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2006/11/25-28 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation, Health/Women] UID:45367 Activity:high
11/25   Denmark's approach to slowing down traffic:
        \_ Totally awesome post, THANK YOU motd bikini guy!
        \_ Do most typical young Dane dames look as good at that bikini girl?
           \_ Average Danish women: great healthy diet, walk and ride bikes
              in their little cities.
              Average American women: McD + Burger King + supersized fries,
              sit in superjammed traffic to commute to/from their
              suburbia McMansions 1-2 hours a day.
              \_ So I keep hearing.  Funny that the Danes I know are mostly
        \_ keywords: denmark traffic nudity nude women naked women breasts topless
2006/11/25-12/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45368 Activity:nil
        The Republican Party. Survival of the Fittest.
2006/11/25-12/5 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45369 Activity:nil
11/25   Gas price is going up after the election, as expected.
        \_ It was going up before the election too.
2006/11/25-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45370 Activity:very high
11/25   Is the problem with bringing up soda one of lack of time or lack of
        knowledge? There's no way a single workstation should go down for a
        month every time it is hacked. I realize that some 'other work' is
        also being done, but for goodness sake! Do the root types need
        technical help?
        \_ I've said this before and I will say it again. The problem is that
           kids today do not have the enthusiasm nor the need to learn UNIX
           systems. They are happy coding Java using IntelliJ on their XP
           and the real hard core kids use Cygwin. Furthermore they don't
           really have a need for a Soda account. They have gmail, YM, and
           their Xbox. The days of POP& mail, irc, nwrite, talk,
           wall, motd, and whatever on UNIX is over. Get on with it old man.
           \_ I give you the finger.
              \_ Are you an old man?
           \_ sniff, too true
              \_ Are you an old man?
        \_ A few years ago someone on motd predicted the demise of csua+unix.
           I guess that days is here. With superior Web 2.0 services out
           there, there's no need for a soda account anymore. Soda is history.
           \_ But then, there's MOTD.  I agree that undergrads don't see or
              read it, but it's an important community, regardless of the
              technology it uses. Can you think of a way of preserving the
              users while getting rid of the underlying platform? I can't.
              \_ motd started to die out ever since paolo disabled 'cat motd'
                 for new .logins. As more alumni leave and no new users using
                 it, it was on the path of its demise. The outcome of killing
                 'cat motd' for new users is not really unexpected you know?
                 \_ Neither is it irreversible.  To Politburo members who
                    still read MOTD: How about it?
                    \_ To the person above (pp), here's a hint: the
                       intersection of Politburo members and people who still
                       read motd is zero. Why don't you mail politburo@csua
                       directly? Start by explaining what motd is.
              \_ Have you ever heard of the BLOG??? Or Yahoo groups?
                 I've heard that they're pretty popular these days. Oh my,
                 you sound like you're still living in the stone age of
                 computing. Dude, get on with the program old man. Social
                 security is dead and so is UNIX.
                 \_ Blogs and Yahoo! groups are for technically illiterate
                    14 year olds. Please don't suggest that these are
                    viable alternatives.
                    \_ Why not?
                    \_ The biggest reason why not is that some of us use
                       soda to do a lot more than motd. Soda is a place where
                       I can find everything I am looking for in one place
                       and there is a sense of community, too. I have never
                       maintained a blog, I don't read other blogs (except
                       when redirected to one) and I don't plan on it. If I
                       was a 14 year old girl I might. Are you one of those
                       morons who uses text-messaging, ringtones, and other
                       crap, too?
                       \_ But blogs are great to meet 14 year old girls.
                 \_ Again, you're confusing technology with community. The
                    advancement of data input and display technology is not
                    lost on me, but it's irrelevant.  A blog talkback won't
                    give you the same level of discussion with a target
                    audience like CSUA members. I would love to hear of good
                    examples that prove otherwise.
                    \_ "Community", ha ha ha ha. Such a 20th century idea.
                       Are you an old man?                  -kids today
                       \_ It's funny to read rants from a MOTD-basher at --
                          guess where? -- the MOTD!  Face it, you're here
                          for the interaction as much as I am.  It is not a
                          foreign or an outdated concept.
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