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2006/12/11-13 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45426 Activity:nil
        Fox News commentator blasts Bush. "Denial is the first stage in
        dealing with death. The president still has to get through
        anger, bargaining, and depression before he reaches acceptance."
2006/12/11-13 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:45427 Activity:high
12/11   If the average member of congress worked ~2-3 days a week last
        year, the lowest ever in decades, where can I find out how long
        EACH congressman/women worked? I'd like to use the data to tally
        up total and percentage of hours for each state, and maybe
        compare men vs. women, dems vs. reps, new yorkers vs. texans,
        gay congressman vs. lesbian congresswomen, etc.
        \_ I don't understand the metrics of this.  Congresspeople
           spend a lot of time in meetings with their staff, meeting
           with lobbyists who get past their staff, meeting in the
           secret underground Senate chambers, flying back and forth
           between their district, calling donors, lots of flying
           back and forth, is this 'tracked' in the "2-3 day working week"?
           I don't think so.
        \_ There's a bit of a misnomer there.  Congress was in session 3 days
           a week last year, but that doesn't mean every member of Congress
           fucked off and played golf the other two days of the week. (*)
           Of course if what you want to track is sessions of Congress
           attended, you should see if there is if the Congressional roll call
           records are available online.  I actually think this is an
           interesting idea.  If you find the data you need to make this go
           and want help hacking on it, let me know. -dans
           (*) Though it also doesn't mean that every member of Congress
               *didn't* fuck off and play golf the other two days of the week.
           \_ Playing golf and screwing around with interns and congressional
              pages IS work. It is hard work.
              \_ Your bar for social life is clearly low. -dans
2006/12/11-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:45428 Activity:high
12/11   A few months ago I sold my old beat up vehicle for $2000, in cash.
        I gave my title to the guy and expected him to register it. However,
        he obvious has not yet done so as I just got a DMV notice that I
        need to pay for next year's registration fees. Now I'm a bit
        worried. I don't know who the hell I sold it to, nor do I have his
        address/phone, etc. What if he sells drugs or run over children
        using the vehicle that is still currently registered under my name?
        How much liability do I have?                   -worried guy
        \_ car is evil
        \_ Hey I'm the op. Thanks for the responses! I've printed out the
           form. I don't have the other guy's address, so I just put down
           a dealer's address. I hope it works out. I'll keep you guys
           updated. Again, THANK MOTD!!!
        \_ Yes, on the one hand, you're screwed.  The transaction was
           completed, so the car is his. (ie you can't report it stolen),
           but the DMV requires liability to be transfered, so you are
           liable, literally, forever. You should always do the paperwork
           yourself.  However, I did exactly the same thing a while
           back, and a police officer friend of minetold me what to do.
           The minimal work you're required by the law to do is to fill
           out a "Release of Liability" form.
           This is a very simple form that is supposed to be filled out
           within five days.  Fill it out now, back-date it, and claim
           you turned it in origianlly.  The DMV must have lost it.  If
           you can't remember all the info, make something up. If anyone
           ever asks, the guy must have shown you a fake ID. DO NOT
           re-register the car, even as non-operating. The car is not
           yours.  So far, this has worked for me.  (You're in CA, right?)
       \_ The guy above is mostly right. My dad sold a car and the new
           owner never registered it and never even came back for the
           pink slip (after promising to). My dad didn't want to be
           fingered if the guy got tickets (or worse) so he filled out
           the Release of Liability form. That's it. It didn't even have
           to be back-dated. He knew nothing about the new owner either.
           This is not that unusual. Boy, motdedit is really screwed up.
2006/12/11-13 [Uncategorized] UID:45429 Activity:nil
12/11   Any word on crazy Mel's new movie Apocalypto?
2006/12/11-12 [Computer/SW] UID:45430 Activity:nil
        The Jews did it! Grinch.
2006/12/11-12 [Health/Men] UID:45431 Activity:nil 76%like:45436
12/11 (
        The average parthas have small penis
2006/12/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:45432 Activity:nil
12/12   Anyone lucky enough to preview Letters from Iwo Jima?
2006/12/11-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:45433 Activity:high
12/11   A few days ago I was promised food and other miscellaneous perks.  I'm
        cashing in!  Bring it on! - jvarga
        \_ How much are you making?
        \_ Do job opportunities count? -dans
           \_ I was just hungry and wanted some dinner.  I've got a very nice
              job that I intend on keeping.  If you're offering free money, I
              won't complain. - jvarga
           \_ does the job involve getting paid without doing work?
              sounds like a switch and bait to me
        \_ Where do you live, jvarga? Maybe we can set up a thank you meal.
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