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2006/12/28-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45506 Activity:moderate
12/28   John Edwards runs again for the presidency. Let's see, the Dems
        could pick a liberal hippy that has 0% of getting any vote in
        the south, an outspoken female bitch that has no chance of getting
        elected, and a black man whos last name is one letter away from
        being Osama. Dems in 2008... what a joke.
        \_ "Dam negro's name is Obama. That ryhmes with Osama, and his middle
            name is Hussein. Dam negro is a terrorist in disguise, let's
            hang him boys!"                     -average white Southerner
        \_ And, hey, his middle name is Hussein!  Think about it, people..
           Think about it.
        \_ It is unclear to me that people who would not vote for Obama because
           he is black/his name sounds muslim would vote for any other
           Democractic candidate anyway.
           \_ A lot of people are not ready for a black/female president
              who might still vote Democrat. It doesn't mean they hate
        \_ Wait, aren't you the same guy that said Dems had no chance in 2006?
           \_ I must've missed the 2006 Presidential election.
        \_ Wow, aren't we shallow!  "hippy" "bitch" and "black man almost
           named 'Osama'".  You might be right on all points, but let me
           ask you this:  would any of them be a better president than
           \_ whether or not they would be a better president is immaterial.
              The quesion is which is more likely to get elected.
              \_ I already conceded you might be right about their
                 inelectability, given this country's bigotry and sexism.
                 Now, setting aside the question of electability, which
                 would be the better president?
                 \_ I'm not the op but here is my answer which probably
                    resonates with many readers out there:
                      In theory, ANY three candidate will do better than
                    GWB. IMHO GWB is not *my* president, he is the president
                    of the blind masses who voted for him and who are still
                    supporting him. And stop calling him "The president"
                    as the fucktard deserves as much respect as Nixon.
                      In reality though none of the three other candidates
                    will win.  America is made up blind mass who do not
                    understand or care about policies. To them, as long
                    as its leader is strong, unwaivering, and/or good looking
                    or simply with whom they can relate to personally, then
                    that is the leader they will elect. This is the exact
                    reason why Bush and Reagan won despite the fact that
                    they're both fucktards.
                      The blind mass does not want smart and nerdy Kerry
                    + Al Bore. Instead the blind mass want fantasies
                    where the leader is as strong and as likeable as
                    Clint Eastwood, and want to be told that their world
                    has become better because of them. If you Dems do not
                    understand this, you Dems will never win the hearts
                    of the blind mass.                          -former Dem
                    \_ Bitter, much?
                 \_ Better for...?  The American people?  The world?  The
                    western world?  At what?  Domestic policy?  Foreign?
                    Least corrupt (they're all corrupt)?  Strengthing freedoms
                    at home?  Abroad?  Better economic policy?  Better?
           \_ It doesn't matter if my dog would be a better president than
              Bush.  Bush isn't running in 08.  They don't have to beat Bush
              in an election.
              \_ The spectre of Bush will haunt the Republican Party for a
                 while. Who will the GOP nominate? Rice? Tancredo? Gingrich?
                 Are any of these people electable?
                 \_ Guiliani has the charm of Reagan.
                 \_ That's a different issue and I disagree with your opinion.
                    Voters tend to fall into two categories: the party line
                    types who vote for the R/D who are unlikely to either stay
                    home or vote non-R/D no matter what, and the more moderate
                    center who vote for the candidate they like in a personal
                    way.  Bush is nothing but history for the 08 ballot box.
                    Rice is no more electable than Hillary.  Neither has
                    engaged in a real campaign or a real debate.  Gingrich
                    would have the support of a huge number of people but has
                    been on the side lines (mostly) for a long time.  His
                    'crimes' were that he left his wife and married another
                    woman to whom he is still married.  Tancredo?  No.
                    Rudy?  Has more political experience than a Hillary but
                    like Obama, Hillary, and McCain is just a media hyped
                    creation with limited support.  My total guess based on
                    absolutely nothing (motd style) is that we'll see some
                    currently unknown dark horse come from the R side to win
                    the R nomination while one of the D's media hyped creatures
                    emerges with the D nomination but is badly battered by the
                    nomination process.  I think this will be a hard fought
                    election season the likes of which the country has never
                    \_ How many people do you think went into the "non-R" camp
                       over the last 2 years?
                       \_ From the core "always vote R"?  None.  That's the
                          point.  From the center, at current, any number
                          you'd like to name.  But "at current" is not
                          important for the 08 election.  What people think
                          and feel about the names on the ballot after the
                          campaign and a few debates is what matters, not
                          right now.  I make no prediction about who or even
                          which party will actually win the 08 election.  It
                          is far far far far (I feel like I'm writing a Star
                          Wars opener) far far too early for that right now.
                          \_ Bush did horribly on the debate yet he won.
                             Maybe you care about debates. Most
                             Americans do not.
                             \_ I disagree.  The hype at the time was what a
                                fantastic uber debater Gore was and how smart
                                he was and how he was going to mop the floor
                                with W.  He didn't live up to the hype so he
                                (Gore) didn't get what he should have from it.
                                If debates were unimportant to most Americans
                                then it wouldn't have been watched by a zillion
                                people and talked about everywhere the next
2006/12/28-30 [Computer/Domains] UID:45507 Activity:nil
12/28   This is an AWESOME story:

        It's a good example of what is best about the Internet -> WEEB ->
        Blogosphere ... how a guy with domain-specific knowledge can get
        an instant forum.
2006/12/28-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:45508 Activity:insanely high
12/28   Soda will be down tomorrow December 29, 2006 for maintenance
        service.  We hope to keep the downtime as short as possible.
        - minghay (CSUA President)
        \_ You hozer.  What about my screen uptime and low pty IDs? - jvarga
        \_ You mean like less than 3weeks this time?
           \_ Hey, shut yer trap.  This machine is run by volunteers.  If
              you want to put time into it then step up.  I don't volunteer
              but I don't bitch at the people who do.  I appreciate their
              efforts and donation of their time to a shared resource.
              \_ I dropped by the office relatively early in the downtime.
                 No one with root was around any time that day (I was there
                 for like 4 hours).  Mconst dropped in a bit later to check
                 in as well, but he had only limited access (soda root, but
                 not keg, etc).  A few years ago, pburo nuked a number of
                 people from their root access.  I said then it was a bad
                 idea.  If current pburo wants to rectify that and increase
                 their root-base, I say more power to them.  And I'd be glad
                 to volunteer.  --scotsman
                 \_ Having a shorter list of volunteers is obviously going to
                    limit how much time is available to take care of soda.  My
                    gripe with the person above is that they're bitching out
                    (however many) people there are to take care of things,
                    all of whom are volunteers.  It's a free service, the
                    price is right, I'm happy that other people have maintained
                    it all these years with no expensve to myself and I
                    appreciate those efforts.  When things go bad it is
                    frustrating but I don't feel I'm owed anything by any of
              \_ Exchange of money is not the only way to establish
                 \_ Money?  What?  Who said money?  The people running this
                    machine are donating their time.   That is what the word
                    "volunteer" means.  It certainly isn't worth anything on
                    a resume.  What are you talking about?
                    \_ You're reading the above comment wrongly.  The fact
                       that someone is a volunteer doesn't absolve them
                       of responsibility to do what they've volunteered to
                       do; quite the opposite.  A lame-ass is a lame-ass
                       whether he's being paid or not.  -tom
                       \_ They're not absolved but if you don't like the
                          quality and performance provided by other volunteers
                          you have two real choices: shut up and acknowledge
                          whatever little you're getting is for nothing in
                          return or volunteer to do it yourself and do a
                          better job.  Bitching them out without volunteering
                          doesn't improve the situation.  It only makes it
                          worse.  I shouldn't have to explain why.
                          \_ As I said above, pburo.past nuked the volunteers.
                             pburo.current, if they want/need the volunteers,
                             would have them if they say so.  Get on wall,
                             guys.  Ask.
                             \_ Volunteer.  Send a note to pburo asking what
                                they need help with.  If you did and they
                                ignored it or said they don't need any help
                                then that's that on the volunteer front.
              \_ So what do we need to do in order to get root? (Other
                 than, obviously, hack in like everyone else.)
                 \- you know, sloda has always been run by volunteers
                    and by any measure the current incarnation should be
                    a lot less work than the apollo, sequent, vax etc
                    days. i could be wrong, but i dont think it's ever
                    been down for as long as it was ~1 mo ago. i think
                    people have been tremendously appreciative of mr jvarga...
                    and if that appreciation hasnt extended to the pburo
                    at large, my personal perception is there appears
                    reasonable basis for that differentiation.
                    \_ My gut feeling is that Cal students today are not
                       nearly as Unix proficient as they were back in the
                       days. Most donations come in the form of Windows
                       boxes and students today could care less about
                       Unix. So these "soda volunteers" are really just
                       alumni and not the current breed.
                       \_ Whoever the volunteers are, they are still freely
                          providing service to the community with zero
                          compensation and a lot of flack for the times things
                          aren't perfect.  As far as proficiency goes, *nix is
                          a lot easier now than "back in the day" so uber m@d
                          sk1llz are no longer required to get class work or
                          anything else done on a *nix box.  This is just the
                          nature of technology.  I'll bet the average
                          teen/college boy in the 50s knew a hell of a lot
                          more about his car than *anyone* on soda/csua does
                          today.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.
                                  \- my point is that maintainance should
                                     take less time, e.g in the age of
                                     cheep disks, a machine that doesnt have
                                     to be racked up in a machine room,
                                     standardized buses etc. anyway, his
                                     standardized buses etc. anyway, this
                                     seems to me to be mostly a leadership
                                     failure not a technical matter ...
                                     e.g. it's not a mostly a failure of
                                     e.g. it's not mostly a failure of
                                     knowledge, but of decisionmaking,
                                     communication etc.
                          \_ However, those of us who have been around dealt
                             with the same difficulties and complaints when
                             we were in pburo/on root.  And I can safely say
                             we never had a month long outage.  If you don't
                             want to/can't actually provide the service,
                             scrap it.  We'll survive...  But IMO, and IME,
                             having the alumni around and happy is a good
                             thing for those who want the professional
                             networking opportunities and knowledgebase that
                             comes with them.
           "I'm willing to wager $100 that Soda will be up for another 3 months
            or less before it is completely down for at least 3 days again."
           We'll see how long soda is down this time.
           \_ Are you helping with this maintenance to help make sure things go
              smoothly or just bitching from the sidelines?
        \_ A quick update from the ex-pres, secretary, and one of the few UGs
           with any *nix-fu. (whoever said that it's starting to be lacking is
           spot on). I have good news, and the good news is that our new VP
           doesn't suck. He rules. He's def. reading rootmail (something Ed
           never did), has a *lot* of Debian knowledge and experience, and is
           preparing to, you know, GET SHIT DONE. As a volunteer. Which is awesome.
           And something that Ed never did (this from being president over him).
           Right now, the holdup is that apparently there's no cardkey access for
           the moment but hopefully within a day or two, there will be much
           tinkering. I think (and hope) y'all will see the difference :)
           Take heart sodans! --michener
           \- lack of cardkey access never stopped us in the old days ...
              "oh look, the door is open". :-)
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