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2006/12/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:45490 Activity:nil
        Does this guy look like Phil Angelides?
2006/12/23-26 [Reference/Tax] UID:45491 Activity:moderate
12/23   How does the Blue Angels pay for itself? Tax?
        \_ They're part of the Navy/Marine Corps, and as such are funded
           through the Department of Defense.
           \_ That's interesting. Maybe they should be part of the
              Department of Entertainment instead of Defense.
              \_ Did you just discover that the government wastes money?
                 That's nothing new, and this is hardly the worst offense.
              \_ Their official purpose is to serve as a recruiting tool.
                 Are you contending that they are ineffective in that role?
                 You may also be interested in one of the Army's recruiting
                 aids -- they sponsor racing teams (NASCAR, NHRA, motorcycles:
                 \_ Does the Air Force benefit from it for free?
2006/12/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:45492 Activity:nil
12/23   Wow Maria Sharapova is actually 6'2" 130lb. She looks tiny on TV.
        \_ 6'2" 130 is like... skeletal
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