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2006/11/27-12/8 [Uncategorized/German] UID:45375 Activity:nil
        Google maps arrow becomes a reality (German link). No need to read
        just look at the silly pictures.
2006/11/27-12/8 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:45376 Activity:nil
        \_ People still like their cars more than mass transit. In addition
           the majority of the population don't mind being in traffic
           for over an hour, it's the only time they have to themselves.
           \_ Haha, why would you want to spend that time in traffic? That's
              \_ Because you can't stand going home to your whiny kids and
                 in your car you can turn up the stereo and be alone.
           \_ err... did you read your own article? Bottom of P. 35:
              "When commute duration and all the other factors included in
               the analysis are kept constant, there is no statistically
               significant difference in liking and disliking the daily
               commute between users of public transport and drivers."
              Also, the article basically shows that more people dislike
              "being in traffic for over an hour," than feel neutral or like
              it:  Daily Commuting Duration(read: ROUND TRIP) of 120 minutes:
              39% (greatly) dislike, 38% neutral, 23% (greatly) like. -nivra
2006/11/27-12/2 [Uncategorized] UID:45385 Activity:kinda low
11/27   my motd!  mine!  - danh
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2006:November:27 Monday <Sunday, Tuesday>