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2006/11/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45364 Activity:very high
11/22   Does motd entry via actually work? And why is this area in
        the edit box different from the entries below?
        \_ Yeah, I don't get it either.  Some instructions would be useful.
        \_ Are you trolling or something? You write something here the same way
           you write /etc/motd.public, and after a few hours it may or may
           not get archived. What is there to not understand? Granted the
           interface totally blows by modern standard but I'm
           not sure whether doing ssh; vi /etc/motd.public;
           /csua/bin/mtd is any easier.
           \_ Hmm, that is cool, I didn't realize you could write in this.
           \_ yeah, esp. since they still haven't reinstated my acct -chug
              \_ LMAO. Hey, me too. - nivra/op
                 \_ hey.  wassup nivra! -chug
                    \_ hey gerald. how're things hanging in the states? I'm
                       off in commie land for the time being.
           \_ Yah, umm... few hours ... archive ... modern computing... Why
              archive in a few hours rather than a few minutes or even on post?
              Why not write a script to merge multiple posts by the same ip
              if you're concerned about corrections and such by one writer?
              The main disconnect is between the immediate update within the
              text box and the loooong delay in the area below.  Where is that
              disconnect explained? Oh, and anonymouscoward?  Isn't that just
              dependent on whether you sign your own name?  Or does it actually
              not log ip? - nivra
              \_ So many questions. Why don't you write your own archiver?
                 \_ Questions are good. Just ask congress.  Anyways, my point
                    was that the first post wasn't a troll, and is a fairly
                    common-sense question to a very non common-sense interface.
                    Apparently, the 2nd poster agrees with me, as well.
2006/11/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45365 Activity:low
11/22 (
        One of the secrets of success-- don't have sex. Harness your sexual
        energy on something else, it'll be rewarding.
                  \_ I suggest videogames. (
        Criminal activity and intellectual achievement seemed to drop off
        when the scientist or crock got married and started a family.
        \_ I don't think that has to do with sex, I think it has to do with
           responsibility.  Otherwise achivement would start back up in middle
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