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2006/12/5-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45411 Activity:nil
12/4    So exactly what happened to soda?  Why was it taken down?
        Did hardware fail, or was the box rooted, or what?
        \_ It was eaten by a grue.
        \_ rootkit
           \_ Okay, so how was soda rooted this time?
2006/12/5-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:45412 Activity:nil
12/4    Ronald Reagan is an American hero.              -conservative
        \_ Generic left-wing criticism of Reagan. And Bush. -liberal
2006/12/5-8 [Uncategorized] UID:45413 Activity:nil
12/4    Motd broken, or are the usual trolls just away? - jvarga
        \_ usual trolls away, guessing their accounts are still disabled.
           By the way how would disabling their accounts (and then ask them
           to call you to re-enable it) help with security?
           \_ Feel free to direct all questions to politburo@.  I'm just a pawn
              in this mess. - jvarga
2006/12/5-12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45414 Activity:low
12/4    Looking for a pretty picture posted on motd a while ago on the
        US energy expenditure/sources (picture of % of natural gas, oil,
        nuclear, etc and how much of that used in transportation, appliances,
        heating, etc). I think it's from DOE but I'm not sure. Anyone
        remember where it is? Thanks.
        \- from our cousin lab:
                --your friend from the DoE
                \_ Holy shit 27.8 out of 40.3 units of electricity generation
                   is energy lost. Electricity sucks.
                   \- er this shouldnt be a surprise if you've taken a
                      physics class. and it's not just electricity.
                      gas -> kinetic energy for cars isn't "more efficient
                      than electricity".
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