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2006/12/26-30 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:45494 Activity:nil
12/26   I just got a Wii and it looks bad on my 10 year old 20" tube.
        What is the resolution of RCA connectors? If I get a new plasma
        or LCD will it look better?
        \_ component cable will make it better
2006/12/26-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:45495 Activity:nil
        "It's the French Foreign Legion for me!"
2006/12/26-30 [Health/Disease/General] UID:45496 Activity:high
12/26   What's the difference between "infectious" and "contagious" when
        talking about diseases?  Thanks.
        \_ contagious is via the air
        \_ This seems to be pretty much a distinction without a difference.
           Some people try to call things you can catch by proximity
           "contagious", so while both are infectious, rhinovirus would be
           contagious, HIV would not.  But I don't know of a standard,
           widespread distinction.
           Here's another possible distinction:  Infectious means a disease
           caused by a micro-organism. Contagious means an infected person
           can transmit an infectious disease to another person
        \- i am not an expert in this, but my understanding is: contagious ->
           you can get it from another person [so this is probably what you
           are thinking both mean], but infectious means it is caused by an
           "infectious agent" ... e.g. if you cut yourself and get dirt in the
           wound and get a strep-caused problem, you have an infection but
           it wasnt contagious. so infectious is from "what" causes the
           disease. contagious is focused on the "how" the transmission
           occurs. what i am not sure about is what parameters apply to
           contagious, e.g. does it have to be same species, does it just
           include proximity or contact ... presumably something like
           getting a prion disease from eating mad cow beef isnt considered
           contagious ... since you are getting it via the medium of food.
           same for getting infectious malaria from a mosquito bite.
           now if somebody can explain the difference between iatrogenic
           and nosocomial, i'd be delighted.
        \- In practice they can be used sloppily but in "theory",
           contagiousness is a QUALITATIVE MEASURE of how easy it is
           to CATCH from another person [animal etc], and "infectious"
           gets at whether the cause of the disease is an INFECTIOUS
           gets at whether the CAUSE of the disease is an INFECTIOUS
           AGENT [bacteria, virus etc, as opposed to structural
           defect, toxin, chemical, radiation etc]. So it is reasonable
           to say "airborne influenza is MORE CONTAGIOUS than ebola"
           and to say "ebola is an infectious disease while osteoperosis
           is not" [pace, some h pylori type discovery].
           can somebody explain the difference between NOSOCOMIAL and
           IATROGENIC. ok tnx.
           IATROGENIC. ok tnx. --psb
            \_ o.k. I probably won't do as good a job as the above, and
               i'm no expert, but my understanding is that NOSOCOMIAL is
`              particularly in regard to maledies resulting from being
               in a hospital, where as IATROGENIC is used less
               specifically to describe any treatment-caused ailment.
               So that MRSA (resistant staff) is most likely to be
               referred to as nosocomial, whereas my fucked up shoulder,
               being directly attributed to the surgery, as opposed to
               the hospital per-se, would be more likely to be called
               iatrogenic. -crebbs
               \- oh fair enough ... that seems like a meaningful
                  distinction. one is GEOGRAPHIC and one is SIDE-EFFCTTING.
                  so if i take my wife to the doctor and i get ill while
                  sitting int he waiting room, that is NOSOCOMIAL but not
                  sitting in the waiting room, that is NOSOCOMIAL but not
                  IATROGENIC. meanwhile, if i get an infection from self-
                  injections of insulin, that may be IATROGENIC. --psb
                  \_yep.  (assuming, the injections were prescribed, if
                    not I don't think it counts, unless perhaps you
                    consider yourself a Doctor of some kind :) -crebbs
2006/12/26-30 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Computer/Games, Consumer/Audio] UID:45497 Activity:nil
12/26   What did you guys get for Christmas? Anyone got a new car or Wii?
        \_ Eight new cell phones for my extended family.
        \_ Some pants from Banana Republic, an iPod, a nice tie, a nice
           bottle of scotch.
2006/12/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Finance/Investment] UID:45498 Activity:nil
12/26   Thomas Sowell's take on the fixation of income disparity.
        \- this is such a bullshit essay. he is mischaracterizing the
           "it makes no sense" line. the question is about equillibria
           and looking for explanations for "out-of-equillibria" behavior.
           for example for sports stars or hollywoods starts, there is
           actually an explanation offered for the giant paychecks of
           megastars, and that is the "winner-takes-all" or "superstar"
                                        \_ "prize economy" is the phrase
                                           you are looking for
           theory [i dont know anything about sports, but the rough
           explanation is megastars like MJ dont just help you win games,
           MJ sell tickets, sell merchandise, sell the brand ... simlarly
           if you hire tom cruise-level stars, they arent just fulfilling
           an acting role, but casting them serves as advertising etc ...
           people magazing, entertainment tonight etc will advertise your
           movie because you have cast tom cruise. i.e. there are not
           really many substitutes for these types. there are a limited
           number. YMWTGF(sherwin rosen, economics of superstars).]
           this is more what an honest discussion of compensation issue
           and trends looks like:
           and to go from "these salaries seem historically high" to
           "govt dept of regulation salaries" is obviously a textbook
           also the "famous essay" about the pencil was actually made
           famous by milton friedman. i dont think it was especially
           famous until he talked about it in his free to choose show.
           \_ Everyone should be paid according to their needs.  Sorry,
              I just read Atlas Shrugged. ;)
2006/12/26-27 [Transportation/Car] UID:45499 Activity:nil
12/26   Got a new serpentine belt in my car.  Now, when I start up the car,
        there is a somewhat loud squeeking noise, especially when I turn
        the steering wheel.  The noise is mostly gone within several
        seconds after starting the car, but does return to some degree if I
        turn the steering wheel far to the right or left.  I also got new
        brake pads installed, but the noise occurs when the car is barely
        moving, so I'm assuming it has nothing to do with the brakes.  Does
        it make sense that it's from the new serp belt?  Could it be installed
        incorrectly, or is this somehow normal for a new belt?
        \_ Power steering pump problem?
            \_ You don't think that the fact that this problem was first
               noticed within 24 hours of changing the serp belt strongly
               suggests it's the serp belt that is the problem?  My guess
               is that it's just that the serp belt needs to be tightened.
               What might trigger a problem with the power steering pump? -op
               \_ Can you try these?  1) Stop your car completely on some
                  street surface (e.g. your driveway) and point your front
                  wheels straight ahead.  Now *try* to turn your steering
                  wheel, ie. apply some force to your steering wheel either to
                  the left or to the right as if you're steering, but don't
                  actually steer.  See if you hear the noise.  2) With the
                  car stopped, steer all the way to the left or right and keep
                  applying force to the steering wheel.  This should give you
                  the noise according to what you said.  Now, let go of your
                  steering wheel, and see if the noise stops.  -- pp
        \_ I had this happen, turned out the belt wasnt tensioned properly.
2006/12/26-30 [Uncategorized] UID:45500 Activity:nil
12/26   Costco has the 40" Bravia for only $1700. Good deal or wait?
        \_ Both. They'll all get cheaper in the near future as LCDs really come
           into their own.  That's a nice set, very good viewing angle, nice
           and bright, but consider the upscale model of the same size which
           can actually do 1080p.  --dbushong
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