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2006/11/22-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:45360 Activity:moderate
        Video of PS3 vs. Nintendo Wii (kind of like I'm a PC, I'm a Mac)
        PS: Lots of bikini but no nudity. May o/r may not be work safe.
            And BTW it's better without sound.
        \_ this is work-safe only in O'Reilly's production studio
2006/11/22-25 [Uncategorized] UID:45361 Activity:nil
        Porn sparks panda baby boom in China.
        \_ Who will stop these pernicious purveyors of panda pornography?
           Won't someone think of the cubs!?
           \_ It's alright, I think the pandas are quite libural.
2006/11/22-28 [Computer/SW] UID:45362 Activity:low
11/22   So I have this fear of using automatic deposit through my company.
        I need to put in a 9 digit routing number and a 10 digit account
        number. What if I enter one digit off? I'd be *one* keystroke from
        losing hundreds of dollars. What mechanisms are there to prevent
        this from happening?                           -noob
        \_ They can check that the name on the account is your name, for one.
           \_ So if I want to wire a portion of my paycheck to my mother's
              account [without my name on it], I'm unable to do so? The
              company web site doesn't allow me to enter extra information
              like name, address, etc. It only asks for routing+acct.
              \_ not a great idea for direct deposit.  consider using
                 paypal or billpay for that.
        \_ Just triple-check it.
2006/11/22-12/8 [Uncategorized] UID:45363 Activity:nil
11/21   First! - jvarga
        \_ curses! -jrleek
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