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2007/1/3-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:45520 Activity:nil
1/3     Firefox 2.0 tab is REALLY annoying. Fix it here:
        1- X close button on every tab
        Fix: open about:config, look for browser.tabs.closeButtons, and set
        it to 2 (no close buttons) or 3 (a single close button on the right
        of the tabs, like in previous Firefoxes - though, again, middle-click
        makes it useless).
        2- tabs dont get smaller past a certain point; if you have too many,
        you need to scroll the tab bar to see them all
        Fix: open about:config, and change browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to a much
        smaller value, like 10.
2007/1/3-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:45521 Activity:nil
1/3     I really really really hate HSBC. Logging in and trying to do anything
        on it is like, using Mozilla on a 1995 web site. It totally blows.
        You know what I hate the most? That there's a different HSBC site
        for banking, for mortgage, in different states, whatever. I just
        spent 10 minutes trying to find their particular login page for home
        mortgage in California. Great rates but TOTALLY BLOWS.
2007/1/3-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:45522 Activity:nil
1/3     RIP Dean Newton (passed away 1/2)
        \_ whoa, cs150 Richard Newton? no way...
           \_ Yeah... happened very suddenly :(
              \_ where can we pay our respects?
                 \_ there is a brief eetime article as well -
                 \_ there is a brief eetimes article as well -
                    There will be a campus memorial service announced as
                    well, not sure yet what the timeframe will be.
                    well, not sure yet what the timeframe will be.  Oh,
                    also more info at:
2007/1/3-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45523 Activity:nil
1/3     Message to Scotsman: How about keeping open the edit window on even when Soda is up?  Obviously participation from Soda
        users is way down, and some fresh perspectives from non-CSUA members
        (like me, for example) couldn't hurt.  So how about it?
        \_ How about move over to Their interface is way better.
           \_ How about you get your fat lazy sysadm ass up and walk to Soda
              Hall and help the poor clueless kids. They need big brothers,
                                          What about the sisters?_/
              not big complainers.
              \_ How about we not. Many of us have real jobs and don't live
                 near Soda Hall. And yes, I understand that soda is run
                 by students volunteering. I too was once a student
                 sysadmin for a machine accessed by alumni. It's not easy
                 keeping pathetic hackers off your machine but one of the
                 things I did was tap into the wisdom of those that preceded
                 me when I didn't know something.
                 \_ You don't seem to get the point. In our days when we were
                    busy learning UNIX stuff, employers complained about our
                    lack of compentency in building prototypes using sacred
                    breadboards and TTL and transistors. Likewise when kids
                    are busy learning to build higher level apps using Java
                    and Xbox 360 hacks, we complain the fact that they don't
                    know our sacred UNIX knowledge.
                        Free market dictates what is and what will be
                    relevant/irrelevant in the future, and it's clear that in
                    the next few decades UNIX knowledge will be as relevant as
                    breadboards+TTL+transistors today. Kids today just don't
                    NEED to learn or NEED to care about Linux, period.
                    Soda is dying and all you have to give is "When I was
                    young I was very active unlike the kids today."
                    Great job, troller. Now go away.               -1987 alum
                    \_ Unix knowledge is irrelevant? Remind me never to hire
                       you. As for the rest of the Silicon Valley, I'd like
                       to see you tell prospective employers that. See below
                       thread if you're too dumb to figure it out.
                       \_ there's not a whole lot that *nix can do that
                          other OS's can't already do
                    \_ I'm curious: how much of Soda usage is for
                       A. e-mail
                       B. running apps
                       C. MOTD / wall  ?
                       My random guess: 5% / 10% / 85%.  If this is true,
                       how about just migrating to applications like
                       for MOTD and getting rid of the rest of the junk?
        \_ Message to previous poster: Scotsman has grown up and is too busy
           dealing with you kids. If you want something, do it yourself.
           \_ Umm, Scotsman owns the domain and
              AFAIK is maintaining this "Berkeley Blog".
              \_ Umm, Scotsman was young and had time to maintain whatever the
                 fuck he wanted to maintain but that was nearly a decade ago.
                 Now he has a real job (meaning it pays money!!), a real life
                 outside of MUD, real friends outside of IRC, and real hobbies
                 other than coding and playing Quake. Look kid, I know
                 this is difficult for you to digest now but when you grow up
                 someday, you'll understand. Good luck kid.
                 \_ I don't pretend to know Scotsman personally, but it
                    seems like you're talking out of your ass.'s
                    hosting of KAIS MOTD is new, like within the past few
                    months. And I'm asking for something that doesn't require
                    any more maintenance than is currently necessary. So I
                    suggest you tone down your rants.
              \_ Wrong on both counts: ausman owns the domain, and lets
                 kchang use it for his motd archive thingy.  scotsman's not
                 involved at all.
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