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2006/11/28-12/15 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:45377 Activity:nil
11/28   Free services for your cell phone:
        \_ This is pretty cool (and extremely useful) thanks!
2006/11/28-12/12 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:45378 Activity:nil
11/28   DirecTV totally sucks. I ordered the internation channel for my dad
        and after waiting 1 whole day, the serviceman installed the box but
        didn't install the HD/internation box because his order list didn't
        include it. The phone rep fucked up. When I rescheduled for the
        HD/international box, they said there's a surchange of $129 for
        the HD installation. I asked why this was not disclosed to me
        the first time I ordered, they said the phone rep probably messed it
        up. So basically, there's a surchange of $129 for the HD box. At
        any rate international programs really suck compared to Dish Network
        which offer more choices at the same rate. Conclusion:
        FUCK DIRECTV. DIRECTV SUCKS. Dish Network offers more at a lower cost,
        and they disclose all the hidden costs.
2006/11/28-12/8 [Uncategorized] UID:45379 Activity:nil
11/28   This interface kinda sucks.  Use!
        \_ Go go Corrections USA
        \_ dbushong has the form and kchang has the function. If only
           they work together...
        \_ ill start up csuachan
2006/11/28-12/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:45380 Activity:kinda low
11/28   French Parliament switches to Linux:
        \- MerdeOS
           \_ Hi partha!  So if I recall our discussion a while back, Linux
              couldn't do the high performance networking you needed for your
              pet project, ergo the entire OS must suck.  Awesome!
2006/11/28-12/12 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:45381 Activity:nil
        Cook using Sun power!
2006/11/28-12/8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:45382 Activity:nil
        Home sales plummet in October.     -swami the magnificent #1 fan
2006/11/28-12/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45383 Activity:low
11/28   Now that soda is most likely going to be p0wn3d every six
        months, can someone recommend a professionally maintained
        unix account where I can do my scripting, web hosting, and
        other stuff. One of my friends recommended hostrocket but
        what else do you guys recommend?
           There are others out there just stfm yourself. At any rate, do NOT,
           I repeat, do NOT use DreamHost. They are really NightmareHost.
        \_ Just run your own box.  If you know me personally, email me, and
           I'll see about setting you up on one of mine. -dans
           \_ What kind of connection do you get?
              \_ Like I said, if you know me personally, email me. -dans
2006/11/28-12/7 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:45384 Activity:nil
11/28   Do you know why Dubai is building a massive walkable city that is
        extremely energy efficient? They know something we don't. Oil
        production in the US has already peaked in the 70s (search for "oil
        peak hubbart, or World oil
        production, most of it still in the middle-east, has now reached a
        plateau, and very soon production will decline causing oil price to
        sky-rocket in the next decade or so. Dubai seems to know this well
        and Dubai is prepared. Is America prepared?
        \_ Oil Peak is a myth. Production is at its highest in years. It's
           the damned Chinese and Indians who are outstripping demand,
           causing huge price spikes.
           \_  By "Oil Peak is a myth" do you mean that it hasn't happened yet
               and is a long way off, or do you mean that God will magically
               pump more oil into the ground every year to replenish what we
               take so we can never run out even if demand keeps going up
               forever?  At what point in the Earth's 6000 year history do
               you believe God pumped all the oil in in the first place?
               Or do you mean that you're bored at work and you're saying
               mind-numbingly stupid shit in order to provoke people for your
               own entertainment?
        \_ Where do America's richest people live?  With the lone exception of
           L.A., they live in small walkable downtown areas, either in the
           downtown of a big city like midtown Manhattan right over Central
           Park, or in some little resort town in a place like Martha's
           Vineyard.  Americans who make 250k/year may spend time sitting in
           traffic, but the people who make 10m/year do *not*.  That is the
           demographic that Dubai is interested in.  I'm guessing energy
           efficiency is just a side effect.
           \_   No. Actually, Dubai homes are quite affordable. For an
              equivalent size I can get a condo right by the marina in
              Dubai for 2/3 the price of Sunnyvale condos.
                People making 10m/year don't sit in traffic because they don't
              have to take the mundane trips to/from workplace. However they
              DO commute, via their private jets (Oprah), heli, whatever.
              They also have the capability of making better use of their
              time in their vehicles while being driven by their drivers
              and personal pilots. As for rich people living in Manhattan,
              those are mostly their secondary/third/fourth homes they live
              in so that they don't have to check-in into hotels while they
              work nearby for a few days. Most still prefer their primary
              cottage country homes. The wealthiest are still in suburbia, in
              Conneticut, Virginia, Atherton CA, away from commoners.
           \_ US's 15 richest live in Medina (Gates), Omaha (Buffet), Mercer
              Island (Allen), Atherton (Ellison), Bentonville (the Waltons),
              Durango (Walton), Fort Worth (Walton), Redmond (Ballmer),
              Honolulu (Anthony), Atlanta (Chambers), Kluge (Charlottesville),
              Newton Centre (Redstone).  How many of these places have "small
              walkable downtown areas"?  Man, that Bentonville sure is
        \_ Does Dubai allow their women to drive?
           \_ Hm, I guess not. But you know what, that cuts down automotive
              pollution by half! These Arabs are really progressive and
              thinking ahead of the time!
2006/11/28-12/8 [Uncategorized] UID:45386 Activity:nil
11/28   When trying to use WinSCP3, I get the following error message:
            Unexpected directory listing line 'drwxr-xr-x   28 asb  csua
            3072 2006-11-28 2 1:30 .'.   -asb
            \_ The WINSCP forums say "use SFTP or try to enable option
               Alias LS to display group name."
2006/11/28-12/8 [Uncategorized] UID:45387 Activity:nil
11/28   Pbbt! -bz
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