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2006/11/24-28 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45366 Activity:very high
11/23   Happy Thanksgiving! I miss my soda account. I guess no one cares
        about soda anymore. Actually, I don't really need it. I have gmail,
        IM, youtube, and my cellphone. Who really needs soda these days?
        \_ Happy FUCKING Thanksgiving and FUCKING every single holiday out
           there. I don't understand why people need a FUCKING holiday just
           to be thankful of their lives. I don't understand why every single
           day, I have to fucking spend 25-45 hours each way to/from the day
           care to drop off my kid and esp. during the holiday waste 4 hours
           driving my mother who is too old to drive to get her to/from my
           house (1 hour to her place, 1 hour to my place, then repeat when
           I take her back). I don't understand why this fucking society is
           so dependent on the fucking automobile and I don't understand why
           Thanksgiving is so fucking important that everyone's synchronized
           to be in the traffic jam at the exact same time. Holidays are the
           most FUCKING STRESSFUL times esp dealing with so many useless
           family members who are too fucking young or old to drive and
           to take care of themselves. It is stressful because they are
           \_ have your mom live with you.  live-in daycare.  it takes a village to raise a child.
           \_ have your mom live with you.  live-in daycare.  it takes a
              village to raise a child.
              \_ I would except she nags and nags and nags and can barely
                 take care of herself. She refuses to go to a convalecense
                 home and refuses to wear glasses and hearing aide because
                 she says she is as healthy as a 30 year old (totally untrue)
                 and everytime I watch her drive to the market 2 miles away
                 I cringe because she drives like George Weller. The only
                 thing I'm thankful is that she doesn't drive on the freeway
                 because she only goes up to 15MPH on the surface street. I'm
                 a slave to my mother and my kids. Did I tell you
                 I spend a good part of my life driving them around? Actually
                 I'm really a slave to my wife. I just wasted a day with the
                 inlaws I don't even enjoy being with. At dinner time I
                 explained the stress of being a sandwich generation (parents
                 too old, kids too young and they all depend on YOU) and how
                 American suburbia creates unnecessary stress on drivers
                 like me and how wasteful it is to drive a SUV and the huge
                 energy and natural resources a suburbia home requires. It
                 turns out that everyone thought I was a weirdo liberal
                 because everyone else loves driving their big FUCKING
                 American made SUVs and living in a McMansion in the suburbia.
                 No one seems to give a damn about wasted gasoline, oil
                 dependency, pollution, and time wasted on the road. The
                 average American is beyond STUPID. Oh and I wasted a fucking
                 black Friday carrying lots of useless shit my wife bought
                 and listening to all the contradictory non-sense she says
                 and she gets mad at me for not remembering the conversation.
                 Um, can anyone tell me why women like to fill the bathroom
                 with 100 barely used bath bottles from Bed Bath and
                 Beyond? GOD. I AM IN HELL. Fuck Thanksgiving. Fuck all
                 Republicans, fuck commercialism, and fuck all holidays.  -pp
                 \_ Hey, it's future BDG!
                 \_ Aahahah. Your wife sounds like my mom. My mom is one of the
                    reasons I'm scared of marriage. I have a certain biological
                    desire for kids too but other times I'm so glad I'm FREE!
                    I'm not financially free yet though so fuck that.
                    How old are you? I'm not looking forward to worrying about
                    my parents. Maybe I will just move far away like they did.
                    It's not like they took care of their old parents they
                    left on another continent. Families are like clinging
                    parasites forcing you into a life of obligation
                 \_ Why did you chose this life if you hate it so much?
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