- to have
        the same homedir and it can't access my ~/mail. Also, even with the
        DEFAULT fix, this still really seems to be screwing up procmail. Ungh.
2007/1/31 [Uncategorized] UID:45636 Activity:nil
1/30    Is this thing on?
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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