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2006/12/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:45457 Activity:nil
11/16   Is there a place where I can bet on whether the 3 hikers
        will make it alive or not?
        \_ 1 down.
2006/12/17-19 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45458 Activity:nil
12/17   Yay I'm the person of the year! ME!!! I'm so special, just
        like everyone else!
2006/12/17-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45459 Activity:high
11/16   A while ago, some Yahoo! employee asked what was wrong with
        Yahoo mail that people would use gmail instead. These are
        my reasons:
        1. No POP3/IMAP access to keep your mail local. Gmail at
           least gives you SPOP.
        2. No forwarding or filter rules that let you forward
        3. Because of 1 and 2, I feel like Yahoo is locking me in.
        4. Avatars? Seriously, do you really think I care about that?
        5. Ads everywhere. I know you need to profit from email but
           it's just too much.
        5. "Do you Yahoo!?" at the bottom of my emails. It's not
           professional to send prospective employers/business
           partners emails with ads.
        6. Re: #5, <myname><some long number> doesn't
           sound professional. <myname> does. Too many
           email squatters on yahoo.
           \_ I don't think that's really Yahoo's fault.
            \_ It may not be, but it is still a reason to use gmail
               \_ The unprofessional "" could at least be
                  changed to or something else. But
                  yahoo makes it way too easy for spammers and
                  squatters to get an account. Google at least
                  makes you associate a new account with another
                  one or your cell phone number.
                  \_ I have evidence that yahoo mail has been infiltrated by
                     the Church of Scientology.
        7. My browser isn't open all the time. Gmail has a notifier.
           Where's Yahoo!'s?
           \_ Not to defend Yahoo!, but YMessenger does that.
        8. Folders are dead. Smart folders or tags are in. You can't
           Venn diagram with folders.
        9. Like #1 and 2, Y! calendar doesn't allow linking to or
           publishing of ICAL/XML calendars. Manually uploading a
           file every time doesn't count.
        10. My Yahoo! friends use gmail. That tells you how much
           they like their own company's product.
        Or perhaps you could elaborate on why one would prefer Y!
        mail over gmail.
        \_ This is a free market. No one is forcing you to use Yahoo mail.
           Hate ads? Look at Google, they put ads everywhere, how is that
           less annoying than Yahoo?. Besides have you even tried Yahoo
           mail's latest experimental ajax interface?
           \_ You're right. It is a free market and I'm practicing
              that free market. Someone from Y! asked why people
              hated Y! mail so much and I'm saying why. BTW, google
              has a simple text banner for ads. Y! has it everywhere.
              One animated banner ad, another ad cluster, and ads
              in my email ("Do you Yahoo!?").
              \_ Yep. I'm not that surprised Yahoo employees don't "get it".
                 If they did the product would be better. I think you're
                 wasting your time.
                 \_ I don't think Yahoo is alone here in terms of "not
                    getting it". Microsoft, in its attempt to develop
                    the ultimate iPod killer, can't even succeed
                    in beating out Sandisk despite their deep pockets and
                    marketing muscle. They think people want useless
                    features like squirts and FM tuners or complicated
                    music stores. In the end, it's just smoke and mirrors.
                    And grunge? Really. Grunge was like so 1992. Telling
                    your customers that you're cool doesn't make you cool.
           \_ I've tried the new thing. Still has more ads and more intrusive
              ones, plus it has an "ms outlook" interface. Gmails tags are
              better IMO. The new yahoo mail interface is nicer for sure.
        \_ I think Yahoo just doesn't focus on their older net properties the
           way Google does.  They're doing many many many more things but don't
           do really well at most of them.  As Google's product list grows you
           may find less effort applied to their older and less sexy products
           as well.  But since everything but the front door is beta anyway
           you'd have no business complaining, right?  ;-)
           \- just to add in passing: it's one thing when you do something
              before somebody else [yahoo before gmail] and they end up doing
              it better, but it's another thing when you have a reasonable
              product and you replace it with something obviously lamer
              [yahoo old to new tc browser]. there are mistakes you make an
              [yahoo old to new TV browser]. there are mistakes you make an
              learn from, and then there are mistakes that shouldnt have
              been made. it may have been a reasonable business decision
              for yahoo to acknowledge some of the above Ymail problems
              and decide it isnt worth the $$$ investment to fix some of
              them, but if in even on public discussions they cant acknowledge
              what is a problem [e.g. claim people want some unique feature
              they have and the competeition doesnt when in reality nobody
              cares about that ... and they dont acknowledge they are lacking
              something everybody wants] that's a serious problem. i think
              breaking the working tv application suggests a potentially
              breaking the working TV application suggests a potentially
              serious problem ... when an org makes "mistakes that shouldnt
              have been made" often rather than leaning something in the
              technical domain ["we used the wrong data structure"], you
              learn something about the organization.
2006/12/17-23 [Uncategorized] UID:45460 Activity:nil
11/16   I know you Northern Californians are sick of dumbass drivers
        sucking up space on the road when they shouldn't be.
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