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2006/12/15-21 [Consumer/Audio] UID:45450 Activity:nil
12/14   just upgraded to an 80G video ipod from my old 30G audio. I mainly
        wanted  just more space for songs and am not wondring about the other
        capabilites. Is movie watching worth the bother or sticking to stuff
        like short films /tv shows the thing due to the small screen.  Just
        curious  to find what others regularly use them for.
        \_ i do watch short film (company propaganda, etc) on my Treo 650.
           Then again, I commute to work via public transportation.  I can't
           imagine where would I find the time to watch these films if I have
           drive everyday.
2006/12/15-17 [Recreation/Food] UID:45451 Activity:low
12/14   Will be visting family in NY for Xmas with the spousal unit . Would
        like reccomendations for stuff to do in NYC where we will be not
         be crushed by tourists.We are both in our late 30's w/o kids.
        \_ WOW. I can't believe you're asking this question. Just get a
           regular NYC guide book and you'll be overwhelmed. It really
           depends on what you like. If you like museums (natural museum
           is cool if you like science/evolution), musicals, comedy,
           concerts, FOOD FOOD FOOD, and whatever the city has to offer
           to sophisticated conurbanites you'll love NYC. If you like
           the country-side and to hike and camp out, it's the wrong
           place to go to. Good luck.
        \- nyc has decent theather every night of the week. look at half
           price tickets for example. look at "around town" section of the
           nyker and "time out". again the more specific a question you ask
           [restaurants, music, museums, culture, social outings] the better
           answer you are likely to get. people who might be interested in
           going to the Cloisters might not be the same people interested
           in powershopping.
        \_ This is a fine time to catch an opera at the Met. Consider scouring
  for tickets. Also, the Metropolitan Museum is worth
           a day by itself.
        \_ Eat at Don Peppe's, 13558 Lefferts Blvd. between 135th Ave and
           149 Ave, Jamaica, NY.  The baked clams, linguini marinara, and
           linguini with clam sauce are phenomenal.  This is near JFK if
           you're flying in to there. -dans
           #ifdef GAYLORD
        \_ Go to the ballet. There is nothing like it outside of NY in the
           US, maybe the world. I always go when they (ABT or NYC Ballet)
           go on tour. It would be great to see them in NYC.
2006/12/15-21 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Finance/Investment] UID:45452 Activity:moderate
12/15   Shadow Statistics-- Ben Bernanke, Fed chairman, recently delivered
        an upbeat view of the U.S. economy. It was cheerful, optimistic...
        and delusional.
        \_ Ok, assuing one buys this, what does one invest in?  Stocks are
           out, real estate (at least around here) is over-inflated.
           India's economy is over-heated.  I don't trust the Chinese
           govt., so I don't want to invest there. Gold? Euro stocks?
           \_ AK's and canned food.
           \_ I just dumped money in Canada, perhaps too late as Canada
              has been solid for years now, but I think still a safe
              play. Japan also looks promising, although it has looked
              that way for years.
           \_ If you believe in what this guy is saying, you should
              head to the hills and try living as a subsistance farmer.
              He makes some valid points, but waaaaay overstates his
              case imho.
           \_ you don't think Japan's economy and Chinese economy is not
              interwind?  You think Chinese economy exist in a vaccum?
2006/12/15-16 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:45453 Activity:nil
12/15   Own your own luxury condo on the sea for $25 mil! Lots of rich
        people out there I guess:
        \_ I'm sorry, $500000 a year HOA fee? Is that a typo?
        \_ Definitely not for country-living loving dim who loves to own
           SFHs with a huge ass backyard he rarely uses, situated out of
           nowhere, many miles away from the closest shopping mall,
           far from away from other people, isolated. Not for dim, your
           average American Joe, who love 0% down and interest only ARM.
           \_ Where do you get this stuff?
        \_ But I read on the motd that condos always lag SFH as investments...
           \_ They do. What do you think a SFH on the same site would cost?
2006/12/15-23 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:45454 Activity:kinda low
        Let history be a guide.
        \_ recent history has not seen the concentration of wealth we're seeing
           - maybe santa clara+l.a.+manhattan will stay rich, and avg locations
           eat it
           \_ Why the fascination with concentration of wealth?  It's captial
              that allows us to create companies, which create jobs.  It's not
              surprising that the more specialized we get, the more capital is
              used to create industry.
              \_ Through out Chinese hisotry, 9 out of 10 dynasties fell
                 not because of the ruler being brutal, but rather, over
                 concentration of wealth.  Over concentration of wealth will
                 eventually made into policies which denies opporunity for the
                 mass to get ahead, thus, re-enforce the wealth which they
                 have amassed.  The brightest would no longer have a chance
                 to go to school because it's too expensive.  The skilled
                 wouldn't have a chance to use it.  The offspring of the
                 super-wealthy would just sitting on their butt and complains
                 the mass is not working hard enough and don't deserve the
                 opportunity they demanded.
                 \_ You got the trees.  Here's the forest: "9 out of 10
                    dynasties" fell *because* they were dynastic and not
                    at all democratic and thus completely unresponsive to
                    the needs and wants of the people.
              \_ it's a balance.  no one likes communism, and no one likes
                 an aristocracy.  the problem is over the last five years
                 there has been a significant shift to the latter.  the impt
                 question is:  are we getting closer to or further away from
                 what's good for America?
                 \_ Both are government and economic entities.  As long as we
                    have a functional democracy, where's the problem?
                    \_ Big assumption.
                 \- without getting into a longer answer, there is also a
                    positive feedback loop. if i am so wealthy, all i need
                    the gov for is defense, then i'm willing to lobby for
                    lower taxes at the cost of say public education, social
                    safety insurance or medical social safety net [because
                    i can self-insure]. we havent totally gotten to the
                    point where people can opt for lower support for say
                    fire and police protection by self-insuring ... while
                    those haven't gone private, there are definitely class
                    shenanigans that area too [people of course talk about
                    gated communities with private security, but a more
                    sublte example might be something like piedmont "opting"
                    out of oakland ... i dont know the history of how
                    piedmont emerged, but my understading is piedmont has about
                    10 cops while the oakland police beat that surrounds it
                    is larger and has 2 cops. i bet if you were teleported
                    into a piedmont and the nearest oakland school, you could
                    guess with a high probability which one you had been sent
                    to in each teleportation trial. \P if there is no
                    cooperation/social contract via progressive taxation,
                    you are more likely to end up in a sub-pareto equillibrium
                    rather than adopting optimal outcome ... since optimal
                    outcome often has distributional consequences, so you can
                    only get their either via coercsion or enforced side
                    payments. in the context of a corporation, once the
                    trickle down to the rank and file goes below some
                    threshold, incentive based performance doesnt really
                    work any more ... if my marginal dollar of productivity
                    goes 99% to people 4 steps up from me in the org chart,
                    what's the point?
                    all liberals should be able to answer the question
                    "why should we have a progressive tax code".
                    i guess that was pretty long.
                    \_ yeah could you point to some wikipedia articles or
                       concise urls, i get asked this a lot by my
                       liberotarian friends and i really would like to
                       defend myself articulately.
                       \- dood, the internet is not the be all and end all
                          of learning. read "the procedural republic and he
                          unencumbered self". i dont know if it is avail
                          on the public WEEB. it is available via JSTOR.
                          this isnt the kind of thing to look for in a
                          wikipedia article.
                          if you are really interested, i probably have a
                          pdf i can dig up. the short version of the answer
                          is "when society makes investment, the rich
                          disproportionately reaps the rewards" sort of
                          like when up to $1m of mortage interest is
                          deductable that disporpropiratioantely benefits
                          people buying million dollar houses rather than
                          $200k houses. similar logic applies to NIH research
                          (an agency i dont remember hearing criticized as
                          as much as say the Dept of Educ). also many "xfers"
                          to the wealthy are not in the form of easy to see
                          cash xfers [welfare, food stamps] but more subtle
                          [nicer parks, faster police response time]. finally
                          there are some deeper criticisms of measuring
                          efficiency/risk/etc  in dollars terms, but hat is
                          beyond the scope of this motd post. if you are a
                          berkeley student, consider taking philosophy 115,
                          political philosophy. samuel scheffler would be a
                          good person to take this from. --psb
                          \- I'll add one thing: generally the way Lib'tarians
                             operationalize force/fraud is rather self-serving,
                             just like most countrys' notion of what
                             constitudes "free trade" or a resonable IP
                             regime is totally self serving. the world is a
                             complicated palce and all "one line" philosophies
                             are inadequate, whether it is Libertarianism
                             [force/fraud], Jebus and the Golden Rule,
                             Communism [each according to needs/means],
                             Original Intent/Plain meaning jurisprudence,
                             untilitariamsim etc.
                          \- BTW, I'd be interested if you could ask
                             your little liberatrian friends if they would
                             get rid of the SEC.
                    \_ Could you try to capitalize words on occasion or simply
                       point to the wiki article?
                       \_ Hey, don't restrict his form of expression with
                          your bourgeois grammer rules, you facist!
                                         \_ grammar
                                            \_ Same to you!
        \_ It turns out that an economists blog I read it talking about
        \_ It turns out that an economist's blog I read is talking about
           this very same subject right now -ausman
           "How Inequality of Wealth Destroys Liberty"
           \- JAMES AUSMAN ADVISORY: i assume you know this, but some
              of this may be the tail end of something that errupted a
              few mos ago:
              but of course for thoughtful people, this is a perennial issue.
              as your web site suggest, it was discussed a 100yrs ago.
              this is not a bad book:
2006/12/15-17 [Finance/Banking] UID:45455 Activity:kinda low
12/15   So, why no investigations into Goldman Sachs for huge profits?  Take a
        guess who they gave the most money to?
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?
           \_ Remember when everyone was villifying oil companies for "excess"
              profits? Goldman Sachs just reported massive bonuses, etc.  I see
              no congresscritters grandstanding about profits and bonuses.  And
              they gave their biggest political donation to Sen. Clinton.
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