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2006/12/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:45440 Activity:moderate
12/12   What's up with all these crazy hikers? Do they not care about their
        \_ The increase of interest in "extreme sports" may directly
           relate to the "continuous present" in which many people in
           western countries now live their lives.
           \_ Western countries have long abandoned spiritual fulfillments
              for materialism. iPod, low mortgage rate for new homes, new
              Lexus, etc. As people start to accumulate great material
              wealth and slowly realize that their lives are still empty,
              they need to go to the extremes to make their lives seem
              more fulfilled-- extreme sports. Well, let me tell ya. That
              is not your answer. Jesus is. God Bless.
        \_ Three letters - PLB - get one. Personal Locator Beacon.
2006/12/13-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45441 Activity:high
12/13   When are unactive accounts going to get revived?
        \_ Accounts that were not reactivated after the first breakin last year
           may actually get pseudo-deleted in a few months.  Otherwise the
           procedure is the same as last time: call the office or email
           activate@ to get an account reactivated. - jvarga
           \_ Does the 'sorry' message you get when you try to log in
              say "please call the office at bleah bleah bleah"?
           \_ I don't think activate has responded to anyone
              \_ These are the people on activate@.  If you haven't gotten a
                 response, try again. - jvarga
                  soda:/root# grep "^activate:" /etc/aliases
                  activate: darch, vaheder, edilaic
              \_ I never said it was effective, only that it happens to be the
                 specified protocol as set down by politburo. - jvarga
                 \_ Is the current VP lazy, incompetent both or neither?
                    He might be busy with finals now, but what about Nov?
                    Fill in the blank: "The current Politburo is the lamest
                    since the _______ Politburo."
                    \_ Both.  Darch as the new VP looks to be aggresively
                       bringing things under control, so service should be
                       considerably less shitty than it was over the past
                       The fact that not even the entirity of the politburo is
                       seeing the activate messages is a testament to how lazy
                       they are.  Also, the message given in safesorry2 is a
                       weak 20 second message which I have told them more than
                       once to change to give more information.
                       Unfortunately, at the moment, its finals time so you
                       really shouldn't be looking for any impromement in
                       service... or even service at all for a little bit.
                       \- you know part of leadership is "delegation"
                          unfortunately we seem to have a case of "lame
                          delegation". --psb
                          \_ It is sad that they decide to implement a policy
                             and then decide not to do the work to support it.
                             Minghay has done about 90+% of the re-activation
                             in the most recent round of it.  Him not getting
                             activate@ emails makes me wonder if the emails
                             will even be read.  -mrauser
                    \_ Well would you rather have a politburo that ruled with
                       an iron fist and squished people and turned off
                       login for saying shit on wall/motd, like in the fascist
                       paolo/pollux/amckee era? Or do you prefer a completely
                       free-market politburo like now where they just let
                       people do whatever the fuck they want, and letting the
                       unix system run its own course? I guess both extremes
                       suck big time. Actually I liked it more when politburo
                       ruled with an iron fist. Fascism rules, esp on unix.
                       \_ fascism rules in any situation because there's always
                          someone you can blame at, whereas you can't blame
                          anyone for things that happen in the free-market.
                       \_ Fuck the iron fist, it gets in the way of writing
                          code. -dans
                          \_ ^code^hacks and r007ki7
2006/12/13-15 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:45442 Activity:high
12/13   jvarga, do you prefer free food or free strip club?
        \_ Seeing as I am Christian, I'm going to have to go with food on this
           one.  Besides, food sticks with ya longer than a lap dance. - jvarga
           \_ First the Jews bought the computer
              Then Athiests hacked into the computer
              But later on the Christians fixed up the computer
              Only to find out that the Muslims stole the computer
           \_ Depends on the lapdance. But still, meal's a better idea.
2006/12/13-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45443 Activity:kinda low
12/14   Hey google, build a "suck all email off of my Yahoo Mail account
        into Gmail" and I promise I'll never go to again. - danh
        \_ what's wrong with yahoo?             -someone who works there
           \_ You really want me to list the reasons why Yahoo Mail sucks,
              as compared to Gmail?  - danh
           \_ You guys fucked up the new TV listings.
              It was useful to have the listing color coded [movies, sports
              etc.]. The new listings are hard to read. Also the way to
              get detailed info about the individual program is not ideal.
              The same button should expand and collpase rather than having
              to mouse over to a small target to collapse the display.
              Earlier yahoo blew away a lot of other people by having
              maximum configurability and useability ... now I think you
              guys often get side tracked by chrome or "coolness" rather
              than useability [like the program detail display doing the
              little bounce up and down etc.]. Also, eventhough amazon is
              also a large company, they make it easy to send feedback
              and they respond to feedback and inquiries while yahoo doesnt.
              I know yahoo people who spend more time bad mouthing google
              ["oh google mail spies on you"] than improving their own
              product [yahoo mail giving less space]. On a positive note,
              your finance pages were good [I dont really use it much any
              more today], and your movie listings is ok.
              \_ Amen, brother.  They used to be simple, now it's broken
                 and irritating.  It only shows me the top block of
                 listings with the other boxes blank.  Plus, I don't want
                 to login to set my provider, and yahoo's listings no
                 longer work with my Treo.  Grrr.  So, I moved to
                 using TV Guide's online listings.
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