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2006/12/2-8 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:45410 Activity:low
12/2    I have only two internet choices-- Verizon and Time Warner Cable.
        I've tried Verizon's 3Mbps/512Kbps service with 12 month commitment.
        In practice I only get 2.2Mbps/225Kbps and Verizon is unable to
        bump up the speed saying that they're unable to guarantee speed
        due to distance and whatever bullshit they said. Now my 12 month
        commitment is up I'm trying out Time Warner. I subscribed to
        their 10Mbps/512Kbps service which costs slightly more
        than their 6Mbps/512Kbps tier. Again, in practice, I'm only
        getting 3.5Mbps/200Kbps which is LESS THAN HALF of what they
        promised. Once again, they're giving me bullshit about distance
        and how they don't guarantee speed. Anyone have similar problems
        with their providers?
        \_ Wah, wah.  Cry me a river.  The service is cheap because it's
           consumer grade.  If you want an SLA, get a real connection.  And if
           your Verizon service is DSL, what they're telling you about
           distance isn't bullshit.  Distance from the local CO dictates a
           physical limit to the maximum speed your DSL line can run at.
           If you can get DSL service from Speakeasy, consider it.  Speakeasy
           can't rewrite the laws of phsyics, and their consumer plans still
           won't have an SLA, but, in my experience, they are a cut above all
           the other DSL/Cable providers.  How are you measuring your line
           speed, anyway?  It's actually really hard to do this accurately,
           and I have yet to see a point and click web tool for testing speed
           that does so. -dans
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