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2006/12/30-2007/1/16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45517 Activity:moderate
12/30   Of the current EE/CS curriculum, what percentage of it is still
        taught using *nix instead of Windows? I'm in the ASIC design
        industry and everytime we get new college grads, we have to
        spend some time teaching them some pretty basic Unix stuff.
        It's, frankly, kind of annoying when we're teaching them that
        stuff and not more important things.
        \_ For ASIC design in particular, you're screwed. 150 and 152 are both
           done solely in Winders. As for the rest of the EECS curriculum,
           there's a good percentage that's Java, 188 is moving to Python, EE20
           and all the Matlab stuff is on Winders machines, 184 is OS and
           lanugage agnostic -- only EE122 have I seen recently as being
           quote-unquote fully *NIX-oriented.
           The long or the short of it is, I made it through the lower divs
           without expanding my *NIX knowledge, and sitting inside a Winders
           box. It was the CSUA and some of my pet projects in the dorms
           (Linux-box server/NAT) that taught me anything. I think it's
           certainly possible for a good percentage of kids these days to get
           by without *actually* learning *NIX. Which is a damn shame.
           As an aside -- the side of the CSUA soda-hozers don't see, we're
           plotting for something tenatively named "Bear-bones" CS -- aka a
           crash course in the good life (Unix, shells, emacs/vi, maybe a
           little scripting) at the start of this semester --michener
           \_ chuckle
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